Update 1.4 - BETA - Now available for public testing!

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  • Thank you Martin 40 Bus:)


    I understand. :| Do you report these kinds of problems to Unreal Engine developers?

    If it is an engine failure they should not bother to fix it? :/

    I already saw this problem in the Unreal Engine forum but they don't answer the questions. X(?(:rolleyes:X/

    Now that the passenger issue has been fixed, I can do another test to see how the game behaves. ;)

  • The Unreal Engine developer community is very large and thus we don't have to report every problem. If its major we do report problems, but textures not loading fast enough is - to be honest - not a major problem. As far as we know, the next version of UE4 will feature some form of mega textures, thus the problem could be solved in the next version already. And maybe, the textures not loading fast enough anymore in the current version of UE4 could be a preparation of this upcoming feature.

  • Unreal Engine developers need to fix this as soon as possible. Perhaps the impact on more powerful computers is not visible. On my average PC any instability problem is noticed. I believe Unreal Engine has no experience with uses engine in games like Fernbus and Tourist Bus where there is a large map where data and loading demand is high. The problem is so serious that it makes no difference the setting I put into the game the result is always the same.

    This 1.4 update was detrimental to me.

    The texture of the bus gets all bugged, it does not load correctly is the same as this video I recorded in the Fernbus 1.19 update and I can only play Fernbus again in the 1.20 update.

    I currently play Dauntless (High setting) which uses the same engine and I have no problem. Although the game has a simplified graphic and small environments.

    Upgrading my PC right now is not an option because I am investing in other things. So I have to be content with what I have. Maybe next year when things are better I can change some things on my PC to improve the gaming experience.

  • List of things I noticed:

    • When the repair shop and the trip service schedule overlapped on the same day, the trip service icon disappeared from the calendar when I went to the repair shop first.
    • There is no sound from airplanes and the airport.
    • Sometimes guardrail (guard stones?) disappears at the mountain pass.
    • Repaint's "Buy" button text has unnecessary line breaks.
    • The cactus at the hotel entrance of Costa Calma is mean.
    • When the shuttle service bus arrives at the first bus stop, the help text is displayed as "Follow to the final stop". In this case, I think it is better to display "check-in passengers" like Fernbus.
    • Probably because of Japanese Windows OS, but the name of the controller button is not displayed correctly.
    • The game pauses with [Esc] key while driving, but does not pause while walking.
    • A flying object in Esquizo. The track disappears and only the cargo is displayed. And the trash can disappears and only the garbage inside is displayed.
    • A stop sign that bites into the building at the intersection in Esquizo.
  • Hi, why can’t I finish the trip after updating the beta with the passengers?

    I confirm the latest version of the Beta tourist bus simulator - the route ends but there are no points and you can still see the route not completed in the order , game error

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Beta has several issues.

    - GPS is confusing showing wrong positioning and routes.

    - Passengers leave or enter the bus without walking.

    - Bots (AI) misbehave at crosses. In addition they are standing very close to the intersection and I have no space to enter the street. In another situation when passing with the bus the cars do not stop at a safe distance, so I have to do risky maneuvers backing up and even going over the sidewalk. Tourist Bus Simulator cities are narrow and bots should be better programmed. As much as I'm careful I always hit something, one of the things that pisses me off in the game.

    - Some buildings in cities should be overhauled, they go beyond the sidewalk boundaries and the risk of collision when passing with the bus is high. I already reported on the forum suffers this and should be analyzed city by city this issue.

  • Really at the end of a trip does not appear the report to complete the service. With this I can not give sequence to the game.

    Please TML people would be able to review this problem?

    If the problem is not fixed quickly I will have to return to the public version (1.3). ?(

    After I made some adjustments on the PC I was able to improve the game performance a bit. With this I ameliorated the problems that were happening. :)

  • Some reports to share. :fbs-sign-123:

    - Passengers sitting on top of each other.

    - Is it correct that these buildings are so close to the street?

    It is in the city of La Oliva.

    - A while ago I did an exploration in Corralejo and came across this tiny football field, out of proportion.

  • Your AI often makes a very stupid behavior. For example, when the highway branch road merges into the main road, the AI will not stop the vehicle that is normally driving on the main road. It seems that the player is not seen, and then a major accident occurs.

    Or in Roundabout, AI in the outer lane ignores the presence of the player BUS and turns directly into the middle of the body. This is a very stupid behavior, or I can understand that your AI has no rearview mirrors on both sides, so no Directly "rough" driving in compliance with traffic rules caused me to accidentally damage the vehicle. And passengers do not feel the presence of WIFI and air conditioning? No accidents occurred, WIFI was turned on, the air conditioner was 22.5°, and my rating was still only 25%.

    If the game is saved while the passenger is boarding, believe me, when you arrive at the terminal, no one will leave your vehicle and can only be forced to start archiving again!

  • Hey All!

    A new version of BETA Update 4 is here! Mainly the graphics were optimized and we fixed some bugs. Additionally, we also looked over the air conditioning and the brake systems.

    A special thank you goes to Sami Nordlund, who has mastered a great task: In just two weeks he has localized the entire game in Finnish! Now we have the second Scandinavian InGame language, next to Swedish, for our TBS. Thank you Sami, great work!

    You can find the changelog here:


  • The world lighting system has changed - a broken image like a fernbus, why are you doing this to us and spoiling games: /

    we wrote about Fernbus and the Tourist to leave a beautiful screen, and you are still doing something against everyone, if you do not see this picture, please see. weak colors, fog, blue filter, you will correct this screen image as before, say Quarney

    Photo and movie.

    new tourist version

    earlier version of the game

    beautiful colors are clearly visible sharp natural image.

    New version movie: bad screen image

    [/ media]

    movie in the old version: beautiful colors are clearly visible, sharp natural image.

    [/ media]

  • Sami Nordlund yes ABS is now simulated. It is also in Fernbus Simulator 1.22 but I think the sound is missing there.

    Very good ABS sound function now I understand it fully so you have to add to Fernbus ABS sound because it is missing.

    Mathias will you bring this lighting back to the former Tourist bus simulator game and have you started working with Fernbus lighting tell us ,thank you regards.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • In the case of the Fernbus, the strong brake is applied simultaneously with the vibration of the steering controller.I think it well reproduces the characteristics of the drum brake used in many buses. According to what I heard, the drum brake works very strongly at the beginning of pedaling. I think this is a very good teaching material for bus driving.

    I feel that the behavior of the brake of TouristBus this time is very different.

    However, when you drive a bus, you should avoid using brakes that vibrate the steering controller with ABS. You must not make passengers fall and injure them.8)