Update 1.4 - BETA - Now available for public testing!

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  • For Update 4 we have optimized a lot to get better performance. We hope that your PC systems will also benefit from this new update. In addition, we redesigned the physics of driving and vehicle sound systems to enhance the feeling of driving a large vehicle and make it more believable. Both of these changes, optimization and physics of driving, have been implemented based on your requests. Thus, we are looking forward to your feedback.

    Please note that you can adjust the tilt of the vehicles in the options menu, see screenshot.

    Nevertheless, we advise you to be careful at first to get used to the new behaviour of vehicle physics. Professional bus drivers in real life make it seem easy to drive buses, but the control of these large vehicles also requires a lot of skill, sensitivity and anticipatory driving around curves, serpentines and bottlenecks without any problems in our simulator too.

    Detailed information can be found in the Changelog below.

    ATTENTION: This is a BETA Update. Please note that this version can cause technical problems and/or may cause instability of your computer system.

    How to install the beta version of the update?

    Quite easily:

    1. In your Library, you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "Tourist Bus Simulator"
    2. In the drop-menu, you click on the entry "Properties"
    3. In the window "Fernbus Simulator - Properties" you select the tab "BETAS"
    4. In the field "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" select the entry "beta-"
    5. Now you can close the window and the beta version of the update should download right away
    6. After downloading the update you can start the Tourist Bus Simulator via the "PLAY" button
    7. In the main menu should now be the corresponding version number of the beta version of the update and you can test the update



    Changelog - 1.4.27190

    - Optimized performance

    - MAN Lion's Coach: Revised driving physics and sound system

    - MAN Lion's Coach C: Revised driving physics and sound system

    - Fixed a bug in the calculation of air resistance

    - Backward rolling in neutral (N) fixed

    - Force calculation of the wheels on edges like curbs fixed

    - Shifting the gear transmission has been updated

    - Some vegetation imposter materials updated for an improved visual look and better performance

    - Fixed MAN Lion's Coach C not appearing as parking bus

    - The radio in MAN Lion's Coaches now fades out correctly the further you get away from the vehicle.

    - New advanced audio options for volume levels of engine, turn signals, retarders, announcements, etc. added

    - Maximum volume of turn signals increased

    - In certain circumstances, passengers complained about a supposedly inactive WIFI

    - The distance calculation in the tachograph has been corrected

    - Added option to disable the visibility of the steering wheel

    - Busses are pumping/jumping/bouncy

    - A/C supposedly too cold when driving out of a bus stop

    - Mouse Control (Middle Mouse Button) usability updated and some minor bugs fixed

    - Street lanterns and AI car lights turn their lights on too late in the night, and vice versa

    - Very rare traffic manager bug causing the performance to drop significantly and permanently for the duration of the current session

    - Light flares of certain light sources seen through the vehicle's windshield are not being displayed correctly

    - Misc. level art and vegetation fixes

    - and other minor fixes

    - Preparations for DLC MAN Lion's Intercity

    DLC Neoplan Skyliner

    - Revised driving physics and sound system

    DLC ComfortClass HD

    - Revised driving physics and sound system

    - Dashboard display fixed

    - Stop Brake On/Off do not work properly

    DLC VDL Futura FHD2

    - Revised driving physics and sound system

    - Bodywork can now get dirty

    - Gearshift can now be controlled via hotkeys

    - Passengers on certain seats can now be counted correctly after a rest

    - Fixed warning sounds with the luggage hatches open

    - Fixed collision of the player with the vehicle's doors

    - Animation of the driver's window fixed

    - Timing of the sounds of both two doors when closing fixed

    Changelog 1.4.27300

    - Passengers not boarding the vehicles has been fixed

    Changelog 1.4.27331

    - Korean localisation fixed

    - Japanese localisation added

    - Added option to disable TrackIR or other Headtracking devices (only visible if a Headtracking device is connected)

    Changelog 1.4.27365

    - Preparations for new features

    - Minor fixes

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  • I don't know why performance is worse in TBS than in FBS, the game settings are the same in both games

    -Car crash

  • Hrvac

    It seems it's mostly due to the landscape materials. We will still have to figure out why they're drawing so much performance. During the Beta of Tourist Bus Sim before its official release the performance was actually better in TBS compared to FBS. Now, it completely switched and that bothers us too.

    The traffic AI hasn't been updated yet and as you can see, it has its troubles without traffic lights.

  • mk0 Thanks for the prompt response, I believe and hope to quickly discover and resolve this issue

  • The performance for me is still very unstable. I reach high frames, 64 that go down to 12 with micro pauses every so often. compared to fernbus works bad for me.
    physics and sounds nothing to say, everything is right.

  • Bus physics is good outside SETRA, however, the lack of bus power dynamics and the bus stops quickly. the Setra Bus has not a clear picture cocpit I confirm

    The performance is not stable, the picture tugs often there are dips - the reason is what he wrote mk0 landscape materials , accidents caused by the lack of improvement in AI traffic yet. I hope that these problems can be resolved quickly

    Passengers never get on the bus , what colleagues describe here.

    The Neoplan bus has the same problem here and also in Fernbus the camera drops to the ground when I stop, I have already reported for Fernbus also the Neoplan error occurs in both games.

    Car washes don't work well with many buses and models, the same applies to the DLC FOOTBAL FERNBUS I would ask you to fix everything I described because it spoils the game and is very important

    I specially recorded movies to show errors as well .

    Despite what I described is good physics and a lot of work is not bad:):thumbup: until the release of the permanent version I hope that everything we report will be repaired. That's what BETA is for to report errors and eliminate them TML STUDIOS

    Many of the introduced changes are visible in favor and there are good city lighting, general lighting of the game, performance is sometimes good and sometimes there are declines, good physics and it is nice.

  • DavidGamer401 I tottaly agree with you, the brakes are very bad.

    When putting brake on max the bus brakes very slow. (I think) in a real bus its gonna brake much quicker.

    mk0 Are you on tml please gonna fix this, it annoys me aloot

    Its a risk to go with my bus! Do you take it? :fernbus::fbs-sign-224:

  • Thanks for your feedbacks. The issue with the passengers not boarding the busses will be fixed as soon as possible during the beta test.

    Daniel F

    Are you absolutely sure the performance is worse in 1.4 than in 1.3? Our statistics show improvements although not as good as in Fernbus Sim. Anyway, the Tourist Bus Sim Update 4 beta test will probably run a bit longer, than the Fernbus Sim Updat 21 beta test.

  • I would like to ask you to deal with these glitches which I reported in the movies and described the Beta 1.4 version , I don't want to interrupt my work but I know that mk0 certainly saw it and will solve the problems of passengers, car washes , neoplan bus, Setra bus dynamic power. efficiency and our other applications here, out of focus bus setra cockpit. but I wanted it not to be overlooked until the permanent version was released. It is better to let the BETA version last even a month and solve these problems better . Neoplan BUS which I showed is a mistake ,I think that if Gil wanted to include me in the test group testing would be without such glaring errors . Maybe someday he would like to be pleased to be able to help the test group and tml studios officially is a great distinction is a great thing being able to solve problems with Gil is a great passion in my case buses are in the first place. This is my personal message because I always appreciate achievements mk0:):fernbus: , I write this very politely and cheerfully because I know how much TML STUDIOS good works and how much the game already has great. I will wait patiently, maybe someday I will decide to join my it is worth having dreams to achieve goals and do what one loves in life. Many great moments and years await us all the community of creators because it is a beautiful buses, I am sure that also employees when they are joyful just like us players. The players' atmosphere and great contact between the developers of the game, however, give the best results to everyone's satisfaction. It is better to do something longer and well at the expense of conversations with the community while saving on hiring a community manager. I noticed newly hired people at TML STUDIOS and this is proof of the company's development or production, a very good direction for us. It is also so that many of us have never had a good bus game until TML STUDIOS has given us our dreams. I really like what TML does and these people are hardworking and passionate about and others thank you for that. Gratulation. I wrote a lot here so as not to give it to next theme ,friend John Reasonmill

    he said perfectly, he goes on all buses game a multitude of hours also in ETS 2 on the mod but nothing gives such a sense of joy of realism as Fernbus distant routes, I share this sentence is the game that gives all the beauty of the bus.

    FERNBUS COACH SIMULATOR- number 1 world simulator bus :fernbus::):thumbup: