Virtual bus company, anyone interested?

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  • Hi

    All you need to do is visit the website and instructions are there.

    Basically, you create a route in Fernbus to match one of the company routes (they are all listed on the website), drive the route and then submit the results as described on the site. You should keep screenshots of the results until the site shows that it has been accepted. A random selector may mean that you are requested to send in the screenshots as an audit check.

    Let me know if you need any help.

    In terms of is it still going, the issue is quite simply that no-one is driving and submitting routes. It takes work to run it and if no-one or very few people are driving, it is really not worth the time. So we need a number of people to drive and submit routes but if not, that is fine, at least I tried and if there is not enough interest then it will cease.



  • I just found this great addon ... and very disappointed it is not being supported to any extent.

    If I might give a suggestion ... the youtube video series are very informative regarding using the spreadsheet to record journeys but I see no mention on them of the website which looks so easy and not time consuming to use. Perhaps it would promote the website more to do a youtube video (s) showing the use of that and reach a wider audience than the extremely niche audience on here, yes I know there is mention on Steam forums but I believe a LOT of sales were via Aerosoft store