UPDATE 6 BETA - Now Available

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  • Martin 40 Bus

    You are playing the arcade mode right? we added the automatic turning on and off of the wipers in this mode. If you don't want it, please choose the realistic mode.

    What do you mean by steering wheel? Your own wheel or the in-game wheel? The in-game wheel doesn't have a wiper function and it will not in the future. We tested all our busses, and yes, the Scania has a little problem which we are trying to fix but we couldn't detect something in the other models.

  • Will we get an answer about the case of the AI trains and pedestrian for Fernbus, what exactly is implemented there or not what is going on with pedestrians when it will be introduced, please send a technical message, a lot of people are waiting for it, if you can tell us, thank you very much Quarney Timo

    The wipers are under repair now we understand.

    Is the BB 40 in Fernbus repaired the water inside the vehicle on the floor Quarney

    Now I understand about the function of the wipers in the arcade mode, I will check everything and write you in a moment. Scania wipers, if you fix it right, great

    The windshield wipers are working properly there is only an error marking function correct on Polish

    SIMPLE VIPER - WYCIERACZKI . Please correct

  • This is not the thread for it, we are speaking about update 6 BETA for TBS here. And I commented on this several times in the last few days, I don't have any news about it right now. All I can say is, I spoke to several colleagues about it and we are working on it.

    The Polish translation, or the lack of it, is forwarded and will be fixed. Thanks!

  • thank you. Timo

    Normally, I was going from the bus route, but since the GPS showed a different route, I thought about going that way without paying attention to the traffic signs. I thought a different way was added to the game.

    -I know this is not the right place, but I made a few comments about DLC Scania. Especially the redesign of the side panel and steering wheel will make me and many players very happy.

    -I couldn't see a button for the passenger monitor on the Scania bus. Will it be added later?

    -In the Scania bus, half of the keys on the console are named Turkish and half are English. Can you do it completely in Turkish?

    -I think TBS has no announcement sound. Can a simple announcement be added? In GPS, voice opening can be added. For example, "Welcome, Good evening, Good day, Good morning". I'm not talking about voice navigation. just a voice message for the opening would be nice. Now I can see that there are important things from voice navigation.

    - I would love to see a few buses I bought at TBS side by side. I can only choose a bus right now.:(

    We can not see the sun like this now, I think there is a problem. Can this image quality be offered to us optionally? As a nature lover, I attach great importance to such details visually. For example, this quality may only be valid in ultra settings.:/:/:/  Quarney

  • In the BETA version, you cannot complete 1 course in tutorial mode.

    There is information about the completed course in game statistics, but no message appears to return to the office and start the next step. There is the same message.

    In the non-BETA version (1.5xxxxx) it's okay, you can start the next task.

    This is a serious bug because the new player will return the game after purchase if he cannot continue the game.

  • Found some comments on the simulator.

    1.In the text of the Russian language a small typo (game download)


    2. In Ajuy, when a container is found, a double lock appears, even if the container is open, the closed lock remains.


    3. At the end of the created tour, passengers do not get off the bus. The tour starts all over again. I went through it 3 times, however, upon arrival at the final stop, passengers do not go out and the tour starts again. I recorded a video on this topic that confirms my words.

    My PC: I7 7700K, 1050TI, 16GB. EPIC graphics settings other than post-processing.

  • Hi Denis_W,

    thanks for your report! The typo will be fixed, as soon as the app is allowing us to :) Would it be possible, if you notice such a mistake again, to post the mistake and the correction in Cyrillic, so we are able to fix it faster.

    The double lock is rightfully there, there is a safe inside a container.

    The third point is forwarded to our devs. Thanks!

  • Thank You, Quarney!

    I did not know that there is a safe))

    The text should correctly look like this:


    Вы уверены, что хотите загрузить данное сохранение?

    The error in the Russian word "хоДите" translates as "walk". It’s more correct to write: "хоТите" (want).

    This is a minor point. A little striking. And so it's okay)

    In general, I have to write that I admire the 'Tourist Bus Simulator' simulator every time. I spend a lot of time in the game and do not find any global criticisms. There are pedestrians, smart traffic that gives way, an advanced economic system, realistic rain makes us happy, my favorite flashbass.fm every time she plays on the bus. In the future, I would really like more live sounds (the sound of the bus, the sounds of the city, the passage of passengers through the cabin). But this is only my wish. Otherwise, for me, 'Tourist Bus Simulator' is perfect. I hope that something will come up with the fact that the passengers at the end of the tour do not get off the bus and I will continue my journey along Fuerteventura again. Thanks so much for your message, Quarney!

  • Quarney!

    I managed to find a safe inside the container, but when I opened it, the lock remained closed. I tried to restart the computer and open the safe several times, but the problem remains.

    The castle also remains locked on the map.

    This is visible in the video:

    After saving the game, the safe inside the container is closed:

    Do any of the other users have this problem, or just me? Is there anything you can think of or is it worth leaving as is? Thanks!)

  • Another update of the BETA version is now available: We have fixed more crashes, revised shaders and animations and a lot more. As always, see the complete changelog in the original post