Bus Driving Sim.

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  • Ovilex Software's new Bus Driving Sim game for PC Steam, PS4, and XBox One will be released in the first quarter of 2020.

    Bus Driving Sim - Work in Progress - Coming Soon ? We are finishing our first major release for PCs and consoles. This bus simulator will include awesome features, awesome graphics, mod support (PC), multi-user mode and more

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  • I played Ovilex games a lot on my phone. The games are fun and have the online mode.

    The beautiful graphic looks light to me and has nice features and effects. It is halfway between a mobile phone and a PC. If in fact it is a lightweight game it will stick to simplicity the price will take much into consideration.

    The physics need to improve a bit more for a PC start I particularly liked. :):thumbup:

    Looking at the video reminded me of SCS Bus Drive at the time it was release.

  • I don't want to be the one spreading bad mood, but I tried to install two games developed by Ovilex on my phone some months ago, but each of my 3 antivirus apps (!) advised me to uninstall them from my phone and not to open them...:/

  • Daniel F I don't know what criteria the different antivirus programmes do exactly analyse, but probably they refer to different safety aspects. As far as I can remember Samsung's own antivirus software warned me about possible malware and adware. The same with McAffee. Avira only told me about adware.

    That's only my personal experience, but the YouTube videos I saw about Ovilex games were really nice to watch.:):thumbup: