Request: Articulated Bus - Lion's City 18 G

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  • Hi, I just created this new thread because I wanted to show my thoughts on why make the Lion's City articulated.

    -The cockpit is the exact copy of the intercity. You just need to change the logo on the steering wheel.

    -The doors are the same.

    -The body look the same.

    -The seats, stop buttons, handles, floor, windows are the same.

    -Maybe change the fanfare ;) the 18G have a nice fanfare by default.

    Basically I think that you have to do a minor job on this instad of creating a new entire bus. Of course It's not easy, and I respect your job but some of the community would love to see this.

    Hope you understand, bye.

    Here's a video of it:

  • Hey there,

    please don't create an own thread for each singe idea. There are already threads for all the wishes and ideas in English and German, and they are also meant to be used. There all the ideas can be discussed freely, new created topics are mostly deleted because of the mentioned reason.

    Kind regards.

  • Quarney

    Closed the thread.