Update 21 - RELEASE

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    For Update 21 we have optimized a lot to get a better performance. We hope that your PC systems will also benefit from this new update. In addition, we redesigned the physics of driving and vehicle sound systems to enhance the feeling of driving a large vehicle and make it more believable. Both of these changes, optimization and physics of driving, have been implemented based on your requests. Thus, we are looking forward to your feedback.

    Please note that you can adjust the tilt of the vehicles in the options menu, see screenshot.


    Nevertheless, we advise you to be careful at first to get used to the new behavior of vehicle physics. Professional bus drivers in real life make it seemingly easy to drive buses, but the control of these large vehicles also requires a lot of skill, sensitivity and anticipatory driving around curves, serpentines and bottlenecks without any problems in our simulator too.

    Unfortunately we had to deactivate the DirectX 12 mode, because DX12 is causing crashes with the current version of Unreal Engine 4.22. As far as we know, Epic Games is working to implement DirectX 12 enhancements to Unreal Engine 4.23 for DirectX 11. Also, update 21 will not remain the only Fernbus Simulator update, which will improve the optimization.

    Detailed information can be found in the Changelog below.



    Changelog 1.21.27147

    - Optimized performance

    - MAN Lion's Coach: Revised driving physics and sound system

    - MAN Lion's Coach C: Revised driving physics and sound system

    - Fixed a bug in the calculation of air resistance

    - Backward rolling in neutral (N) fixed

    - Force calculation of the wheels on edges like curbs fixed

    - Shifting the gear transmission has been updated

    - DirextX 12 (beta) had to be disabled

    - Added option to disable TrackIR or other Headtracking devices (only visible if a Headtracking device is connected)


    - The driving physics of trucks now has less horsepower

    - Vegetation imposter materials updated for an improved visual look and better performance

    - Leaves on asphalt of the highway gas stations removed

    - Corrected buggy collision on bridge near Mannheim

    - Fixed MAN Lion's Coach C not appearing as parking bus

    - The radio in MAN Lion's Coaches now fades out correctly the further you get away from the vehicle.

    - New advanced audio options for volume levels of engine, turn signals, retarders, announcements, etc. added


    - Maximum volume of turn signals increased

    - Updated road materials and textures to physically-based rendering (PBR)

    - Some building materials and textures updated (see eg Frankfurt Airport) to physically-based rendering (PBR)

    - Trees on street in Kassel fixed

    - In certain circumstances, passengers complained about a supposedly inactive WIFI

    - The distance calculation in the tachograph has been corrected

    - Added option to disable the visibility of the steering wheel

    - Game crashes near Frankfurt Aiport

    - Busses are pumping/jumping/bouncy

    - Parking busses/coaches are loosing their repaints without DLC Football Team Bus installed

    - Improved driving physics of MAN Lion's Coach and Lion's Coach C thanks to community feedback

    - Lane markings on highways are extremely streched

    - A/C supposedly too cold when driving out of a bus stop

    - AI cars disappear on a junction in Leverkusen

    - Mouse Control (Middle Mouse Button) usability updated and some minor bugs fixed

    - Announcements played is counted twice in the results of the route

    - Cheater removed from Highscore

    - Street lanterns and AI car lights turn their lights on too late in the night, and vice versa

    - Achievement "Metropolitan" doesn't work

    - The blue garbage can has a life of its own – physics gone crazy

    - World Map Tooltips added

    - Very rare traffic manager bug causing the performance to drop significantly and permanently for the duration of the current session

    - Light flares of certain light sources seen through the vehicle's windshield are not being displayed correctly

    - The sound volume of the intro videos too loud

    - Misc. level art and vegetation fixes

    - In Freeplay Mode on Realistic Controls and Customized Controls you can now start from the depot

    - In Freeplay Mode on Realistic Controls the starting position in Berlin is not at the ZOB, but at the Main Station marker from DLC Football Team Bus

    - Some bus stop markers from DLC Football Team Bus are visible in Fernbus Sim without the DLC installed

    - Preparations for DLC MAN Lion's Intercity

    - and other minor fixes

    DLC Neoplan Skyliner

    - Revised driving physics and sound system

    DLC ComfortClass HD

    - Revised driving physics and sound system

    - Dashboard display corrected

    - Stop Brake On/Off do not work properly

    DLC VDL Futura FHD2

    - Revised driving physics and sound system

    - Bodywork can now get dirty in the DLC Football Team Bus

    - Gearshift can now be controlled via hotkeys

    - Passengers on certain seats can now be counted correctly after a rest

    - Corrected warning sounds with the luggage hatches open

    - Corrected collision of the player with the vehicle's doors

    - Animation of the driver's window corrected

    - Timing of the sounds of both two doors when closing corrected

    DLC Austria // Switzerland

    - Corrected buggy collision in a tunnel tube near Vienna

    - Leaves and wetness in Zurich tunnel

    - Disappearing AI cars on bridge outwards of Zurich

    - Rain in tunnel west of Zurich

    - Pillar clipping through bridge near Innsbruck

    - Texture of rockfall protection not loading

    DLC Usedom

    - Navi now leads correctly to Sellin

    DLC Football Team Bus

    - Team bus no longer catapults itself in Leipzig and Hanover

    - Team bus no longer appears, under certain circumstances, on other coaches

    - Bodywork of the DLC VDL Futura FHD2 can now get dirty

    - Parking busses/coaches no longer appear as Team Busses in other locations that around football/soccer stadiums

    - Invalid icons visible on world map and navigation in the "Vanilla" Fernbus Simulator mode "Freeplay"

    - Invalid starting locations in the "Vanilla" Fernbus Simulator mode "Freeplay"

    DLC Multimedia Package

    - Oil slick texture not loading correctly

    DLC Rennsteig

    - Some level art fixes

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  • DavidGamer401

    Because this was a bug and we'Ve finally fixed it, here's the according entry in the changelog

    - In Freeplay Mode on Realistic Controls and Customized Controls you can now start from the depot

    If you like, you can setup "Customized" to let you spawn at the bus stop in Freeplay mode.

  • Great update TML.
    Finally I enjoy a fluid driving at 60fps (without rearview mirrors and not so much in many cities) but it really gets a lot of fun thanks to the new physics.
    Now looking forward to the dlc of France and the new bus model.
    Do not forget the tourism bus simulator. I want to see the new features and performance is that beautiful game.

    • Official Post

    Nice updates to the game 1.21.27147, a huge improvement from the farce of 1.20.25173, much better performance, stability and above all, a great pleasure to play once again.

    Much love TML studios ❤️.

    Kind Regards.

  • Thank you for the great work on this very important update for players because it is mainly about the performance and physics of vehicles mk0 TML STUDIOS.

    It is done here much more what everyone sees in the diary and when the game, of course, all the time the next defect will be shown and corrected together with performance I would suggest to focus mainly on AI traffic, pedestrians and passengers, the sound of the bus and the SETRA bus which has some physics weaker .

    However, currently done work personally pleases me because I see very good changes in physics and performance for all that colleagues did, thank you very much on my own behalf and players. I am very happy with the Fernbus level :)

    The entire TML studios should also be very happy with what has been achieved today :):thumbup: congratulates

  • The latest update negatively affected the physics of the game. The bus began to turn bend as normal passenger car. Before the last update, the physics were very good. mk0

    major problems

    The game freezes when changing radio channel.

    The vehicles in traffic are acting like we don't exist.

    it is realistic to spray water from the wheels of cars when it rains.

    One of the long headlight on the Man Lions Coach bus is not lit.

    When you release the accelerator pedal, the sound of the engine is completely cut off.

  • things that were nice in the last update; The game is more streamlined and consists of fewer drops...<3

    Really bad accidents happen as the brakes sometimes don't work.:(


    nice detail


    cars on the left --- bug







    In the meantime, in case of concussion on broken roads, it would be nice detail to swing in the mirrors. it is not affected by any jolts as if it were glued to the mirrors with adhesive.

    If the soil and broken roads are added to the game will be more fun. Imagine that you hear gravel sounds while driving ...:)


  • Very good work, 1.21 works well and it is really better than its predecessor:)

  • Cars are disappearing:

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  • We're glad all of you enjoy Update 21. Regarding your bug reports for Update 21, the next update (22) will mainly prepare DLC France. So, we won't be able to fix as many bugs as usually for the next update.


    This feature is still on the list for future updates. We're currently very busy bugfixing DLC France, so there propably won't be more AI busses in Update 22, but evetually in another update.

    That harvester has been in the game since its release ;)


    Thanks! Glad you like the new performance and physics. We'll probably make the Tourist Bus Sim Update 4 Beta available this week.

    Ryan [TML-Online Team]

    We're glad you like 1.21.

    Martin 40 Bus

    It's good to know that our main goal for update 21 has been achieved. Improved AI traffic and pedestrians are still on the list, and will be added some day in the future - both of these feature need to be updated/added for The Bus eventually, so they will find there way into Fernbus Sim eventually.


    We have only updated the MAN Lion's Coach physics according to the feedback of the community.

    We'll have a look into the issues you've reported. However, the web radio feature needs to connect and stream everytime you switch the station - thus the lag. We've had a VFX test for spray water, but the VFX system has a bug when moving the camera - the spray effect gets cut off or drag across the whole screen.


    The tracing feature of the parking cars has a bug and thus we cannot fix flying cars at the moment.


    Will have a look at this spot.