An interesting feature that could be added to the game.

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  • Hi, I was thinking that you could add a menu for changing some sounds in the game, maybe it's not easy but i didn't see a bus simulator with this feature. In the menu you have to select the default sound or insert your audio file, like the horn sound, engine sound, retarder sound and so on.

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  • In general it would be nice for us to be able to work with the modding tools. You know, the ones TML announced years ago and which we haven't heard about since then. Probably they'll be a mystery for several other years...

  • Would be awesome to do custom announcements too. People use different skins but the announcement says flixbus

    Yes! If we could just put them in a folder or replace the original file. This shouldn't be too hard to implement and would greatly accompany the custom Workshop repaints :)

  • Thanks for the input, we'll see if we can implement such features sometime in the future.

    The modding tools are not forgotten, they are just not ready yet, so it would please no one to release them now

  • What about this demo version? Doesn't it look quite nice already? I'm sorry, but I cannot understand why there has nothing happened for more than TWO YEARS. You made people looking forward to this great option, and since then we're only told about the necessity of technical optimizations. And I do even doubt about the rumour that it'll be released together with The Bus. Just compare to the feature of passengers entering and leaving the bus: A nice feature and detail in TBS that was meant to be included in FBS too, so much for that. Realistically thought it'll take even several more months after the release of the new city bus simulation until FBS can profit from the modding tools...

  • The pedestrian project must be introduced for Fernbus as well as the manual gearbox, the tools are cool but I think that in the first place you need to implement what I described and then fernbus maps and new vehicles. No pedestrians and AI trains in fernbus, manual gear and this is expected by most players, I consider the priority of work from what I know pedestrians are in implementation, the tools can wait a little later since there are such important goals ahead of us but of course I understand you Don_Castor , I want it too but you have to choose what will be done first. for me, pedestrians and manual gear are a priority for me to do this already.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Martin 40 Bus I do absolutely agree with you, for me the manual gearbox and pedestrians are very important, too. But the modding tools have been a discussed topic for several years now and they shouldn't be left out of mind. :-)

    Of course yes, because it is also a function that will allow you to expand the game with various additional elements, I agree, we are both right Don_Castor:)

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: