Механическая коробка передач

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  • здравствуйте. Я бы вас очень хотел попросить, ввести в игру механическую коробку передач. Я знаю, что очень много людей ждут это. Лично я не покупаю вашу игру только из-за этого(((( сделайте, пожалуйста, поддержку ручного переключения скоростей. Спасибо большое!!🙏

  • Please write in English or German, hello you buddy here with steam discussions KUKOLNIK .

    as tester colleague told you here Maximus , manual gearbox - is a well-known topic awaited in the community, TML STUDIOS is also known, it is from what I know on the job list you have to wait for the introduction of this function into the game. But I support this is a great idea :):thumbup:

    also personally waiting for the manual box for buses in the Fernbus game and Tourist bus simulator, also you can enter for any minibus.

  • Hi Quarney ,

    This is nice news for most players, as you know perfectly well, we have steering wheels and manual gearboxes.

    We have a great expectation for this function because driving on the manual box is a huge realism and pleasure, I also know that this function will attract new players because I was also told by those who have not bought games yet.

    I would love to test Timo with him on my Thrustmaster T 300 RS GT set, H Shifter- TH 8 A .

    This will be the function with the highest expectations, its degree is like pedestrians and AI trains, car washes and Fernbus petrol stations.

    We are patiently waiting for these functions and tests and information, I believe that you also share the view of the community because this is a great solution, as an example I will give OMSI 2, really great buses with a manual gearbox.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: