Virtual bus company, anyone interested?

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  • Hi there, saw post before and thinked about this. Euro Truck Simulator has a lot virtual trucking companies, why we can't create something like they has? It would be more interesting I guess, if someone interested, text here your contacts (discord/steam) we'll discuss about this more.

    For example existing virtual companies: Viva Trucking, they has their own virtual company, where they log everything, miles driven, routes, cargos and etc. In company people has ranks, more you earn - higher rank you have.

    We can create in same principe a coach company, which could be working and driving passengers around Germany.

  • Hi

    I previously suggested a virtual bus company using a spreadsheet to give a financial element with a fare structure etc but there was little or NO interest.

    I therefore suggest the following:

    Ignore the financial element until TML develop and economy in Fernbus

    In the same way that job results are uploaded in ETS2 VTCs, players could drive a route normally in Fernbus and then submit (initially by email) screenshots of the first 3 screens of the Fernbus end of route results.

    I would create a complete route network based around a few hubs from which routes can be driven with players selecting which hub they wish to be based at.

    If we could test this with a minimum of 5 drivers, I would create results showing who has carried the most passengers, driving the greatest distance, etc etc in the form of "league tables".

    Assuming there is demand for this, I would ultimately create a website with a full "dashboard" showing each driver's progress.....allowing each driver to compare themselves against others which I believe would add an extra dimension to Fernbus.

    I am working on the route network but will NOT be creating the website etc until I know there is demand for this.

    As I said before, I suggested this before but got NO interest, maybe because the spreadsheet was something extra people would have to do other than just Fernbus. In this suggestion there is nothing extra for the player to do except submit the screenshots of the first 3 "debrief" screens in Fernbus. I will then be doing the rest of the work to create the comparisons for players to measure themselves against.

    I would like a minimum of 5 people to test this out and see if it has the potential to go further. Anyone want to give it a go?



  • There really is nothing to show at this stage,.

    I am building the route database and if a minimum of 5 people are willing to try it and provide their feedback and ideas then I can develop it further.

    Assuming you know how to drive in Fernbus and take screenshots of the results then email them that is really all you need to do.

    That is the is simple, easy to do, takes no real extra effort from the drivers. All the real effort will be from me once a few people have driven a few routes and I can then create the "dashboard" and ultimately a website IF there is enough interest but if not I am NOT going to spend the time doing it all.

    Not unreasonable in my view. Just to be clear, if at least 5 people reply in the way you have and say they are willing to give it a go, I will provide the routes from an initial hub. Once a few people have driven a few routes there will then be some data to chart and I will build the dashboard of everyone's performance. Taking account of feedback along the way, I can then build further routes from the other "hubs". Assuming that those who do try it are positive about how it works, hopefully we can then get more people to drive. Ultimately, the more there are, the more meaningful the data is and the more relevant "league tables" and associated charts become.

    If we get a minimum of 5 people driving it will enable me to develop it further and if there is sufficient interest create a web site where drivers can go to see their results compared to others. This is pretty much how VTCs for ETS2 drive, submit screenshots of the results and the site then shows your progress relevant to others. Simple for the drivers, more work for me but I am willing to do it IF AND ONLY IF I have some idea that enough people are at least interested in giving it a go.

    If it helps this is a sample dashboard and I would envisage something like this once we have enough routes and drivers for it to be meaningful.

  • Hi again

    So I am building the route database with one initial hub, Munchen.

    The aim will be to have routes of various lengths and various numbers of stops.

    If at least 4 more people want to say they will give it a go, I will prepare and post here a guide which explains exactly what you need to do.

    Once we have some meaningful results, the "league tables" and charts will be posted here as an example so that others can see how it works and hopefully decide they want to try it too.

    Then, the remaining hubs and associated routes will be built. BUT, the player does NOT have to always start from the hub that they choose as their is simply a base and you can drive any route in the database. For me, personally, I like to always start my next route from I finished the last one as that seems more realistic to me but it is up to each player as to how they want to play.

    I am not going to tell anyone that they HAVE to do certain is supposed to be fun after all.

    Hopefully we can do something like a VTC for ETS2 as Freeman said in the first post of this thread but it will only work if enough people are willing to do it. Then a web site can be created (though I have little experience in that area).

    Also, I would just say that I am still working, albeit from home, running a company with offices in several countries so time is limited as it will be for all of us but I will do my best to progress things as quickly as possible.

    Thanks and stay safe


  • Hi

    Once we have 5 people willing to give it a try, I will post here everything you need to know.

    Assuming it works OK, taking into account feedback/suggestions from those who have tried it, I will then expand it all by creating a web site on which the "league tables" and dashboard can be viewed by players. Though I am by no means experienced in creating websites I am sure I can come up with something.

    The key points are this....

    Initially there will be 1 hub (Munchen) from which various routes will be available.

    The player then chooses a route to drive which they will need to set up as a route in Fernbus assuming they do not have it already.

    The player then drives the route exactly as normal and submits the screen shots of the first 3 debrief screens once the route is complete

    I will then combine all the routes driven by all players and create the league tables of most distance driven, passengers carried etc etc

    I will initially post results here whilst we review what we think and how it can be improved.

    This will enable anyone else who is interested to see the output and seek feedback from those who have tried it.

    Hopefully this gives you an idea of what you need to do. I am currently working on the initial routes from Munchen and will publish on here a list of what I have created together with the instructions above. Once players have driven the routes and submitted the data (I would suggest a minimum of 3 routes each to make the data meaningful) the results will then also be published on here.

    Hope this helps.....I am more than open to suggestions on how it can be improved once it is up and running and if anyone has any web site building skills I am more than happy for them to assist in that side of things.

    The more we work together, the better we can make it for everyone, I hope.

    My background is as a statistician so creating the results once players submit their end of route data will be fairly straightforward for me but the web site design might be a bit more difficult.

    Hope this helps. And I will also like to ask your opinions on something. As I create the routes, are we happy that you simply choose a route and drive it or would we also like a timetable for each route? A timetable would be more realistic but might mean you have to adjust the simulator time when you drive I guess there are pros and cons as with most things. Let me know what you think and if you think timetables would be better then I will add these to the routes probably on the basis of each service running from Munchen once an hour and return trips at a suitable time depending on the length of the individual route.

    As we get going, I would also welcome route suggestions, bearing in mind that this is initially just Germany, Austria and Switzerland and the free DLCS (Usedom, etc). Of course, if you do not have Austria and Switzerland you can still drive routes within Germany or to Luxembourg etc once they are established. The idea is that the company has set routes (and maybe times?) just as a real bus company would do.



  • Hi again

    I have been working with some completely fictitious data based on 1 driver who has driven on 9 different routes to see how charts could look.

    So, this one is the number of passengers carried on each route. With multiple drivers this would show the same data for each driver as well and there would a table showing which driver has carried the most passengers, something like this

    Driver Passengers carried

    A ........35

    B ........27

    and so on...…

    This one is for the total distance driven and how much of that was on each route

    Following the logic above, let's say driver A drove route 1 and driver B drove route 2, the "league table" might look like this

    Driver Distance driven (KM)

    A .........561

    B .........511

    and so on

    Of course, as a driver drives more and more routes, or the same route several times, the numbers of passengers carried and kilometres driven will increase.

    Just so you know, the routes created so far from Munchen are:

    1. Munchen - Salzburg-Linz-St Polten-Vienna (561 km)

    2. Vienna - St Polten-Linz-Salzburg-Munchen (511 km)

    3. Munich-Konstanz-Zurich (394 km)

    4. Zurich-Konstanz-Munchen (391 km)

    5. Munchen - Augsburg-Stuttgart (263 km)

    6. Stuttgart - Augsburg - Munchen (265 km)

    7. Munchen - Nurnberg-Wurzburg-Frankfurt-Frankfurt Airport (576 km)

    8. Frankfurt Airport - Frankfurt -Wurzburg-Nurnberg-Munchen (617 km)

    9. Munchen - Dresden-Potsdam-Berlin (784 km)

    So the odd numbers are outward from Munchen and the even number routes

    are the return journeys.

    As you can see, distances and number of stops vary.

    I will keep building the routes but just wanted to let you see how I am thinking so far.

    Comments welcome.


  • nigelpet

    TAB virtual coach company for Fernbus

    What is TAB virtual coach company?

    TAB stands for There And Back, reflecting the fact that our routes have 2 main parts, an outward journey from a regional hub and the return journey.

    How do you use it?

    It is NOT possible to automatically create routes in Fernbus....this has to be done by the individual player.

    TAB will provide a route network where all the routes have been driven to ensure that they provide variety in types of roads, length of route and number of stops.

    In time, there will be several regional hubs with routes out from and back to each hub. Initially, the hub will be Munchen with a number of routes from and to the hub. This will enable testing of the concept before it is widened further.

    To get started, you just need to select a user name. It can be anything as log as it is not discriminatory or offensive in any way. When you submit your results from a completed route you will need to include your user name and the TAB route number as the Fernbus screens do not show this.

    So what do you do?

    Quite simply, you select a route that you want to drive and which route you select will depend on your preferences in terms of location, route length and number of intermediate stops and rest requirements.

    You will then to create the route in Fernbus, unless your exploration of the map so far means that you already have it but you need to ensure it is EXACTLY the same route with the same stops.

    You then drive the route as normal and, once it is complete, take screenshots of the first 3 screens in the Fernbus statistics. The 3 screens are needed as some of the metrics that driver performance will be based on are shown on each of these screen.

    Than, email the screenshots to stating your user name and the route number as in the company list.

    What will you get?

    As drivers complete more routes and submit the results, “league tables” will be produced to enable a driver to compare themselves to others in the company, together with charts to show in graphical terms how you compare and what the company as a whole is achieving.

    What will be measured?

    There are a number of individual metrics that will be used to measure performance.

    These are :

    - Total number of passengers carried (A)

    - Number of tickets sold (those that did not have pre-booked tickets) (B)

    - Number of invalid passengers checked in (obviously a negative factor) (C)

    - Distance in kilometres driven (D)

    - Number of stops completed (E)

    - Number of on time departures (F)

    - Number of on time arrivals (G)

    - Number of accidents (H)

    - Number of speed traps triggered. (I)

    With the above data, an overall score for the driver will be calculated for the route driven.

    The formula used to calculate the score is :-

    (A*5) + (B*2) – (C * 10) + D + (E*5) +(F*10( +(G*10)-(H*25)-(I*50)

    Our priority at TAB buses is always passenger safety so drivers should always try to avoid accidents and speeding.

    We also know our passengers hate being late so we should always try to arrive on time too.

    What is the score used for?

    Every new driver starts with a rank of Trainee.

    As a driver completes routes, they earn points and as more routes are driven so their score increases. As milestones are met, the driver will increase in rank.

    5 routes driven (can be the same route)....Senior Trainee

    5,000 points.........Skilled driver

    10,000 points.......Senior driver

    25,000 points.......Operations expert

    50,000 points.......Instructor

    100,000 points.....Senior Instructor

    250,000 points.....Company Director


    If you have any questions about how to use TAB buses with Fernbus please email

    I am asking for confirmation here 5 drivers are needed, I am willing who will be next :):thumbup:

    I will send a notification to your email once there are 5 players drivers ready , ok nigelpet ?

  • Hi

    I think we have 3 so far, and if you count me then I guess we can say 4.

    What I would suggest is that we give it a few days for more to express interest...if we have more than 5 that is fine.

    If by say Monday 11th May we still have just the 4 of us then we start with those, if that is OK with you?

    I sort of think that if a few try it, provide feedback on what they do or do not like and if it is possible to improve it then I will. Then hopefully, if those who do try it post positive comments that may encourage more to join.

    Bear in mind, all the drivers do is choose a route, drive it and submit screenshots. I then have all the real work to do to create the results in the form of league tables, charts, etc. I will seek to automate the process as much as possible once we have tested it out a bit and will then need to create routes from the other hubs, one of which will be Berlin, probably Frankfurt Airport for airport shuttle services and a couple of others. This will give players a choice of where to base themselves.

    So we give until Monday and see where we are.....OK?

    Thanks for all your positive input