UPDATE 6 BETA - Now Available

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  • Please stay on topic.

    It was established that we won't release two beta updates at the same time, because we can not take properly care of both at the same time. It doesn't make much sense to complain here about something else entirely. We do have two games we are optimizing and the crashes in TBS were of great urgency. I spoke about the next update for FBS and pedestrians/passengers/manual gear etc. often enough. All of you made your point, several times, so did we.

    Please remember, you can always make suggestions, but in the end, TML makes the final decision. The tone is bearing a tendency of toxicity which is unproductive for both sides.

  • Tom , Gil they both wrote about pedestrians a long time ago it is very obvious and all the functions you gave. What does toxicity have in common to the functions that players and the boss want to have, you say at all incomprehensibly contradictory Quarney , let Tom just tell you to do pedestrians first and not something else and it will be best. Is already in the subject from now on.

  • AI cars will easily get stuck at the crossing since the update yesterday. (I think they recognize the player's bus too early, so they all stopped behind the line).

    BTW, there's a rock on the Costa Calma bus station.

  • I was able to test the beta version of TBS for several hours. And here is what I can say.

    Pleasantly pleased with the new screensaver when downloading the game. It looks modern and cinematic. Thanks to the new hint system, I learned that there is a Tempomat, which can be activated with the T key.

    Very pleased with the green trees and grass on the side of the road, flower beds and in the city. It became even more picturesque and more beautiful.

    I also liked the braking on the MAN bus (on the keyboard).

    Performance is better.

    I also liked the photo mode.

    Thank you for correcting the text in Russian localization. And yes, when creating a new tour, passengers get off the bus:)

    I am very pleased to update version 6.

    Compared to the fifth version, the changes are colossal :thumbup:

  • Tourist Bus 1.6.30777

    I feel like Fernbus and Tourist Bus could learn so much from each other, if only their updates were more integrated and linked together, as at the moment Tourist Bus is getting features and Fernbus is not, and vice-versa, things are too fragmented, this is in no way any disrespect to the hard working guys and girls at TML studios, Tourist Bus update 1.6.30777 has brought so many good features, I feel like Fernbus will be left wanting for while and community will become disillusioned, of course TML has the final say, but there's so much potential in both games and they are not benefitting from each other at the present time, this can be easily remedied and changed, I will always love Fernbus, but there's so much scope for alterations in both games, the creative side should come out to play, and both TML and players will benefit hugely, 2020 can be such a game changer for both games, I believe it can be done.

    Kind Regards.

  • Let's be realistic, the latest updates for both games were disastrous when it comes to performance.

    The performance worsened a lot and silly errors regarding object positioning killed the DLC France in some parts of the map.

    After so many years this problem of objects should be solved.

    I am patiently waiting for improvements and news.

    At the moment I am enjoying the game again.

    I was really enjoying the Tourist Bus but as the latest updates worsen the performance of the game I stopped playing and went back to Fernbus which has the same problems in certain places.

    I like several parts of the 3 maps.

    I suggest that TML continue with revisions in the 3 maps to make each city and road with more identity.

    But as we are in the Tourist Bus poster, I will not extend. Seize the moment and tell them to work on the intelligence of the bots, because these cars on the streets are difficult at times.

    Everything I said can be taken into account in both games. Because they both have the same problems.