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  • When you turn on the photo mode, the driver disappears from the cockpit, it is not critical when you take a static screenshot, but when you take a screenshot in motion, it is dynamic, it turns out that the bus is traveling at speed, but the driver is not in the cockpit, mysticism. Need the ability to clean and return the driver in the cockpit of the bus. There is a function to remove the player, but the driver is not removed, but the entire bus.

    This is actually a feature we built in to try it out. As you described it, there is the function to remove the player. In this case bus and avatar are seen as one, so both of them are removed. The thought behind it was, that some players might like to take pictures in photomode without the busses in it. We are currently working on it, because it seems to be quite confusing ;)

  • Hi,

    Photo mode is a cool thing, changing time is a very nice idea.

    Currently we can change the direction of our eyes, but the player position is depending to position before entering photomode. I would like to change my position directly in the photomode (for example this can be activated with left mouse button and mouse movements).

    Also: using wheel mouse for zooming would be an easy tool.

    I liked to change brightness, contrast in photomode. I think that this feature would also be nice for all the game so that each player can adjust colors for playing with the colors he likes (such things are possible with some shaders like Reshade).

    I think also that you can give more time to read each tip during loading screen.

    thanks for all your great work..

  • Hi Yannick [FR],

    thanks for your input! Right now, you can zoom in and out by WASD and change direction by holding a mouse button. Brightness can be changed per Gamma control, there are also already options to change contrast, saturation and much more. You can choose from lots of different filters as well.

    And we will add a second per tip to the loading screen :)

  • I read your statement about the studio's plans and I will reply to English so much easier Quarney

    After more than a year, there was talk about pedestrians and AI trains in Fernbus, why this is not a priority for you as for players you want a complete game.

    of bus washes, sound stations gas and economy mode about this yesterday the player told me that many people are waiting for it

    Manual Gear

    New sound BUS

    This is the basis for Fernbus to become a full simulator for adding cities to the of empty France, Austria and Switzerland. Rebuilding German cities, it's possible that all players can see perfectly what to do and the studio is doing something completely different. Such sound to the gas station can be done in 1 day is no problem and the photo of the distributor

    Why don't you start doing what the players are asking for is incomprehensible to us. Why don't you give us exactly what you will do and when and if you do it, we are all waiting all the time and here no information Quarney

  • I read the German branch and then the English one and I can say that I constantly see the same thing in my community. People write in comments on posts in community messages that I see only, and even in private messages on my VK account.

    It’s always the same why there are still no pedestrians and animated passengers in the Fernbus Simulator, although they promised to add them shortly after the release of Tourist Bus Simulator. They also ask why developers find time for new free cities, but there is no time and resources for what players are really looking forward to. Always the same:

    1) Pedestrians and passengers.

    2) Economic company.

    3) Tools for mods.

    4) The fullness of the world. (detail)

    5) Manual gearbox.

    6) Optimization.

    This is most expected of players. Although it has been known for so long, as many times already wrote about it here on the forum. Ordinary players share what they want to see in the game, haters simply trample the game and always put pressure on these painful topics, thereby damaging the game’s reputation and TML-Studios themselves.

    Fernbus is a great game with great potential, if you add at least the first three points, the game will go to a new level and the Fernbus community will grow significantly. Of course this is easier said than done, but we really hope that the talented guys from TML-Studios will be able to realize this.:)

  • Maximus Exactly these aspects you gathered from the Russian community are what TML has been shelving for years and will keep doing so for a long time. Everybody wants these features, but the developers seem to ignore this and to focus on new content that won't raise any of those qulity aspects.

    You are absolutely right: Fernbus Simulator is the only game in its genre, so it seems like there's no need for TML to raise the quality level because of the lack of competition in the sector of coach simulations.

  • We've all been talking about these features for a long time, the sooner TML STUDIOS understands us the better for players and studios, after all, the game is not created for the studio and against the players.

    Quarney finally do what it should have been for a long time, I remember how GIL wrote the truth, France without pedestrians , boring and empty, finally introduce us as the first pedestrian point, tell us when it will finally be. Leave everything else because pedestrian fernbus are the most important thing . And what we write for a long time what he wrote Maximus , finally make pedestrians add Fernbus

  • Hi there! A new beta version is ready! We fixed the repaints, spray and those annoying noises. See the complete changelog down below.

    Please note! Due to crashes in TBS 1.5, we had to update our engine to a new version. This means, if you don‘t like the beta version, you unfortunately can‘t go back to the previous one or the game will crash, because those two engine versions are not compatible.

  • The wipers do not work at all on the steering wheel and keyboard buttons no operation on buses and minibus Quarney

    are still turned on in the game all the time, they cannot be turned on or off and the speed cannot be adjusted because the wiper buttons do not work.

    Exactly this is the reason why Nyes and I think TML does NOT test the versions before release in any way: In the description it says that the bug should be fixed, but as Martin 40 Bus shows here, this is not the case.

    Furthermore, this is the reason why I won't test any other Beta versions, just as I already mentioned in the German thread: Lack of quality and lack of information as a result of insufficient communication in the TML team.

  • I have been saying the same for about 6-7 months. however, there is no improvement. There are things to do before the new city and buses. There are complex sounds on some roads for DLC France. I shared many screenshots, but I still hear the sounds I hear on the bridge on the straight track. I listed the important shortcomings for the Scania bus. But nobody even cared.


    DLC VDL issues

    DLC Scania


    General İssues

    I brought many problems to the fore in the issues I mentioned above. All I want is to solve the problems as soon as possible but nobody cares.

  • The wipers do not work at all on the steering wheel and keyboard buttons no operation on buses and minibus Quarney

    In addition, when it rains they turn on themselves, when it stops raining they turn off themselves Don_Castor that's exactly the fault, I agree with your opinion and colleague Kadimbey , what you can add everything you said that's right , correct approach to test the community for information communication, I could give you a plan here but we all know everything.

  • -FPS in bad condition at night and rainy weather.

    -Daytime FPS is better. (30-35)

    -However, FPS falls in urban areas.

    -Crashes seem to be completely resolved.

    -I sometimes hear strange noises in DLC Scania engine sound. The retarder sound sometimes spontaneously occurs on the Scania bus.

    GPS tells me to get out of here, but the bus doesn't fit here.:(

    -It would be nice if the reflections on the windshield are added to FBS.

  • Some issues after yesterday update:

    Frame rate seems more unstable.

    I'm not sure whether the focus distance works properly, it seems not affecting different objects in different distance, rolling the scroll would make the whole scene has the same changes.

    Some improvement I thought for the PhotoMode.

    Add an RGB channel adjustment.

    Add an auto focus option.

    Hotkeys, like adjusting the field of view by rolling the mouse wheel, view rolling by Q/E etc.

  • Hi! I made a mistake by writing the wipers are fixed, I already fixed it in the post, it never was in the changelog though. We are still working on this one. Sorry, it was an honest mistake.

    Don_Castor we are testing. BETA versions are always tricky and therefore, we have the disclaimer, as I said before. If you don't trust them anymore, feel free to wait for the opfficial update. But the noises, the reason, if I recall correctly, you deinstalled the BETA in the first place, have been fixed