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  • My interest is also the collection of Electronic games from Russia, you can still buy new ones in Russia in the store especially dedicates material for a friend from Russia Maximus:):thumbup:

    The Russian company Electronics in the 80s began the production of these games, there are many titles and games very popular is a fairy tale game in Russia, the wolf and the hare :)

    On the movie he plays from 1986, on the photo a new production 2020

  • You're right is a very good company that produced various electronic things, watches, games, radios, TV and much more about this further games :)  Maximus , next titles .

    Bank robbery :)

    Fishing :)

    duck shooting :)



    fishing cat:)

    mickey mouse :)

    happy footballer:)

  • Hey there,

    we absolutely support speaking about those issues and we here at TML are also very sorry for everyone involved in this accident, but please be careful with such pictures. We don't want you to show any of the victims in any way because of privacy and ethical reasons. We know, you didn't do that, but also the accident vehicles are a bit much. So we kindly ask you to remove them, the link to them can stay of course. Thank you!

    Edit: Thanks!

  • DenisVarlamov88 yes it's beautiful music culture which has been accompanying for generations in the Polish region in the voivodship Świętokrzyskie from which I come but also from the city Radom.

    these games and music are much more materials and beautiful instruments like the accordion. Russia also has similar traditions. I am also an accordion musician,for my ear nice music :)

  • What an amazing video, thanks for sharing. DenisVarlamov88:):thumbup:

    I imagine the driver's patience in this region.

    There should be traffic lights in these locations with steeper curves, thus avoiding a little collision and difficulty or traffic control when a larger vehicle is on the track.

    Very similar to some mountain stretches in the Tourist Bus Simulator.

    If the intelligence of the bots were better it would be nice to go with small vehicles in these areas of the map.

    I see an Italian YouTube channel that records some of his travels in Italy. The more I see the more I like the interior of Italy. The landscapes are beautiful, especially the mountainous part with smaller roads. This video below is an example of what I imagine on a map for Fernbus.

    It reminds me a little of the region that I love so much in my country is very similar. <3

    On board a 1999 Mercedes O404 10 RH, serial number 726 of the TPER of Bologna; 290 hp Mercedes engine and 5-speed ZF automatic transmission.

    Location: Porretta

    If TML has plans to add Italy, take real references and try to reproduce some passages and their beautiful villas and cities. It is important to maintain the cities' architecture to differentiate it from the rest of the countries.

    Maps like this with good vehicle sound will make the game enjoyable and incredible. :love:

    Currently on the existing maps on Fernbus in Germany DLC Usedom is the part I like the most and some stretches between Berlin and Dresden. Much of the map of the Switzerland / Austria DLC pleases me in almost all its territory. In DLC France I explored the southern part a lot, I am always passing in the city of Toulouse. I believe that in the future the maps need reformulations mainly aiming at characterizing each city. What attracts me a lot in OMSI are some maps that aim to resemble the real places, the minimum is to keep the similarities of some parts of the cities in a simplified way. Bus terminals must be identical to the real one. :/

  • Daniel F,

    I totally agree with you! :thumbup:

    I especially like the same routes and cities in FBS as you. I was delighted when Usedom appeared, and especially when the DLC of Austria and Switzerland later came out. These mountains are incredibly beautiful! How awesome! :love:

    Yes, I like OMSI the most with its realism and sounds8|. That is why I do not like Bus Simulator 18 for my fictional city :rolleyes:

    I am more for realistic simulations! And I am very glad that TML-Studios adhere to realism:!:

    And most importantly, The Bus project will also be realistic :saint:

  • DenisVarlamov88
    In my perception the maps must have reproductions of real places. I know that at the moment it is impossible to make a real scale with all the characteristics. More so if the TML takes some parts of the real locations and tries to reproduce as close as possible it will attract people to the game.

    Regarding the cities to reproduce at least one way to the bus stations similar to the real one is a victory.

    As I said some bus terminals are similar but need to be improved (details and adjustments).

    Many people from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France when playing will identify themselves with these locations.

    I research the cities a lot and whenever I see any similarity, it gives me a good feeling.

    That's why I criticize the sound of the vehicles a lot, I want to be more involved in relation to the vehicles. Visually they are perfect.

    Martin 40 Bus

    Yes friend, I hope it will be soon.

    I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. :saint: