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  • Gauggi Most coach models I know are also offered with a manual gear transmission, except of e. g. very long and heavy ones like the Setra ComfortClass S 519 HD or the Neoplan Skyliner, as far as I can remember. In the region I live about 60-70% of the (very modern) coaches have a manual gear transmission, it is definitely not out of date nor unrealistic. Otherwise the manufacturers wouldn't offer any version with this transmission.:/

  • Scoop actually nobody said it will be introduced very soon, so no need to be angry about it. As we said many times, we know about this wish from the community and we have it in mind, but right now, we are working on other things, mostly AI related

    Thanks for all your reports, they will be forwarded. About performance: we are still working on it, of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement. But we think we largely stabilized it for now and that is the first step. The Football Bus crash is known and will be fixed as soon as possible. The same goes for the open doors

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    Fernbus BETA 1.24.31020

    This has been posted here on request of Timo.

    I am experiencing the following problems within Fernbus’ DLC France:

    - Poor performance in DLC France, Paris worst affected, lagging glitching and buggy when driving in this city.

    - Incorrect AI Vehicle Pathing.

    Experiencing the following problems within Fernbus’ DLC Scania Touring:

    - Indicator sounds are not matching (this problem was supposedly fixed in 1.23 however it’s still existing).

    - Snow on the floors inside the coaches when season is “winter”.

    - Retarder activates on command then does not deactivate when you accelerate sometimes.

    - Hitbox of the coaches is incorrect, causing incorrect collisions/collision notifications/penalty points when there are no such collisions actually occurring.

    - When snowy and foggy conditions occur and then stop, the rain continuously appears on the front windscreen and never goes away.

    Experiencing the following issues within Fernbus:

    - When foggy conditions begin, the game lags.

    Quarney - can you please pass these issues along and I’ll hope we can get a fix in a future BETA of Update 24, these issues really need fixing, especially the DLC Scania Touring Issues.

    Kind Regards.

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  • Manual gear, clutch today is the basis for every simulator game ,because they are known to everyone, and controllers were created to play in this wonderful way and I agree that it should be a priority as well as pedestrians and AI traffic waiting for this function multitude of players are glad that you know about it and we ask you to introduce work on this matter as soon as possible Quarney

    have my raport been saved for work? 1.24 Fernbus Beta

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    Gauggi - well we won’t see the bus for a while until the pedestrians and passengers walking on the coaches have been implemented, as these are key basis for a bus simulation game, so we may as well get Fernbus simulator and tourist bus simulator working properly which is priority and community request for now.

    Kind Regards.

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    In any case, I'm happy because I think TML will surprise us positively even more in 2020.

    Please keep in mind that the TML team is very small and still does a lot.

    The Fernbus simulator has developed very positively in recent years, even if I know that there are still enough wishes from the community.

    In any case, TML is always friendly and open to players ???

  • I would like to make some suggestions for the good of the TML studio.

    First of all, I got my university education on marketing, sales and management, so I know what marketing is. My purpose here is not to praise myself. I just love buses and TML has taken a bold move and tries to give us the bus simulation experience. I want to help TML because of this common denominator.

    The emergence of the TBS game at a time when the FBS game was struggling with many mistakes caused the sales to be low. Because chronic problems for FBS are also found in TBS game.

    You cannot start a new path by ignoring the problems. TML has limited resources and has to use it for 2 games. there will be 3 games coming soon so we are all excited.

    Taking risks and increasing options are the elements that foster creativity. I am not against the release of new games, but it is a mistake to make another game before the main problems are solved. My guess is that TML had to wait for the new game engine and needed a model to generate revenue. I attribute the launch of TBS to these reasons. Of course it's my own opinion. Regardless of the reasons behind this issue, TML studios have gained great experience.

    'The Bus' will be a great masterpiece for TML. But if it occurs at the right time and with the right model, this happens. Before the new game is released, absolutely, absolutely, the players' expectations for FBS must be met. Due to limited resources, my suggestion is that TML should be completely focused on FBS at first.

    With the financial resource coming from the new game, you may have the idea of creating a fund resource for the other two games, but this will be short-lived as the resources are limited. Because there are 2 problematic games in the eyes of the players. From your perspective, there are 2 games that show great improvement. However, the end consumer does not approach these games that you love as much as your own child with an optimistic perspective. Games for them are a commodity purchased for entertainment purposes.

    Players cannot know and understand the difficulties you experienced during the game's 24 beta processes. I try to see and feel the difficulties and great efforts made by empathy. That's why I use time, perhaps the most valuable thing in the world, to help you. You can understand that I am well-intentioned. I use the limited translation options in these articles. My native language is not English or German. During my education, I also received training on English and German languages. However, I do not know these languages very well. Because I use my native language in my daily life. I naturally like my native language more. :saint:

    If we go back to the subject, the release of the new game can be troublesome before the problems are solved and the demands of the players are met.As a result of fully focusing on FBS; By bringing solutions to problems and meeting requests as soon as possible, you gain the trust of the players. In this way, the number of potential customers for the game 'The Bus' will increase with the increasing number of players. I am sure that the chaos environment that three games will create will force you. Therefore, you should continue to work according to the accumulation and excretion motto.

    In my opinion, the greatest wishes of the players.

    1) Fixed in-game FPS value (60 FPS) -- At the highest graphics settings.

    -Many users do not have high hardware, so optimization is the most important criterion for standardization.

    2) Pedestrians that we will see in the cities

    3 ) Realistic engine and in-game sounds

    -In order for the players to feel the pleasure of manual gear well, the sound felt during the vehicle's speed increase or decrease must be clear and realistic.

    4) Manual gear <3

    5) Personification options for buses. <3

    6) More passengers. Passengers who take the bus on foot. (As in TBS game)

    7) Correction of existing buses. For example, there are modeling and design errors in the VDL and Scania bus. The driver's cabin of the Scania bus must be re-modeled. I made a detailed examination about this issue.

    8 New licensed buses. (:love:For Example Mercedes Benz:love:)

    9) New maps

    10) Roads with more bends and physical elements. For example pits or puddles.

    11)<3<3 Driving sensation / Suspension ( The suspensions are very very very very important for the driving feeling. Current suspensions are at 3/1 level than they should be.) <3<3

    12) Vehicles in traffic should act more consciously.

    13)<3<3 Economic system<3<3

    14) bus horns are really bad, more nice horns can be added. We can think of it as personification

    15) Information on the vehicle in the bus selection screen. <3<3

    16) Police officers at traffic checkpoints, illuminated police vehicles.

    17) Sound must be added for roadside lanes.

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    Kadimbey i agree here yes, there is so much were wanting, but the basics need to be gotten correctly first, there’s no point giving new DLC’s when the base game and current DLC’s do not work as intended, I love Fernbus so much, but there so much more that can be done, and I want to be able to say to people, “look at that Fernbus game, it’s brilliant and gets everything right”, but I can’t now because of the downfalls and deficiencies, yes Fernbus is always improving, and Update 24 BETA is one example of this, no matter what other people think, Fernbus is an excellent game, but can be improved and built upon.

    Kind Regards.

  • I agree here with Scoop Kadimbey Ryan [TML-Online Team] Gauggi , updating must be all the time for both games, otherwise we would have bad quality and few new content, we must remember that the game engine is constantly evolving and forcing a change for these games. This is the high level of the Fernbus game, tourist bus simulator but you need to improve the elements we write about and introduce functions for sure :

    Manual gear

    pedestrians and passengers

    new sound bus

    Economic system

    ideas Kadimbey I like it very much.

    There will be new maps this year and a new minibus and bus vechicels,

    We value and like TML STUDIOS for what it does for games, but it's a pity that it is not implemented what we are asking for all the time, and they make a new THE BUS game when these are not completed, in my opinion this is a bad path a little chosen, we first introduce of current games new functions and repairs and only then we issue THE BUS I would do so on the spot of the company but of course it is their will right and nothing to do nothing, I respect their decisions , I have a completely different opinion.

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    Fernbus BETA 1.24.31020


    - AI Traffic consistently getting stuck/causing traffic jams, had to reduce traffic density to ~70%, but still occuring, Quarney please raise this issue for an urgent fix.

    - a junction on motorway 26 in France has incorrect "ausfahrt" exit signage at a motorway exit (screenshot included).

    Kind Regards.

  • egudek257 I really want to see Mercedes Benz buses. I hope we can see Mercedes buses in the game after the problems are solved and important requests are met.

    As far as I can see in my country, people complain that not much has changed for FBS. But when I watch youtube videos taken 3 years ago, I see a big improvement. People are very forgetful beings. I'm sure people in other countries have similar thoughts. Sharing an in-game video that compares the current state of the game with year 2016 will give people great hope. It would also be a good advertisement work. Quarney  Timo mk0

    Of course, you need to spend some time for this. The best time may be the end of the beta 24 process. :)

    I know TML is very busy, but for customers to buy the game, they need to believe that the game has improved. Because many people are not aware that the problems of 3 years ago have been solved.