Modding Tools

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  • Dear TML-Studio , you mentions since the last year , about the release of the modding tools , nobody hear any news since then you don't update us,

    so I wonder if you can update us if the modding is ever going to be release?

  • thank Surtur , I have antoher question in fernbus simulator , there are area you cant drive for example to berlin to the tv tower area you cant drive the road blocked you , anyway to remove that block?

  • Hi Lust,

    the modding tools are still in development and will be released when they are userfriendly and stable enough for the regular user, they are not coupled to The Bus.

    I will pass along your request about the block to our developers, maybe they will take care of it in one of the next updates.

    Have a great day

  • On the main page of the forum "IN PRODUKTION THE BUS" section there is the following announcement:

    Modding for levels

    - Existing city can be extended

    - Neu cities can be created

    Modding for vehicles

    - New vehicles can be added and set up

    What does this actually mean? I ask for details.