New player to fernbus have some questions :)

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  • Hello there.

    just bought fernbus platinum and i have some questions

    1 Is fernbus like tbs when you are running a bus company or just driving and relaxing

    2 do you guys save your games?

    Its a risk to go with my bus! Do you take it? :fernbus::fbs-sign-224:

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  • Hi TheBusDriver113

    welcome to our forum :)

    Would you please translate your messages to either english or german an post them in the respective english or german subforums? Thank you!

    1. Fernbus does not have an economic/company system.

    2. Unfortunately your question does not translate correct, so I dont know what you want to ask, sorry.

  • Tourist bus simulator - economic game, running a business.

    Fernbus coach simulator - free transport, points in the game ranking

    if you have DLC BUNDESLIGA FERNBUS - you get the economics task of transporting the players to the stadium, repairing cars, gas stations and many content. which is possible that they will also be at FERNBUS introduced by TML STUDIOS it is possible

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: