Can anyone translate the Radio Traffic Information?

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  • Hi all,

    I speak English, Spanish, French and Catalan but sadly German isn't on my list :/

    Just wondering if anyone would be so kind as to translate for me more or less what is said during the traffic updates on the ingame radio?

    I assume it's actually linked to the real game and changes everytime?

    I hear the gentlemen read out firstly one list of cities and then he reads out another list of cities.

    As long as you can kindly tell me what the first list is and then the second I can get a general idea!

    Kind Regards,


  • matt9529

    Changed the title of the thread from “Can anyone translate the Traffic Information?” to “Can anyone translate the Radio Traffic Information?”.
  • Hi Matthew,

    thats correct, the first message usually is referring to your current route, sometimes there are several events for your route, and sometimes its just one thing about your route and some random stuff not affecting your route and smalltalk.

    it usually describes accidents and other events on certain stretches of the highway between cities.

    It should always be the same pattern like "Attention: burning car on the Highway (HighwayNumber) between City A (City/Landmark/HighwayExit) and City B (City/Landmark/HighwayExit)"

    I hope that helps a bit.

    I´m not sure if we maybe could subtitle that informations in english, I think that would be helpful, but also could be quite distracting reading subtitles while driving. The subtitles also could disappear quite quickly depending on the speed of the spoken message.

  • Hey matt9529:

    I plan to play Fernbus Simulator this weekend. I can drive and listen to the in-game radio, write down some of Tom's traffic and weather announcements and translate it into Spanish or English if you want, what about that? If you're interested, simply write a PN or an email to me:


  • I dont listen to the radio because it's in German I do understand some of it but none of the events happen during a drive, there's what looks like an oil spill but it has no bearing on the drive. I know things are underway to improve the experience but it just feels dead there's no AI buses.

    The radio plays the same things all the time, I haven't played it for so long because it's boring, I would of thought we'd be seeing some really expressive simulation but....

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • Hi all,

    Many thanks for chiming in and taking the time to reply.

    Timo Thanks for clearing it up, I think that would actually be a very good idea to add subtitles for those of us that don't speak German.

    I might suggest rather than disappearing subtitles perhaps when the traffic information comes on, to show it on screen as a "ticker" so that it is scrolling across the screen. That would be in a very ideal world.

    TheBusDriver113 for a DJ it's perfectly acceptable and have no problems with this, quite immersive in Germany but perhaps important traffic information I think should broadcast in the user selected language.

    Don_Castor That's ever so kind of you, I will indeed send you an email tomorrow morning, thank you!

    LT586 I remember when there wasn't even a radio so it's really come far...Flash Bass FM actually plays decent songs and the traffic info is a neat feature, apart from that there's also 2 other radio stations from the internet which are really good. I'm constantly flitting between all three stations if I find a song I like.