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  • We thought we share some news bits with you guys as the next updates for Fernbus Sim and Tourist Bus Sim are taking a bit longer than expected - but hey, that's, unfortunately, the usual case if your digging for performance improvements, they're like rare nuggets of gold. So far we've been able to stabilize the overall performance and improve it slightly. We'll keep on digging until we find the motherload.

    Anyway, we read the forums here, on Steam and Facebook and know that some of you still aren't completely satisfied with the driving physics. That's why we're beginning to overhaul our driving physics vehicle by vehicle for the next update. Of course, we've started with the MAN Lion's Coach.

    Stay tuned for more infos.

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  • It would be great to improve performance for Fernbus,Tourist- games and stability as well as vehicle physics and sound Gil. It is the weakest on the Setra bus but I am glad that every bus will be improved starting from MAN, If I can once again pass this minibus must have physics as polished as buses because vehicles from the Tourist jeep do not have good physics, maybe it also corrected by the way it would be great. Your yesterday and today's announcements made me very happy and many players such communication is a wonderful thing because it helps everyone and your work is very valuable. We all understand perfectly simulaotr vehicles.

    Gil - We'll keep on digging until we find the motherload. - This is very good news:):fernbus:

  • This is very good, optimization is very important, as is the physics of buses. But yesterday in the community, after the news about the new buses and minibuses, they again asked about the economy in the Fernbus Simulator. Many people want not just to travel around the map, but to have some kind of goal. hence the question, will there be a company in the Fernbus Simulator in the future?:)

  • Finally :D, thank you for some news, hope updates will be rolling out in beta form soon, as 1.20 for fernbus isn’t that great in terms of stability, but at least progress is being made, here’s to preying 1.21is much more stable than 1.20.25173

    Kind Regards.

  • LT586 That's definitely not the case, we're just ten guys and girls here at the studio and really busy working. Thus, we often forget to communicate with our community. It's not like we don't care about our community, it's just that developing games demands a lot of continues focus.

    Maximus We know that Fernbus Sim would benefit from an economy system, but there propably won't be time to develop one this year. The team is currently too busy and you just can´t pull such a game feature out of your sleeve in no time. It demands planning, preparation and time to implement and test. Meanwhile, everybody's asking for The Bus.

  • mk0 Thank you for the answer, you now have a lot of work, by the end of the year the release of The BUS and DLC France is possible, but we will still wait, I would love to see the company in the Fernbus Simulator.:)

  • I am not that excited for the economy feature in Fernbus. In my opinion, it just takes a lot of time while the feature is already available in Tourist Bus. I am looking forward to new features and, of course, The Bus. :)

  • Great update news for these bus simulators!

    My 5 cents about economy. Please TML, do not add economy to Fernbus Simulator.

    This is not a missing feature of FBS. It is a feature in itself, a feature of having no economy and no management. I give it 100+ points for this.

    In Fernbus sim you can be a bus driver without being a business manager. What a relief, what a superb feature, I love it.

  • John Reasonmill I think it has been said that it would be added as a separate game mode just like it has been done with the football dlc.

  • You can also do such DLC as football that has an economic system, it would be good for school transport of students. The economical mode is most welcome at Fernbus, you can do it to turn the function on and off. Everyone will be happy then:), So it will be very possible in 2020 so I understood Gil.

  • I am sure that Fernbus Simulator needs a company, look at how many people play the game, about 160 - 180 people at the peak per day, this is very little, this is less than in other similar games, for example, about 500 people play in Bus Simulator 18 every day , and in OMSI 2 more than 1000 people, and in Euro Truck Simulator 2 - 28 000 people at the peak per day. I do not want to tell TML-Studios what to do and how, I just talk a lot with the players in the community and they all note one thing, they’re bored in the game, they don’t have a goal, they don’t have much to do. Just to drive from point A to point B is quickly annoying. Moreover, they say that the number of buses will not save the game, since the boring gameplay will remain in place, the same is said about the expansion of the map, where you also have to travel from point A to point B without any goal. Ideas for the company can be shared here on the forum, together we can come up with something interesting.:)

  • The game has a football DLC which is great and has an economics task mode, but you need more such DLC and economic mode, but it's probably 2020.

    A lot of new content will be available to Fernbus coach simulator - new maps, new buses and minibuses. Economics, however, will make the game more attractive. A lot of players also expect pedestrians and passengers on the streets , AI train, for the game to be realistic. Manual gear is also expected.

    I am offering school DLC- transporting students from cities to school and back is a very interesting task. :)

    For me, driving from point A to B is great , because the driver's job is also based on this but the economic mode and the school DLC will certainly diversify the game for many players. :) I think that the current work for Fernbus is mainly:



    pedestrian ,passenger bus traffic and trains AI

    new map of France

    I encourage you to task-oriented DLC , this may be school trips or something else. This is great because I know how cool and interesting is DLC Football:)

    Such DLC SCHOOL will attract a lot of new players and present. It is an idea perfectly conceived, just enter a few school buildings and ready graphics,economics functions with DLC FOOTBAL and make student models,bus school repaint.

    DLC of this type of passenger ferries transports people I suggest for the game Tourist bus simulator.

    Maybe the idea will appeal to TML STUDIOS and Tom and the players, I really like the Fernbus game mode.:)

  • Separate game mode is a brilliant idea. Even I may buy it then. Variation and more gaming options is always welcome:thumbup: