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  • I'm new to this forum, I don't know if I should introduce myself and if there is any thread where I should do it.

    I'm interested in starting with TBS, I would like to ask developers if they will also implement multi-screen support to this simulator as well. Will they wait to leave the beta in FBS to implement it in TBS?

    I guess the next 'The BUS' will also have multi-screens suport.

    Thank you very much in advance. Kind regards.

  • Hey Javi288, welcome to the TML Forum.

    The multi-screen support is currently in the beta phase, this means that it may not work correctly yet and minor bugs have to be fixed. But I suggest it will take some time until this feature will be completely playable: I think the first time TML announced the feature was in spring or summer of last year.

    Furthermore, you should know that even though FBS and TBS share the same gamebase, features are not released parallely in both games. For example, TBS has some nice features like people walking around or getting on and off the bus, since release. FBS players have been waiting for it for more than one year now, and it doesn't seem like this will change in the near future.

    Of course bug fixes and performance optimizations are included in nearly every update for both games, but new features are not always available for both games and released at the same time.

    Kind regards.:)

  • Thanks for your answer Don_Castor.

    I'll carefully follow this forum and all the news from TML-STUDIOS. I'm used to play with mi three screens and this is important in my purchase decision. I'll probably wait for multiple-screen support to exit beta phase in FBS.

    Kind regards.

  • Hi Quarney, thanks!

    I already knew the configuration guide for multi-screen, I read it a few days ago.

    Now I doubt whether to start with FBS or with TBS ... I worry that my humble PC doesn't have power for this multi-screen configuration.

    I've a close reference with Assetto Corsa Competizione, which is also built on Unreal Engine and works well with my three screens. If FBS or TBS have similar performance, it would be fantastic.

    Maybe I should wait for the beta phase to end (waiting for a performance improvement).

    Thanks again. Kind regards.

  • Welcome to the forum and you are rightly saying invite you to participate forum Javi288 :), Don_Castor he told you professionally we are waiting for pedestrian functions, manual gear and other and also 3 screens :thumbup:

    Thanks Martin 40 Bus!

    I have begun to read what both FBS and TBS offer and what both simulators don't yet offer.

    I'm still out, so now I can't demand anything. I'm just looking for information to get started.

    Kind regards.

  • I finally bought FBS, I was testing it on a single screen and it works great.

    Then I tried it with three monitors. It took me a bit to adjust the configuration file, but I already have it working correctly. I even adjusted the bezels.

    The driving experience with triple monitor is so good. It's true that performance drops a lot compared to playing with a single monitor, but adjusting the graphics can achieve a good balance between visual level and performance.

  • Hi!

    Javi288 great to hear, enjoy the game! It is indeed not that easy to setup, therefore the experimental state, but we are glad you could manage.

    Zerden take a look at these threads:

    Fernbus Coach Simulator: Your wishes and ideas

    General Discussions about Tourist Bus Simulator

    There are also German equivalents, if it suits you better.

    FYI: We love those oldtimers, but it is often not that easy to obtain blueprints to build them after, so let's see