Update 22 - Official Release

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  • Update 1.22.27863


    - Low level fatal error upon start-up "gc-pool" max objects exceeded. *(PLEASE FIX AS PRIORITY)*

    - Position of the driver when walking down aisle of VDL coaches, not working properly, positioned too high to the ceiling.

    Improvements Needed:-

    - Lighting looks at times unrealistic, I here reference Martin 40 Bus (Update 22 - Official Release) which post accurately reflects my sentiment about the lighting.

    - Optimisation of Cities within the game world, FPS drops at times.

    - AI still doesn't give way to the player coach (maybe player coach should have priority over AI at all times e.g. entering motorway, changing lanes, AI cars don't enter junctions unless path is clear, to prevent roads becoming gridlocked)

    Bug Fixes:-

    - Custom coach repaints no longer reset to default when saving the game, and reloading the save game.


    - Braking of the buses is more realistic and quicker in response times.

    Kind Regards.

  • I remain in version 1.21 and confirm in full that version 1.22 is the worst picture, bland and not sharp, it looks like watercolor paint.

    Screenshots from the previous available version 1.2127147.

    Slight haze is only at a large distance and the image looks quite natural.

    By the way of comparing the game version .... I would like to be able to play this version 1.21 permanently, that's why I started this topic: Several previous versions of the game to choose (now only one)

  • The braking system is still the same and that is a bad thing.

    GPS glitches on routes from Steinhude.

    Cars are passing on the red light at the interchange in Steinhude.

    GPS Problem:GPS says 0M to destination also doesn't show you the way to your destination it only shows it only when you press M

    Hannover 0M

    Cars passing on the red light at the Steinhude interchange:

    This is the problematic traffic light.

  • The game engine in this version 1.22xxxx processes colors incorrectly, some trees look very unnatural from a distance. Faded, diluted green colors change for the better only as they approach.

    As I showed in an earlier post, it looks better in version 1.21.

    I also ask myself this question, what happened that the picture got so bad?

  • I love 1.22. I have no issues with it, none whatsoever, and 1.22 has good performance in my system. I have a four years old old i7 4GHz CPU and slowish old DDR3 memory. Especially hard times after old i7s got the performance worsening security patches some time ago.

    But as said, update 1.22 cured Fernbus, I'm happy.^^

  • You see photos and videos and submissions of ours as you can judge for a good picture that is so faded from fog. The sooner it improves TML STUDIOS, the better, because the map of France can't look so bad with this picture the game is broken, everyone shows it and please look at picture 1.21 and 1.22, colleagues John Reasonmill DavidGamer401 , we don't play version 1.22 only versions 1.21 the picture was much clearer the colors and there was no fog , that such a dull image as milk of most of us and we expect the picture as it is in tourist bus simulator i.e. 1.21 Fernbus - TML STUDIOS will eventually start to improve it because it spoiled the game . see with your own eyes you can see exactly the images,movie of our examples to finally change the TML, you can also see it perfectly well, this is a request from the entire community, not only this forum, improve the image to version 1.21 first, leave it everything else because Fernbus is the most important is the game with which we spend 3 years.Please answer your on Monday TML STUDIOS if you change this image version 1.21 very nice image when ,we are waiting for an answer we are very sad today from fernbus 1.22 .

  • I started voting in the community and so far 21 versions are leading by a wide margin.

    you are a TML STUDIOS tester, please report it individually please also we can't play with such a picture , playing for 3 years and make such a screen to spoil us all because we want to for the image to be from version 1.21,

    because I care about Fernbus the most for me and all people. tell me if you write and report tml mint, to the journal and provide a survey of the Russian group here and for TML Maximus but we all show it equally . <3:fernbus::)

  • Martin 40 Bus I think you just need to make a color correction setting in the game and then each player will be able to choose what he likes.

    It's a very good idea and solution to introduce options in the game to adjust colors, fog, sharpness and brightness to get the image version 1.21 and 1.22 then everyone will be happy also TML STUDIOS today there are more dissatisfied people. You must enter options:

    1. FOG




    5.GAMMA - adjusting it from level 2.2 to 2.4 and 2.6 improves the image, this option must also be in the game, I think that the use of 6 options will satisfy us all in adjusting the image for ourselves.


    This is our suggestion for you TML STUDIOS very clever and well thought-out everyone will definitely be satisfied with the picture. :):thumbup:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • a small correction to my earlier happy message, the game Crashed after 1h 18min playing. Before that, framerates dropped quite a lot . I guess it's time for me to play other simulators for some time. Fernbus apparently stays as it has always been, glitchy and unstable.

  • W pobliżu

    a small correction to my earlier happy message, the game Crashed after 1h 18min playing. Before that, framerates dropped quite a lot . I guess it's time for me to play other simulators for some time. Fernbus apparently stays as it has always been, glitchy and unstable.

    these errors have been reported by us and the pictures will be of good thought that tml studios will fix it and the performance is not perfect yet it will also be improved from what I read

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • TML keeps improving the game with each update, also the performance and stability. Since the UE-crashes are different at each player, it is difficult to find factors that cause those crashes. There was a time Fernbus Simulator worked without any crashes, and I'm sure TML can manage to isolate the reasons for the issue so everybody with a suitable system can enjoy a stable game.