Company for Fernbus Simulator, ideas.

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  • Company for Fernbus Simulator.


    You are a very lazy person who does not want to work where and spend all his time playing computer games. A loving grandmother, seeing that your life is flying by, decides to help you in a cunning way. She knows how much you love her and will do everything to get her out of trouble.

    Once the grandmother is kidnapped by a Russian (or any other) mafia and demands a ransom for her, otherwise she threatens to let her grandmother on pies. Since you do not work, you do not have money and there is nothing to pay the ransom for. But you love your grandmother very much and therefore decide to find a job and remember that you used to work as a bus driver for a long time and you don’t know how to do anything else.

    You go to get a job in a bus company, where you start earning money for a ransom. Having collected the necessary amount of money, you are going to a meeting with the mafia, where it turns out that no one has stolen his grandmother, but she adjusted all this to get you out of the computer. She gives the money back to you and says to buy a small bus company on them.

    Next, we develop our company, make it bigger, hire drivers, buy new buses, service them and repair them. Having earned more money, you can open a company in other countries, France, Austria, Switzerland and so on.

    A lot of people already work for us, and now again you can score everything and play your favorite computer games.

    The story can be shown at the beginning of the company in the form of comics to tell the player a story.

    This is what occurred to me in literally three minutes, if you think about it for a long time, you can come up with a lot.

    I appeal to the community, double throw more ideas on an economic company, maybe together we will come up with something good and TML-Studios will turn this into a game.

  • It can be a bus depot where we choose a bus, we need to repair it, wash it and drive courses, there can be different ideas. The bus history is nice, the picture shows the Polish Jelcz 120 M bus and the Hungarian Ikarus bus.:)

    I would suggest creating a bus that was known in the German and Polish fleet of many eastern countries. JELCZ 120 M with TML STUDIOS manual gearbox will be a beautiful multiplayer DLC :):fernbus:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: