Unreal Engine Crashing When Opening Tourist Bus

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  • Morning all.

    Hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful time.

    I got Tourist Bus yesterday and it is crashing on the loading screen. Its a UE crash that appears.

    I have Fernbus and that runs fine - no issues. But TBS doesn't want to load

    It was suggested to me to update the UE engine but opening Epic Games Launcher then clicking on unreal engine there was nothing installed.

    Anyone have any ideas what the issue is here?

    I know TML are out at the moment so thought I would see if the community would know what is causing the issue.

    Thanks for any suggestions we can gather


  • You will probably get such a response from support:

    "If you still experience frequent crashes, I could suggest then trying a complete reinstall of the game.

    1. Uninstall the game via Steam, when uninstall is done open the folder:

    2. C:\Users\Your_Windows_Username_Here\AppData\Local\TouristBusSimulator\Saved

    3. Delete the folders:



    ---and "Routes"

    4. Now open: C:\Users\Your_Windows_Username_Here\AppData\Local\TouristBusSimulator\

    5. and delete the folders:

    ---"Cached Textures"


    6. Now open your Steam-Installation folder:


    7. and delete the Tourist Bus Simulator folder

    8. Restart your PC!

    9. Reinstall the game."

    Sometimes it helps...