Steam News: DLC Rhine Gorge

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  • This is still a bad picture but it will be good soon 1.23 Beta, we all think so, very nice areas :), trails round, but one thing you have to change Quarney the water cannot be dark, it must be blue in the whole game, we have been repeating it for a long time, even testers, change the water to blue color, please

    also the description should be comprehensive here and not just steam.

    This is how the correct water color looks like ETS 2 game, your water in the whole game ,the new map is not real and bad maybe you change the water to blue it is much nicer and real like dark black water

  • Will the Autobahn A63 between Mainz and Kaiserslautern be finally fixed with this map update ?

    Also it would have been nice to see Montabaur in this update, as it's a real Flixbus destination, six Flixbus routes calls in at Montabaur.

  • The color of the water is not clear, it is partly a mirror image of the environment, including weather conditions and time of day, as well as chemical composition, impurities and minerals

    Rihne Gorge with Google Maps:…!3d50.1614667!4d7.7008637

    I don't know if you can get the right color in the game, but it shouldn't be only blue

  • Compared to images from Google Street View and the people you posted. It looks a lot like the images available on the Steam DLC page. I liked the lighting of the game in the images. Regarding the coloration of the water I also say the same TML adjusted the color well but much depends on the lighting of the game to change the color of the water at different times and climates.

  • Daniel F this image is a bad version of 1.22 the game and the new map will look completely different as it is in version 1.21, in what you can see now it is fog and bad colors we are all waiting for version 1.21 which is already confirmed as version 1.23 Beta this update will give the final image of the entire Fernbus game. When it comes to water it should be blue as it showed google street juls2008

    The whole Fernbus game water must be changed to blue The current water in the game looks unreal like water from a black sewer waste like sewage treatment plant dirty black.

  • The whole Fernbus game water must be changed to blue The current water in the game looks unreal like water from a black sewer waste like sewage treatment plant dirty black.

    Certainly the water should not be so dark, if it could make the water absorb the color of the surroundings, it would be a natural effect.

    The street view shows different water colors from the same place, it has a gray-greenish or gray-blue shade.

    The dark blue color of the ETS game does not match here.

  • I agree with juls2008 , the water itself isn't blue, the feature that matter much is not the color, but the reflection effect. The water surface reflect the surrounding area, including the sky. The sky looks blue so the water seems blue as well. But it shouldn't be totally blue, there should be reflection of the surrounding object.

    See the two images below, one show the real Rhine Gorge, the other is the image from steampage, I don't think it has anything UNREALISTIC according to what I said.:)

    BTW, I won't compare with ETS2, cause water in ETS2 is exactly always blue.

  • We here at TML are always about realism and we actually like the water colour around the area in our new DLC. Those are just screenshots, maybe we should just wait to see the game in motion. And we all know that water is not always crystalblue, especially in Germany:)

  • Earlier, the game had blue water and dark water is a mistake in the game, really go to the sea and see the water color or go back to the Fernbus version half a year ago, you'll see beautiful blue water everywhere why you can't understand it and improve this water is very strange what are you saying Quarney