Update 22 - Official Release

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  • From now on the official update 22 for Fernbus Simulator is available!

    Main features of course are the new city of Steinhude with the live event today, on September 19th 2019 at 20 o'clock UTC + 2 via https://flashbass.fm/ as well as the revision of the brake and lighting systems. Have fun!



    Changelog 1.22.27863

    • Multi-Display BETA function added, see instructions: https://steamcommunity.com/sha…iledetails/?id=1861878438

    • Vehicles throw spray on wet roads and dust on terrain

    • World lighting system updated

    • Radar flash should now be visible again through the front window of the player vehicles

    • Brake system updated: Increased braking force and full emergency braking by double-tapping the keyboard shortcut

    • Optimised performance of street lights at night

    • Mod repaints are reset to the default settings when the game restarts

    • New city including bus stop: Steinhude

    • New Event: FlashBassFM concert at Steinhuder Meer

    • Police car texture updated

    • Preparation for (free) DLC

    • Final preparations for DLC MAN Lion's Intercity

    DLC Austria // Switzerland

    • Swiss police car texture updated

    • Austrian police car texture updated

    • Corrected bug in license plates of Austria

  • Hi Kadimbey ,

    right now, we have a lot of updates and DLCs in our pipeline and simply didn't had the time to consider each of your suggestions. I'm sorry this is disappointing to you but in one of the next updates, I'm sure the developers will take care of it.

  • Quarney this is never done if there is a defect in the image like fog if a few days here we report the case and such a defect is left it is not good for anyone, I hope that the developers will do it quickly because it is about the quality of the game, all submissions here are very important. The players' opinions are guided by the quality of the game and the image is an important element of the game I would like it to be done and that the reviews are still good in steam because I enjoy it. This is not an order and malice, I have to write it with every post because you often misunderstand me TML STUDIOS

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • oh my god update is so good it increased my FPS I am playing happily and suddenly this happen

    I also had this error when I entered the game menu game.

    I was in the game and when I wanted to exit the current route to the game menu, this error appeared, please repair version 1.22 Fernbus.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Martin 40 Bus Perfect, I have already seen your ticket - my colleagues will take care of it :)

    I am very happy because the game is great and it is worth removing such worms, you are a very nice person have a nice evening and thank you Alex_S  :)

    Kind Regards, soon on the forum my 2 movies from the Tom and Rene concert is surprise for everyone I hope that the music and movie play are liked, also by a dear colleague Alex S :):thumbup:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Hi ,

    News are exciting. I cannot try everything very quick.

    What we can see right away is that the general look is too bright, it gives a cold aspect.

    I tried to adjust gama and bloom but din't find something satisfying. By past, you had a slider called "colorgrading", perhaps it would be useful to restore this feature.

    thanks for all efforts and the work for our passion.

  • Hello. In the Russian community, after the release of update 22, players complained about several things. Most of all, the players noted a drop in performance, a very cold color filter, a lot of blue, they also complained about the illumination of bus headlights at night. Yesterday there were a lot of comments and these are the main negative reviews of the players.

    I really hope that TML-Studios will fix these problems and that haters will no longer have reasons to rejoice. Thank.

  • That is why we lose focus and colors, and the fog that spoils the image comes along, I agree entirely with my colleagues here Maximus Routeres Yannick [FR] egudek257 juls2008 Kadimbey TheBeaver , we've been writing for a week, they showed photos, movies, whether TML STUDIOS will fix this image because it was due in the previous version good please do not enter it in Tourist bus simulator and here to restore the image earlier is a priority Fernbus , do not leave it and do something else, other things they can wait now it is most important for all players.

    it counts for the overall rating and with all due respect to TML STUDIOS for what they do but I think the game is also made for us to enjoy it again we ask you this to do it. please reply TML STUDIOS

    Please see the photo, movie earlier is definitely better, so please return to this .

    it looks fantastic beautiful colors sharpness without fog everything vivid, not bland with fog with weak colors sharpness it can be seen perfectly.

    here photos of a friend lee.white91 Fernbus 1.22 the differences are worse

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: