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  • That's a good idea but instead to put 2 lines between Berlin and Frankfurt and the other to FRA airport you can put in one line from Berlin to Frankfurt airport via Frankfurt.

    Other ideas for National/international lines:

    110 Berlin-Erfurt-Sttutgart

    110R Sttutgart-Erfurt-Berlin

    113 Sttutgart-Freiburg-Basel-Bern-Genf

    113R Genf-Bern-Basel-Freiburg-Stuttgart

    120 Berlin-Nurenberg-Munchen

    120R Munchen-Nurenberg-Berlin

    123 Munchen-Salzburg-Linz-St Polten-Wien

    123R Wien-St Polten-Linz-Salzburg-Munchen

    124 Munchen-Salzburg-Graz

    124R Graz-Salzburg-Munchen

    240 Wien-Graz-Innsbruck-Zurich

    240R Zurich-Innsbruck-Graz-Wien

  • For the next DLC France some lines based on the map showed in dev diary

    400 Paris Bercy- Dijon-Lyon-Genf

    400R Genf-Lyon-Dijon-Paris Bercy

    401 Lyon-Marseille-Nice

    401R Nice-Maseille-Lyon

    402 Grenoble-Lyon-Clermont Fd-Bordeaux

    402R Bordeaux-Clermont Fd-Lyon-Grenoble

    403 Paris Bercy-Lille

    403R Lille-Paris Bercy

    405-Paris (?other stop)-Rouen

    405 Rouen-Paris(?other stop)

    406 Paris(?other stop)-Tours-Bordeaux

    406R Bordeaux-Tours-Paris(?other stop)

    407-Paris Bercy-Reims-Strasbourg

    407R Strasbourg-Reims-Paris Bercy

    408 Paris Bercy-Tours-Clermont Fd-Toulouse

    408R Toulouse-Clermont Fd-Tours-Paris Bercy

    You can also gave other lines

  • May I recommend some long distance line?

    Biarritz - Stralsund

    Brest - Wien

    Paris Bercy Seine - Berlin ZOB

    Munich - Marseille St. Charle

    Perpignan - Hamburg

    Toulouse - Berlin ZOB

  • Also

    410 Brest-Rennes-Paris (?other stop)

    410R Brest-Rennes-Paris(?other stop)

    420 Bordeaux-Nantes-Rennes-Brest

    420R Brest-Rennes-Nantes-Bordeaux

    421-Lille-Paris Bercy-Lyon-Marseille-Nice

    421R Nice-Marseille-Lyon-Paris Bercy-Lille

  • thank you guys soo much for the input. All those lines mentioned yes they are in mind. I wanted to add all those lines when the company had more drivers. Kinda to simulate growth.

    But you are all more than welcome to join in try it out i myself will help you get started and work out more ideas.

  • Describe here the exact rules of travel, who will go what course, lines and buses, who counts points where the classification will be given, describe everything clearly and where the entries are and generally here the results and people must also be given in this forum so that everyone knows who drives etc. inkedkoala

  • No Problem.

    The Dispatch system is on the company discord.

    Dispatch will drop 5 to 10 routes (depending on the amount operators) on the Dispatch Text channel.

    When a operator is interested they will give a thumbs up on the line they will take.

    Every employed Coach Operator has their own text channel on the company discord. There they will post a screenshot of the job completed for integrity purposes and also can speak one on one with a supervisor if they need to run a route last minute before dispatch drops the job.

    Once the Company accountant sees the screenshot they will give a thumbs up to the picture and deposit the operators earnings for that drive in his/her virtual bank account. then the driver can manage their money like paying for maintenance or repairs.

    Drivers have a job logger in google forums (link is on the website) to help supervisors oversee statistics of drivers and company earnings by the amount of passengers transported.

    Im using three apps really,



    Google forms

    Would be down to just discord and website if i knew how to code. Making a page for driver logging and money management.

  • it should be a movie or photos as it looks if colleagues subscribe, I can also drive MAN LION COACH waiting for the others :) , I am reporting as a driver and I am waiting for others, please write applications here

    I would introduce the rules differently here no one will register data to some virtual banks because it is not needed data emails today is the law of ocrhony and too many cheats.

    The company has to be given the number of players who has which bus how many routes it has made, how many points it has to be straightforward and good for everyone does not need to complicate it.

    Do it as I say then everyone will sign up, money is not needed at all and the ranking by points, you can't repair buses that don't go bad and you need to own one bus instead of renting them , own permanently. Registrations by providing email data no one will do it too risky. only drivers should be.

    You should provide routes ready so that everyone on the page can see themselves which is taking place and what route it is going , how many points he has for a given route and in total.

  • We'll wait until tomorrow what colleagues write about it but I expect other rules that I wrote above, as long as the website does not have what I described, I will not sign up for now

    1. No bank and registration.

    2.registration on the page on which routes and people and their positions are given.

    I see it differently and better for everyone than what you write is to be riding everyone on your bus routes and classification of routes and total nothing else is needed

  • i see what you mean. The reason i want to simulate the bus needing maintenance again is to give incentive to drive and add a lil more to the game. I get building up points, but whats the end goal with points? Just to say i have lots of points?

    The trip logger or repair log doesnt require you to insert an email just your driver name and bus#.

    Just even join the discord and i can put you in from there.

    Just want to make sure i dont want this to get big i want it to be a niche for the small amount of players that want a little more responsibility and social interactions with the game.

  • You cannot enter a bus fee because everybody has their own bus permanently - this is the first thing.

    The website lacks routes that we can choose and the players name table and bus brand.

    Classification table is missing. The game does not have money, refueling and repairing or renting buses so introducing this is not wise for me

    If you change the page as I say it will be saved and I will drive and also wait here if my colleagues want such rules, today I will not sign up I said because there is no page as it should.

    How you can introduce brews that don't exist in the game makes no sense.

    everyone gets points on the route and a ranking of drivers is created and this is the best because you have all the skills and a lot of interesting points for every trip. introduce the rules and the site as I say it will be a lot of people interested in it

  • Colleagues from the forum are sure to speak here about your rules and mine and only then can the company travel, the topic is interesting and I ask others to talk how they want it and which page, you can enter different tables on the site is not a problem.

  • For example:

    - Each driver have a route with 9 hours of drive with a pause after 4/4.5 hours of driving , if the drive time are passed the player get a penalty

    - 2/3 drivers for more than 9 hours of journey

    - Bus maintenance

    - Contact with the central for assistance in case of a breakdown

    - Rent buses for bus companies (Flixbus,Blablabus,starshipper,ouibus,etc) and work

  • thats amazing but how would i keep track of that type of stuff. With just the maintenance alone if you see on the website i put the kilometers that the bus would need a type of service supervisors would look at the logs and see which bus driver needs to be alerted if they arent keeping track of their bus maintenance.