New DLC idea for Fernbus Simulator: Rock Band Tour Bus DLC

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  • Since soccer (and sports) are not necessarily everybody's cup of tea, I've been toying around with other DLC ideas for Fernbus Simulator.

    What would you guys think of Rock Band Tour Bus DLC ? TML has actually almost everything already set up for such a DLC: stadiums and hotels (Football DLC), radio stations and large map with plenty of space outside cities to place festival venues. I know Germany has many outdoor music festivals. Cities would probably need to have some smaller venues, perhaps with a bit more difficult parking spots (narrow back alleys and such).

    Now it doesn't have to be rock-themed, but you know, those guys just happen to have the flashiest tour buses. That would open up a whole new set of paint jobs for Steam Workshop. Maybe there would be even possibility to do some special interior changes (leopard-skin seats anyone? :D ) .

    It would be refreshing for not to be yelled at if there is beer on the bus. Actually, you could be yelled at if there ISN'T beer on the bus :D Maybe Aerosoft could hook up with some actual German band with original tour bus or TML guys could find out some basement band from Erfurt's music scene who could use a very special "uplift" to their career ?

    Come on people, help me out to develop this idea further. Now who wouldn't like to be Rammstein's Tour Bus driver ? (well, i guss those guys don't use bus anymome....)

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