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  • Don_Castor he is a great man from Germany, my friend, he also introduces a lot for these games, he plays a little bit in trucks because only there is no smoothness in TML games at the moment, he counts on performance improvement.

    Thank you for these kind words Martin 40 Bus and yes, you exactly put it in a nutshell. At the moment I prefer games with a better quality than FBS and TBS, maybe this will change in case there'll be general fixes of bugs and performance. We'll see.

  • Comparing SCS to TML Studios is unfair.

    SCS has been in the same segment since 2002, the first truck game was the "Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel" nowadays is the ATS.

    From 2002 to 2020 SCS's work has always been on direct development in truck games and the difference from one game to the next is practically none. She has been improving some aspects more since ETS2 and the advantage of being on Steam and being able to make updates has changed the way she makes money and not having to release another game copies of a previous version.

    SCS is a much bigger company nowadays, it should go beyond 50 easy employees and they have partnerships with the brands, something that helps a lot in the development.

    TML will follow the same path more in the bus segment and now has two very strong products. The great advantage of TML is actually the Unreal Engine for offering greater opportunities to innovate your games.

    THE BUS will be the third game in the category and I believe TML will stop in this third game.

    The biggest move for SCS was to have kept the games on a simpler engine where many players with more modest machines were able to play acceptably.

    TML for using Unreal Engine 4 has a problem demanding better computers. In a while I believe that a basic PC will naturally support an engine like this.

    And I hope that by then TML will be more structured in relation to existing games.

    I strive to keep TML games relevant in my region by bringing painting mods. Many people in my country send me messages saying that they ventured into the game because they had the companies' paintings. And so far I am asked to create paintings. I try to do it in my spare time and when I'm in the mood to create.

    But TML has to do its job to gain the trust of new users.

    I appreciate the efforts of the entire TML team because if it weren't for them I would be playing BUS mode from ETS2 or OMSI2 trying to simulate road trips. :/

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    Fernbus 1.24.31709

    I thought I would approach from a different angle, instead of coming across negative/pessimistic all the time, I am going to say what TML studios definitely does right in Fernbus and Tourist Bus.

    What is done right generally?

    - The games are ultra realistic and high in detail.

    - The freedom the player has in the game world is excellent.

    - The choices of DLC Coaches available for purchase is second to none.

    - The DLC Coaches are faithfully reproduced to the highest details.

    - The graphics are superior to any other simulation games out there (Looking at you ETS2!).

    - The world map of Fernbus is very good and has loads of drive-able roads.

    - The way certain things are implemented (e.g. Head swinging) really give the notion you are driving a coach.

    - The Bus stations are a true representation of their real world counterparts.

    - The world lighting is extremely realistic & reflections are very good.

    What does Fernbus 1.24 do right?

    - Fernbus 1.24 is generally a more stable and polished version of the game then previous versions (this a big step in the right direction).

    - FPS has increased versus 1.23.

    - General gameplay is smoother/more polished.

    - random FPS drops don’t happen as much now.

    - Fixes majority of errors/bugs from 1.23.

    - Faster loading times versus 1.23.

    - The continual addition of new cities is welcome.

    What else could maybe be added in the future?

    - Cities in countries other than Germany.

    - More Sea Ports/Airports in the game world.

    - a Economical system (either from TBS or a more basic version, like from DLC Football Team Bus).

    - Pedestrians (I am aware this is a WIP, just added to the list nonetheless).

    - Dynamic coach stations (where coaches arrive, board and disembark passengers and then leave again like the player does).

    - AI Neoplan Skyliner, Comfort Class, Scania Touring, VDL coaches in the game world.

    - An option to set the date to something other than your current PC time/the current year (e.g. 03 March 2008).

    These are just my observations, people can feel free to add suggestions to that list, and also I’d like to say to you TML, you are the best game studio in the world, I absolutely love your products and would not choose any other products over yours.

    Kind Regards.

  • Yes, I have the same feelings as Ryan [TML-Online Team] , If this is a wish list, I will tell you what I want to see in the game, although I wrote it many times.

    1. Manual gear, clutch - it is on the TML STUDIOS work list, possible to introduce functions this year .

    2.Pedestrians and passengers in Fernbus coach simulator.

    3.AI trains running on tracks and closed barriers.

    4.Gas stations distributor and sound animation..

    5.Car washes.

    6.improvement in vehicle AI traffic.

    7.performance improvement.

    8.additional economy mode for the game as an option in the game.

    9.additional countries in production already Belgium then the Netherlands.

    10. additional buses and minibus.

    11. Improving the brightness of the game during the night because it is too dark

    12.New sound for games, buses and minibus

    I believe in the development of the game that I described, I know that some of what I write is in progress.

  • I have the same opinion as our friend Martin 40 Bus

    Many of the things listed are things that we discussed in the past here on the forum. It is nothing new for the TML team. They know very well what we want.

    - I add the personalization of the vehicles, tires, hubcaps, floor, upholstery of the seats, lights etc ... (this was aborted in the past).

    More is an interesting thing if you had it in the game.

    Recently they added the color palette to the menu which is something I really liked.

    This type of personalization that people like, leave the vehicle to their liking. In the Tourist Bus Simulator this makes even more sense, I will go to the MAN factory with the vehicle and customize it the way I want and return to the company or buy a customized vehicle.

    Something found in several games.

  • automatic saving probably is permanently enabled in this case, it can be adjusted in time, although in my opinion if there is an option to disable saving the game in the game options it is some error in the game, maybe TML STUDIOS will say whether it is a mistake lee.white91

    when we disable the save game option, there should be no autosave at all , I think so best, as I said, TML STUDIOS must speak on this matter

    colleague's statement Daniel F adds to our wishes in the game an interesting aspect of the replaceable parts on the bus is a great feature that I also want extra :):fernbus:

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    Roughly estimated they are 10 times the size of us...

    You appreciated that very well Mathias, they already have over 160 employees.

    Source: https://www.dnb.com/business-d…3a1373e3ebcef4874b1e.html

    I personally like SCS too, but even at SCS, some things take a long time, even though they have a lot of employees.

    I would like to remind about the Rigid Trucks. These were announced 5.6 years = 292 weeks = 2044 days ago and are still not in the game to this day.


    This is not supposed to be SCS bashing, just to remind you guys here that some things take a little longer time, no matter whether it concerns SCS or TML. :)

  • You are right in some respects. But offering people paid coaches are not a good approach for a game which is based on coach driving. We all have to accept that game is not cheap. And not moderate. At least they could offer more than one coach as default. Moreover, releasing new coach dlcs without getting licences and expecting good sales don't make sense for me. I'm not stick with the licenses but when I read some comments on blogs or reviews, players often mention that.

  • Is it possible to see the Dashboard more clearly ? It is especially difficult to see the numbers. mk0  Timo  Quarney

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    Traffic lights may appear more clearly.

    Since there is no parking space on this route, passengers want a break but I cannot take a break.

  • I can share hundreds of photos to explain that the contrast in the game is too much and the rendering setting is not working properly.

    All settings are highest. ..............................In photo mode, the negative effect of the rendering setting and excessive contrast disappear. If we turn off the processing setting during the game, the sun's rays start to disappear.






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