Which problem would you like TML to solve first? Which innovation should come first?

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  • 1) Engine sounds are not satisfactory.

    2) Engine sound disappears when the accelerator pedal is released. (One of the biggest problems)

    2) Driving sensation / Suspension ( The suspensions are very very very very important for the driving feeling. Current suspensions are at 3/1 level than they should be.)

    3) The duration of the traffic lights should be well adjusted.

    4) Vehicles in traffic should act more consciously.

    6) Diversity of roads / Different roads / Diversity of roads is very important. Bad roads always create better driving sensations as they activate the suspensions. ( I would love to ride on occasional dirt roads.)

    7) The number of passengers should be increased. The number of passengers should be important in the economic system. More passengers means more money. I hope the economic system will come. Passengers should walk away after landing. passengers should take the bus on foot.

    8// Raining in enclosed areas is bad. This problem must be resolved.

    9) manual gear must be added to the game. However, for gear shifts, the sounds should be adjusted well.

    10) headlights of buses should be reviewed. At the same time, the indicators on the driving display should appear more vivid. Reflection details on the windscreen must be increased.

    11) Unfortunately, there are no recreational facilities for passengers. They only have parking spaces. This is not enough for me. Only recreational facilities for buses should be built. Parked trucks, buses, grocery stores, restaurants, Mc Donalds, KFC, Burger King should be all in one.

    12) large bus stations should also be built for take-off.

    13) bus horns are really bad, more nice horns can be added. We can think of it as personification

    14) illuminated traffic signs

    15) The game still freezes while changing radio channels

    16) In-game FPS optimization

    17) Menu design change / Animated background images

    18) Information on the vehicle in the bus selection screen.

    19) Are DLC prices expensive for you? ( Yes for me )

    20) More realistic graphics ?

    21) Police officers at traffic checkpoints, illuminated police vehicles.

    22) Sound must be added for roadside lanes.

  • 3,4,6,7,8,10,13,22

    For the 21 the probability to have police controls in the borders should be higher than controls inside the country.

    The speed limitations on the gps should show limit speed for buses not for car.

  • After 3-4 years this game will improve not everything graphics in the game What is important is a real simulation of connecting people to the game but never fernbus can do it Let's bring the same buses same sounds same suspension CLİCK PAY DLC :)

  • Problems listed must be resolved. In addition, the physics update is really necessary. Suspensions are not sufficient. Right and left oscillation is not felt while driving, while vertical oscillation occurs. The driving controls are not really satisfactory. The roads that need to be turned with half steering movement are turned with full steering movement. It is very important to get an update on controls and suspensions based on the opinions of a really expert bus driver.