DLC MAN Lion's Intercity - Officially Available

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  • Our new DLC MAN Lion's Intercity is now available for purchase!

    Under official license developed by MAN, you can now cruise with the new bus in three different variants:

    - R60

    - R61

    - R62

    The DLC is compatible with both Fernbus Simulator and Tourist Bus Simulator, so buy once, enjoy twice!

    A 4-gear automatic transmission with torque converter, reactive dashboard displays and a detailed, interactive cockpit await you along with many other exciting features.

    It will cost 9,95€ (or your regional equivalent) and you can purchase it here:

    The repaint templates are also already available:



    Have a good trip!

  • Hi shubham sidana,

    we actually released some DLCs for free, like Usedom and Rennsteig and the upcoming DLC Rhine Gorge. But we also have to pay our employees and therefore we need to make some money off of the games we produce

  • MAN LION INTERCITY - this is the cheapest price of the DLC bus, unfortunately, if it weren't for the sale of these games the TML STUDIOS she would have to go bankrupt company, please understand that you also have to live, prices have been reduced for as many countries as possible.

    It gives errors that you will see in a driving movie that is already loading onto the channel Youtube,

    MAN LION INTERCITY - car washes brushes do not work well and polishing is blocked car wash, I have already reported every bus , MAN MAN LION COACH/C only this one works well.

    The paint shop cannot see the buses -Tourist bus simulator .

    these problems will finally be saved and repaired by TML STUDIOS , please tell us Quarney

    Lamps shine during the day -Tourist bus simulator.

    MAN LION INTERCITY :):thumbup::fernbus:- in my opinion the bus is made very elegantly visually as it is real, the driving physics also sounds good, you know the engines of each bus can be refined, I did not see any errors or flaws in it, I really like the R 61 model , I do not regret buying and I am very happy.

    Thank you for this TML STUDIOS bus and I recommend it to guys to everyone TheBusDriver113 shubham sidana , he also gives such an opinion Sami Nordlund CuzzystyleTV , a positive feedback from us will be given to steam. Photo I will give the link below and the movie a little later . I am asking everyone for good opinions for this bus for both games steam DLC MAN LION INTERCITY, Fernbus and Tourist bus simulator

    Pictures my route MAN LION INTERCITY

    General Feedback on Fernbus Coach Simulator

    my movie route MAN LION INTERCITY

  • what looks bad defect of the window flash when the cabin light is on and others what is reported here with the reflection of the headlights what I read and other, the bus shows my film with tourist bus simulator , specify what exactly is going on 903stcp

    Screenshots and Videos from Tourist Bus Simulator

    Because i'm out for studies but i will post some screenshots of the dlc

  • Martin 40 Bus he said that it's a pity he has to wait until thursday until he can enjoy driving the new bus. And in his opinion it's a nice bus to look at.:)

    PL: powiedział, że szkoda, że musi poczekać do czwartku, aż będzie mógł cieszyć się jazdą nowym autobusem. I jego zdaniem to ładny autobus do obejrzenia.:)

  • I agree with the opinion that this is a nice bus 903stcp :) , thank you because sometimes I have problems with reading and writing in this language and most with German Don_Castor :) , I have a suggestion for you if you have school, it would be best to buy a gaming laptop then you could both go on buses :lol::fernbus:

    these photos and videos will be here a lot of all players cool that you also include photos you give 903stcp :thumbup:;):fernbus:

  • again Martin again 2 hours :D great video and route

  • Thank you that you like long routes^^, that you like how I go in this movie people also watched me as you can see :)

    Please leave good opinions because I see a lot of people bought the bus and opinions are still not enough:):fernbus:

    egudek257 soon the route in Fernbus I will also take photos, movie, do you buy the bus, do you like it ?:fernbus::fbs-sign-224:

  • MAN Lion's Intercity R-Series DLC

    - this is a beautiful, meticulously recreated versions of MAN Lion's intercity buses, they are rich with detail, feature packed and above all a pleasure to drive, they handle wonderfully and give a new dimension to gameplay within the Fernbus world, many congratulations TML-studios.

    (For £7.50, it's an absolute bargain, well worth the money and now look forward to DLC France in the not too distant future :D)

    Kind Regards.