Update 22 - Official Release

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  • If you make the settings exactly the braking system is fine. DavidGamer401 I am satisfied with the brake system. But the daytime view sucks.

    I've gathered other problems under a message but I'm writing it here again.

    1) Engine sounds are not satisfactory. Engine sound disappears when the accelerator pedal is released. One of the biggest problems.

    2) The controls are not really satisfactory. especially at high speeds, the bus does not react properly. In my experience, the VDL bus is the bus with the lowest feeling of driving. Can you turn a bus bend at a speed of 100 km / h? how realistic? I can do that with the VDL bus.

    3) The duration of the traffic lights should be well adjusted.

    4) Vehicles in traffic should act more consciously.

    5) The suspensions are very very very very important for the driving feeling. Current suspensions are at 3/1 level than they should be.

    6) Diversity of roads is very important. Bad roads always create better driving sensations as they activate the suspensions. I would love to ride on occasional dirt roads.

    7) The number of passengers should be increased. The number of passengers should be important in the economic system. More passengers means more money. I hope the economic system will come. Passengers should walk away after landing. passengers should take the bus on foot.

    8// Raining in enclosed areas is bad. This problem must be resolved.

    9) manual gear must be added to the game. However, for gear shifts, the sounds should be adjusted well.

    10) headlights of buses should be reviewed. At the same time, the indicators on the driving display should appear more vivid. Reflection details on the windscreen must be increased.

  • I didn't have time this week to test version 1.22. Looking at the community feedback, I see that some things did not please.

    Boring having to draw attention again because certain things have receded. Trees again with opaque colors and this dead green coloring? It was so good before.

    We have discussed this before and it has been improved and now the problem has returned.

    Lighting the headlights of buses has always been a problem.

    Now ambient colors and lights always change, so far I thought they were good and the community was happy.

    When the community does not complain about certain points because we believe it is ideal. When you get to this point you will not change anything about it only if it is something new that is being implemented and you need a new color adjustment and lighting focusing on realism. The time the TML team has spent changing things that the community is happy about would you use to bring content and other enhancements so much hailed by us.

    I don't know why so many changes we are pleased with might improve performance or something we don't know about.

    Despite such changes and issues it is always good to have updates in short periods, it shows how much TML is focused on improving their games.

    One thing that might help would be for the TML team to raise certain issues for the community to try to help.

    Guys have several ideas. :):thumbup:


    I play with control but not the PS4.

    Control vibration exists but is very weak, vibrations occur in a few rare situations.

    More intensely you can turn on Force Feedback in the settings. I activate this option even though the vibration adjustment is exaggerated in the situation I am driving.

    Even behaving like this I prefer to leave this option enabled I feel more connected to the game like this when I'm playing. :)

    I can't tell you if the Xbox One and PS4 controls are any better at this point. I use the Xbox 360 and it may not behave well with the game settings in this regard. :/

  • juls2008 The view from the mirrors is slightly worse in version 1.22. The black frame in the mirror reduces the field of view.

    1.22 version Fernbus

    1.21 version Fernbus

    Water color black it's a mistake , the water has a blue color.

    It is perfectly visible that the bottom picture of version 1.21 has a better view of the mirror and the overall image is wonderful sharp view, colors the picture is clear without fog there is beautiful green there is a shadow , sun effect is all that is natural and beautiful real image. :):thumbup:

    I will not describe the upper photo 1.22 because you can see how everything is visible and not natural, I hope that TML STUDIOS can see perfectly well that all the beauty of the game is only 1.21 and that is why almost all of this forum pay attention to improving it, you could write a lot about the filter blue flaws but a lot has been said and that's enough.

    We are all waiting for tomorrow the decision and information from TML STUDIOS whether work will be started to restore this image or the regulatory options to obtain such an image version 1.21, we prefer to wait longer for the map of France and bus MAN lion intercity ,have a beautiful image in Fernbus.

    It is important in the context of the beautiful map of France that it should be picked up by the players from the very first day of release as a beautiful France monuments area and much more. That's why the picture needs to be corrected right now before the map of France is released.

    I present the position of players who want a screen version 1.21 color, Fernbus coach simulator:

    Dynek juls2008 egudek257 Martin 40 Bus Don_Castor Kadimbey Daniel F Maximus Yannick [FR] CuzzystyleTV the Russian community and other people.

  • Hello, the colours in the latest version of Fernbus look much more washed out than before and the overall image appears to be more blurry. In contrast (:lol:) to that, I did find the gameplay smoother. Maybe you're trying to find the right balance between graphics and performance? :/

  • The little I played from 1.21 I remember I was surprised by the visual quality, colors, shadows and lighting. I played a lot in Switzerland and these areas with lots of trees and vegetation made me very excited. It was nice to go through these areas. 8)

    In the images of Martin 40 Bus is clear the difference between the versions I believe has placed the images in the same weather conditions, time and season of the year.

    Actually the 1.22 is cold and lifeless colors.

    A brighter environment makes gambling livelier when playing.

    I don't know what the purpose of these changes was.

    As Dynek said, maybe tweaking to strike a balance between visual and performance? Maybe yes or no.

    Await some response from TML. :/

  • W pobliżu

    You said very wisely and I fully agree people who spend many years in the real world and buses perfectly see the differences in the picture and reality I will not repeat after you but I agree with the whole assessment , you are a man who spends a lot of time on buses and can see what most of the 1.21 image on the forum is completely different than 1.22, it's just much nicer and real has beautiful colors and sharpness, it is not spilled milk pale as version 1.22

    if this is the way to improve performance then it is a big mistake because the picture is dissatisfied with most of us, we are waiting for answers tomorrow and we ask you to return as a priority to version 1.21 TML STUDIOS Daniel F and other forum users

    another colleague PeterS writes about it and so we will be more and more people.

    It is necessary to say honestly and truthfully not because someone deliberately criticizes TML STUDIOS , because of the error that sometimes made, we all make mistakes and no one should be angry. That is why you have us guys TML , so that in case of something bad the community shows you a signpost what should be done with all due respect to your skills because no one questions that and to your diligence passion as strong as our players. I always highly value the skills of TML STUDIOS employees, always mk0 he is a master of 3 D models for me, his vehicles are professionally made as real, it is perfectly visible and for that I thank you Gil. We believe in wisdom and good decision, we will all help in tests, we even prefer to postpone the map france and the new bus and free map and pedestrians later, because it is the most important for the game and for us good version image 1.21 , I hope you understand us because this game is unique to us and we want to have it all the time.

  • Update 1.22.27863


    - lighting is regression over 1.21.27147 Martin 40 Bus (Update 22 - Official Release) i wholly agree, 1.22.27863 is great update, but rushed too much for no reason, please take more time to ensure updates are in fully working order before shipping them out, too many bugs are not fixed before updates are pushed.

    - Road sections east of Mainz are incomplete (not connected) leads to nowhere.

    - garage has forgotten to be added into Steinhude, causing starting position to be at busbahnhof.

    - Water spray in tunnels when raining outside.

    - speed limits in HUD are sometimes incorrect, causing erroneous speeding notifications.

    - VDL coach position for walking up and down aisle too high, please lower.

    - Low level fatal error "gc-pool" max objects exceeded upon startup, this bug is getting on my nerves, PLEASE FIX GUYS.

    Improvements Needed:-

    - Lighting looks at times unrealistic, I here reference Martin 40 Bus (Update 22 - Official Release) which post accurately reflects my sentiment about the lighting.

    - Optimisation of Cities within the game world, FPS drops at times.

    - AI still doesn't give way to the player coach (maybe player coach should have priority over AI at all times e.g. entering motorway, changing lanes, AI cars don't enter junctions unless path is clear, to prevent roads becoming gridlocked).

    Bug Fixes:-

    - Custom coach repaints no longer reset to default when saving the game, and reloading the save game.


    - Braking of the buses is more realistic and quicker in response times.

    Kind Regards.

  • Someone see their anounce on twitter


    What is could be :/

    903stcp - DLC France, (if you didn't see in 1.22, TML has added France to the current map of Europe, area now highlighted not greyed out, however DLC still needs to be purchased)

  • Yannick [FR] I think that is caused by the character height, I feel it a little bit too high as well, maybe because I'm an Asian.

    I used to suggested it could be adjusted by players or add several characters of different height. That might fit more tastes.

    About the graphic, that's strange, I received mostly positive comments in my community. The sunlight and shadow in 1.22 looks softer, so I think lighting might not be the issue. But the hue really feel strange, foggy in distance, and the environment looks pale. What's more, not sure whether you guys felt it, the scene seems blur.

  • MBO530 the current image is the lack of color sharpness, screen blur and fog like milk on the screen, the game loses all the beauty or if someone finally speaks with TML STUDIOS or it will be restored to version 1.21 because we are all waiting for information. Maybe ask you as a tester to let them answer on behalf of the studio since the studio does not react at all, give them our information if they don't read us here. please answer Kim nad TML STUDIOS

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • W pobliżu

    Martin 40 Bus I'm pretty sure TML heard you the first 35 times, no need to repeat yourself in every response you make. Chill dude, just chill, let them do their work.

    This can be heard 100 times, I am talking to many Fernbus players and everyone is waiting for confirmation of image repairs to 1.21 players please believe me . Culture requires an answer not to disregard everyone since it is employed Quarney should answer. I am calm , it would be time for you to end these eternal lies about me that I am not calm , you and TML STUDIOS keep saying that. it is also personally offensive to me.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: