G29 squeaking, sometimes not

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  • Hello everybody, i could really use some help here!

    So... i can play games when Force feedback is pretty low and then it doesnt sound so loud. But if im playing games when force feedback is high or active aloot the wheel starts squeaking. This all started when i was my mistake playing a game on max force feedback.

    IF in return it the other one will problary do the same.

    So my question is, what should i do? :/

    so strange problem

    (I had another g29 who squeaked all time and then returned it to my current)

    Its a risk to go with my bus! Do you take it? :fernbus::fbs-sign-224:

  • My G29 squeaks sometimes, too. But everybody I ask to listen if he/she can hear that sound, too, says that the steering wheel doesn't make any sound...:/

    Don_Castor Sorry, but i dont understand what you are trying to say. Is it normal with high sound squeaking?

    And only when turning left

    Its a risk to go with my bus! Do you take it? :fernbus::fbs-sign-224:

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  • Scoofy I wanted to explain that it seems like I'm the only one who can hear that curious sound of my steering wheel, nobody else. And yes, it is only when turning left. Now I know that I don't seem to be the only person with that problem. Well, for me it's not really a problem, but it is interesting that the described sound isn't unique.:/