Update 22 BETA - available now!

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  • For Update 22 we have optimized a lot to get better performance. We hope that your PC systems will also benefit from this new update. Amongst other things the lighting system and the brake system were revised. These changes have been implemented as a result of your requests, so we are looking forward to your feedback.

    ATTENTION: This is a BETA update. The installation is at your own risk. Technical problems, instability of the game as well as bugs during gameplay can be possible.



    Changelog 1.22.27780

    • Mulit-Display BETA function added, see instructions: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1861878438
    • Vehicles throw spray on wet roads and dust on terrain
    • World lighting system updated
    • Radar flash should now be visible again through the front window of the player vehicles
    • Brake system updated: Increased braking force and full emergency braking by double-tapping the keyboard shortcut
    • Preparation for (free) DLC



    Changelog 1.22.27863

    • Optimised performance of street lights at night
    • Version number updated in the main menu
    • Mod repaints are reset to the default settings when the game restarts
    • New city including bus stop: Steinhude
    • New Event: FlashBassFM concert at Steinhuder Meer
    • Police car texture updated
    • Final preparations for DLC MAN Lion's Intercity

    DLC Austria // Switzerland

    • Swiss police car texture updated
    • Austrian police car texture updated
    • Corrected bug in license plates of Austria
  • Beta Update 1.22.27780

    - Does this beta fix Low Level Fatal error “gc-pool” error upon startup that has existed since 1.20.24874 and not fixed in 1.20 final release or current 1.21 update version?

    Please tell me it does indeed fix this annoying and very frustrating bug.

    Kind Regards.

  • What happens with the driver`s seat?

    EDIT:   occurs when I move the seat back.

    The new lighting is very pretty. I like it.
    Performance has improved a lot for me. For the first time I reach 60 fps. good job.

  • Update 1.22.27780


    - Build Number incorrectly stated in Main Menu as “1.21.27780”

    Under Testing:

    - Low Level Fatal Error upon startup.

    - Performance Optimisations.

    - Tyres on wet roads cause spray from vehicles.

    Kind Regards.

  • The update has brought interesting features and changes but there are also some errors I will tell you movies and photos. Thank you for the work and new features TML STUDIOS :):fernbus::thumbup:

    Increased braking force and full emergency braking by double-tapping the keyboard shortcut- I haven't checked it yet because I play the steering wheel pedals.

    I don't have 3 monitors to check this function.

    dust on terrain- I haven't checked it yet, I checked the rain.

    Radar flash- I didn't have a chance

    Vehicles throw spray on wet roads - great it was made very natural water rain looks under all vehicles my video from the game will show exactly the function that I am very happy with :), You may wonder if it doesn't reduce the amount of water on the back of AI vehicles a bit, but it's an individual matter if you reduce it only in the slider option, it's best not to change anything. :thumbup:

    Game performance is good for me 58 - 60 FPS, but when we go in winter day reduce FPS 45, this is also the case night route street lamps consume up to 15 FPS and the game has about 45 FPS. If TML STUDIOS would improve it would be great for everyone because on a weak PC it will be even greater difference and difficulty playing.

    World lighting system updated - it's good but it causes a fog effect during the day and less sharpness and colors, I showed it exactly in the movie route at 16.15clock the sun wather summer ,can be clearly seen fog in the distance which is a mistake please fix.

    Driving at night is definitely too dark it is necessary to improve the whole visibility, brighter give lighting to the game, he also writes about it Nagel look movie.

    I showed the wrong version of the game in the picture like my friends.

    Bus Setra - the rear lights are hardly visible, please increase the light red to the correct level

    Bus MAN LION COACH , MAN LION COACH C- Very low long lights, please give stronger because there is poor visibility

    Does this beta fix Low Level Fatal error “gc-pool” error upon startup CuzzystyleTV - I also want to know because it's very important TML STUDIOS

    FATAL ERROR - when was finally fixed during the game, this error was reported by a lot of players ?

    Zerden hello friend i also have one monitor :)

    juls2008 correct submission :thumbup:

    Maximus good question

    wingo44 valuable information

    06demir - please report this game error to the Technical Department new ticket https://www.tml-studios.de/forum/support/

    CuzzystyleTV properly:thumbup:

    I hope that the information provided by me which I showed in the video pictures will improve the version of the permanent game, and colleagues raport will be corrected by TML STUDIOS

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • The water effect behind the vehicles is even funny, as if someone was pouring a lot of water from it.

    The idea itself is very good, only the water should be much smaller and should not penetrate the vehicle.

    This can be seen in Martin's first movie.

  • Beta Update 1.22.27780


    - Build Number incorrectly stated in main menu as “1.21.27780”

    - Custom coach repaints reset to default when saving the game and then reloading the save game.

    - Repaints in the vehicle selection diorama take too long to render.

    - News articles take too long to be readable.

    - High scores boards take too long to load.

    - When walking down the aisle in VDL coaches, you get the sensation you’re walking too close to the roof (default height of driver when walking down aisles needs lowering to more realistic appearances).


    - Tyres on wet roads cause spray from vehicles appears too excessive.

    - New Lighting in coach mirrors appears too much (like aliens are invading).

    - Too dark outside of vehicles (very difficult to see where you’re going).

    Kind Regards.

  • Now yes, water spray in the rain and dust particles. In moments I thought they had abandoned this experiment. Glad you are introducing this feat, it will bring greater realism to the game. :)

    From what I quickly looked at Martin 40 Bus video is different from what was shown on Instagram.

    I found the volume a little exaggerated now. It does not look natural. I agree with juls2008 , they seem to be pouring a lot of water behind the vehicles. It looks like a wave. :lol::lol::lol:

    I prefer the reaction of water shown in the video posted on TML Instagram seems to me more natural and real effect of water.

    I refer to this publication below.

  • Martin 40 Bus unlike your Buses my vehicle lights are too bright. but ambient light is definitely dark. Autumn feels wonderfully graphically. Graffic is improved. Update 21 in the exhaust effect had come now the rain effect. İt's perfect :) The game is becoming real

  • The version number in the main menu can be corrected yourself in the DefaultGame.ini file.

    File path: Fernbus Simulator / Fernbus / Config / DefaultGame.ini.

    It should be like this: ProjectVersion = 1.22.27780

  • Better graphics, and after doing some adjustments, also less stuttering!! Yes!

  • Oyun Pas we don't know the Turkish language so describe what you are saying here but the film is interesting :):thumbup::fernbus:

    Daniel F the bus has good water but on the tailgate you can see in my movie how the water is coming out, it needs to be improved, water cannot run from the tailgate of the bus.

    egudek257 AI vehicles need to reduce the water height by half and a little water escape distance then there will be a natural effect, you can see perfectly that the Setra bus rear lights are very weak and the MAN bus long lights are much weaker than other buses in my game. you're right, it's too dark at night, which is perfectly shown in my movie

    Mr.Trolol better is the streak of water behind the car.

    In my opinion, the best solution would suit all player, water spray is to use options in the game - the use of a slider from 0 to 100, adjustment of this amount of water behind AI vehicles :):thumbup: I propose to introduce this option to the game TML STUDIOS:fernbus:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • in-car indicator lights need to be brighter The dark environment is very nice but I've always been saying that for about 3 years the car headlights are pointing towards the ground a little steep and need to be brighter ( also martin40 agree with my friend that the water incident should be less than very funny and comes out of the car trunk) martin40 is telling the truth