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  • bonjour, je suis français et j'aimerais acheter le jeux fermbus avec le dlc de france

    es-ce qu'il y a le jeu fernbus qui est inclue dans le prix le dlc de France

    ou bien il faut acheter le jeux séparément…edition-steam-key--3091-4


    si je prends sur ce site game planet ca revient à 58.41 euro

    et que si je prend sur steam ca revient à 60.90 euros

    et aussi j'aimerais prendre le dlc Fernbus Coach Simulator Add-on - Bus de l'équipe de football

    je n'est pas sur le site steam mais sur gameplanet

    une mon avis , il faut que je prenne le jeu sur gameplanet pour 2 euros en moins

    une votre avis , qu'es-ce qui est mieux et sur qu'elle site que je dois prendre

    et ca met combien de delais pour livraison à domicile

    es-ce que les mises à jours du dlc vont être gratuit et qu'on aura un peut plus de ville lol

    et une autre question

    es-ce qu'on peut faire par exemple paris (france) bernin (allemagne)

    ou cest pas possible car vous n'avez pas racorder les dlc pour faire traverser les pays

    merci de votre aide et j'attendrais votre réponse avant de l'acheter ;)

  • ok, thanks, in case I translate my messages in english

    Hello, I am French and I would like to buy the fermbus games with the dlc de france

    is there fernbus game that is included in the price dlc de France

    or you have to buy the game separately


    if I take on this site game planet it's 58.41 euro

    and that if I take on steam it returns to 60.90 euros

    and also I would like to take the dlc Fernbus Coach Simulator Add-on - Bus of the football team

    I am not on the site steam but on gameplanet

    a my opinion, I must take the game on gameplanet for 2 euros less

    one your opinion, what is better and what site I must take

    How long does it take for home delivery?

    will the updates of the dlc be free and we will have a little more city lol

    and another question

    can we do for example paris (france) bernin (germany)

    or it is not possible because you did not connect the dlc to cross the countries

    thank you for your help and I will wait for your answer before buying it;)

    because if I look in the parkage, in the content you just put a color for the bus or radio and a new bus

    Is that good?

    and if I have other questions, I would not hesitate to tell you

  • merci, mais sur steam il n'a pas ce dlc

    fernbus Coach Simulator Add-on - Football Team Bus

    et si je prend sur steam

    fermbus platinum 35.95 euros

    et le dlc france est à 24.95 euros

    et sur gameplanet

    fermbus platinum 35.95 euros

    et le dlc france est à 22.46 euros

    c'est pour ca il faut commander sur gameplanet ca revient à 2 euros en moins

    et en plus il y a le dlc

    une question sur

    Fernbus Coach Simulator Add-on - Football Team Bus

    es-ce qu'on aura un jour les stades de france paris marseille bordeaux etc....

    et sinon es ce qu'on peut faire par exemple paris bernin ou ce n'es pas possible

    sinonn , il y a combien dlc des pays

    il y a que france allemagne et australie si tout ou il y a d'autres pays

    ensuite es-ce qu'ils vont faire des mises à jours des dlc gratuit pour rajouter des villes ou il faut payer

    Fernbus Coach Simulator Add-on - Football Team Bus

    qui n'a pas sur le site steam

    il n'y a pas le jeux ferbus inclue directement sur e jeu officiel

    sinon ca met combien de temps pou recevoir les 2 boitiers ;) 24 h ou 48 h ou 72 h

  • Hi supprimer,

    thanks for your message. You can buy our Fernbus Simulator on the site of your choosing, but remember, you buy a download, so there is no actual home delivery :) If you buy it on steam, you can be sure we are supervising the forum over there.

    The DLC France won't be included in a package for now, just like other DLCs like the MAN Lion's Intercity. You have to buy the main game and the DLC seperately. But there probably will soon be a Christmas Sale on Steam, you should maybe check this out. Can't say when and how much percent off at the moment.

    There will be more free content but because we also have to earn a living, not everything can be free.

    And yes, the countries are connected, so you can drive across the borders, also with Switzerland and Austria

    Kind regards

  • une autre question

    es-ce qu'on peut faire un trajet de paris (france) vers bernin (allemagne)

    sinon, es-ce que vous avez prevue de faire les pays espagne, portugal, angleterre

    et aussi rajouter des viles de france (gratuitement ) pour ceux qui ont le dlc bien entendu

  • Hi supprimer,

    there is no need to open another new topic, you can just join an existing thread. Just take a look around, there are several which would fit you. I can answer you a few of your questions again if you will:

    We have two big map DLCs at the moment: Switzerland/ Austria and France. We have also some free additions to the game: Usedom, Rhine Gorge, Rennsteig.

    See, you counted our Platinum Edition as just one Add-On, but it contains several DLC's like Neoplan Skyliner, ComfortClass HD, Anniversary Repaint Package, Multimedia Package, Usedom. We actually put out several DLC's per year, so we did quite a lot since 2016. And please don't forget our whole other game, Tourist Bus Simulator (simulation with economy aspect).

    I guess, your from Bernin? :) Our simulations are on scale 1:10 so we can't get every city on the map, especially if they are on the smaller side. We are working on adding more cities (on all the maps, not just France), but we can't say when and which cities will be added. There will also be more countries someday, but also here, we can't give you any timeframe

  • Please read my reply carefully, I answered many of your questions already. We will probably add more cities, but some don't fit in the scale. Cities we added in Germany were for free, but I can't say, if this is going to be the rule for future add-ons.

    The stadiums won't probably be extended into other countries. It is possible to drive from Germany to France.

  • OK, thanks

    I saw a video on the bus tourist

    I saw that we could enter a company and we had a budget 200 000 euros

    and with this budget you can buy cars etc .....

    and when we take people we can make money

    Is it possible to go to a gas station to refuel and remove a little money?

    and also when you go on a toll it takes away money from our corporate budget

    is that fermbus it's the same

    We start at the beginning and go to a business and we can get the no from our company and we can take gas and take tolls and it takes away money

    and also I saw quickly on youtube on the bus tourist there are cars where there is brand drain etc ... and s red dots

    so that means we can go on a garage to put back and repair our bus to put all the green dots instead of the red dot

    if the fernbus game can do that, I'm waiting tomorrow to buy it

  • supprimer Fernbus coach simulator it has no economy mode, no money, no car washes and no shops, you can only refuel. You only get points for the route, the count is the satisfaction of passengers, we sell them tickets.

    any game you can choose from . routes without passengers

    career game and here I recommend you because you earn points

    Flixbus routes established by the creator of the game also earn XP points

    the game has friends statistics, world points and your own score.

    Tourist bus simulator - has an economy mode, making money, hiring drivers, hiring mechanics, hiring tour guides

    own courses, there are bus washes, there is a gas station, money is earned and lost, you can buy new or used buses, you can rent a driver to travel by bus, there are many possibilities, you can take a loan from the bank.

    green dots of buses means that the bus is all right, red dots we have to fix it by choosing a smartphone in your own office, you have to get to know the game and learn what to do, that's , tomorrow there will probably be cheaper games and additions because Black Friday to you should choose games and dlc.

    do not confuse the concepts and games of both because both games are different described exactly like each, I gave you a detailed description of both games here.:)

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • ok in fact if the pasager are contained in his trip they give us satisfaction points that allow to buy buses and refuel

    and if they are not happy, you take away points

    however, there is one thing you forgot to put it

    he would have to have people in a wheelchair and a footbridge so they could get on the bus

  • By buying each DLC bus, if you have two games purchased, then for one purchase of each bus, you get this bus both game.

    Fernbus will have free updates it's obvious, but sometimes also paid maps. other free map . maps will be new for Fernbus, we already know

    Torusit bus simulator- updates will be but new maps are not known yet - the maps for today are not.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: