Several previous versions of the game to choose (now only one)

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  • A request to add several previous versions of the game instead of one.

    Each player should have a choice of several previous versions to play the one that suits him best.

    I prefer version 1.21 due to better visual experience, but I know that when the next stable version comes, 1.21 will disappear.

  • It's a great idea to choose a permanent version of the game for each player, it can be implemented from the game menu or from the steam itself.

    If the image is worse in version 1.22 I want to be able to play with a better image permanently 1.21 version without updating the game because, however, if TML does not want to make the image which was what a better picture , then everyone will stay playing on the fixed version 1.21 unfortunately.

    If someone from TML STUDIOS even told us if they would restore the old picture we would all know and this is the worst lack of knowledge for us :|

    I do not hide that I like people from TML STUDIOS I like their games but now I am sad about playing with this bad image 1.22:|

    I invite the community to the topic and TML STUDIOS.

    we all remember the matter of 2D navigation of the wrong dimension and subtitle window, we wrote here for a long time to convince TML STUDIOS to make changes and we succeed today we have a beautiful 3D navigation all the time I hope that the picture will also come back 1.21 version from the guys from TML STUDIOS will understand us and will make change to version 1.21 so I also asked Toruist bus simulator not to change the image.

  • Cuzzy

    I don't think you understood me, if there is only one last previous version to choose from, then after TML changes the stable version to the next one, previous version 1.21 will be replaced by version 1.22, and so it will be every time. I want to have several versions, for example 1.19xxx, 1.20xxx, 121xxx ..etc.

    This can be in the archive tab.

  • juls2008

    Changed the title of the thread from “Several previous versions of the game to choose.” to “Several previous versions of the game to choose (now only one)”.