Coach of the year 2020: MAN Lion's Coach

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  • Hi,

    Kadimbey Unfortunately, it will take a bit longer until new content is released, and why the boys and girls of TML-Studios want to invest more time into TBS, the TML-employees want to put a bit more energy into it, because FBS is the favorite of the community and therefore TBS is a bit stuck and the employees want the games to be equally supported

    That's why we invest more time in TBS in order to provide more content in FBS and to complete the open projects there. If the two games have the same amount of content and that lasts for the length of time, the employees have more time to complete the other projects, for example other games.

    Sorry, my English is not the best, I tried my best

  • Hi, Cola Industries

    I want both games to be improved, but TBS requires a lot of work. Since I know that TML studios have limited resources, I talked about the development of FBS, if I were in their place, I would never make a game like TBS. But I think there are some conditions that bring them to this state.The two games are very similar to each other and if the resources allocated to TBS were used for FBS, a much better product would have appeared.

  • Hi Kadimbey

    No TBS has been in the planning for a long time and should be the first to come out after TML but the planning has changed the goal was to get FBS done faster so the publisher Aerosoft and Handele wanted to keep the release date and TML was running short

    these statements came from Ceo and former Community Manager

    but that doesn't mean I'm accusing you of anything.

  • nice to have two games. Diversity is always good. But I put forward this view because I know the terms of TML studio. I'm sure they work hard. But they should also care about personification. There is a lot to do and TBS appears to me to be an unnecessary project as resources are scarce. I understand that there is a different planning right now. Sometimes everything is not what we want.

  • Everyone expected company management at Fernbus.

    But TML preferred to create a new game and so the new feature was applied.

    In general, it is a way to generate income and test resources on a smaller scale (Tourist Bus Simulator).

    I believe that Tourist Bus Simulator is a better test area, map and smaller cities help a lot.
    Remembering that at the beginning I rejected the Tourist Bus and over time I started to like it. :lol::lol::lol::love:<3

    About a new MAN it is a very beautiful vehicle and I have commented on it before. :)

    More I prefer other vehicles of preference brands that are not present in the games.

    As mentioned earlier in other topidos.

    - Irizar

    - Mercedes-Benz

    - Volvo

    - Van Hool

    After the launch of these brands that did not exist at the moment, it would be time to launch MAN vehicles and the other brands present. :/

  • Cola Industries Kadimbey Daniel F the implementation is to be for 3 games .

    Fernbus coach simulator - from the beginning it was very important for TML STUDIOS and for players, it is based on this engine UE 4 and experience that new things are introduced first into Fernbus to be later in other games such as Tourist bus simulator, THE BUS , there are still many changes to the DX 12 library, manual gear, pedestrians and passengers, AI trains, fernbus economy, improvement of AI traffic, Belgium, Netherland, new BUS, minibus , tolls , bus modifications, curtains, seats, wheels etc. new sound BUS . As you can see there is a lot to do and, in addition, surprises, we are all waiting for what I described, it will appear first in Fernbus or THE BUS and only then in tourist bus simulator, which may also have a new area added.

    All this takes a long time because THE BUS is currently bothering but maybe TML STUDIOS will also take care of some of the crew working at Fernbus, Tourist bus simulator . Certainly it's best if he answers it Quarney:):thumbup:

  • Hi Daniel F ,

    Of course it would be great to have the well-known coach manufacturers in FBS and TBS, but here at TBS every game studio is facing great challenges that have to be overcome first.

    • Demand and offers ?
    • I'm sure that almost 20% of the forum don't even know the coach manufacturers counted on, such as Irizar, Van Hool, and why because they don't deal with it or don't know the brands and what about outside the forum so the mainstream that might play the FBS or the TBS I would claim that more than 50% don't know the brands at all or don't know that Volvo makes coaches at all, and that's the point there is a need in this industry for that manufacturer.
    • If NO is not worth doing the work at all.
    • Okay, as have a great demand for these bus brands and their models then comes the question on what kind of models should come into play

    • license or 3D model

    1. If the Renault will be released this year or next year, we don't know yet, it's due to many factors, as the Renault bus is only an idea how to develop the two simulations in the future, it will take some time, a well known example: A well known trucker simulation took several years to get the complete fleet of vehicles into the game, how long exactly did it take 3 years and 8 months and why Renault set very high standards for how they imagine their fleet ingame to be, and then it took more years to get a compromise.
    2. That's why I recommend to let me surprise you.
      Like the example above why it takes so long to get a license from one of the well-known car manufacturers because. Every manufacturer has different requirements which the developers have to meet in order to represent their vehicles These are questions from vehicle manufacturers to the studios !
    3. How many vehicles do they want to put into the game When's the game coming out
    4. How many people play the game actively
    5. What happens in this game or what do you do there
    6. What do you have to do to get the vehicle ingame.
    7. What does the collision look like ingame And then there are the requirements and demands from the manufacturers to the developers as they introduce the.

    :!:(Attention: This article only reflects my experience, each manufacturer has different questions and requirements for each studio):!:

  • Hello! :)

    Over the past few years the opinions regarding the models are the same.

    Previously they were:

    Setra and Scania.

    The expected ones are:

    Mercedes-Benz (Tourismo)

    Irizar (i3, i4, i6, i6S i8)

    Perhaps it is something more recent comments on Volvo (9000 series) due to the market performance.

    All mentioned are marked Global and I believe that in most cities in different countries you will see buses of these brands.

    I'm from South America and here Irizar exists with the same model i6, i6s with some internal changes because they are manufactured in Brazil.

    Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Scania supply chassis, engine and components for bus manufacturers. In South America, Brazil is the country that leads with the greatest number of automakers with partners and the logo of these brands are stamped on the vehicles.

    Irizar for example has partner Mercedes-Benz, Scania and Volvo.

    These brands add value and many are fans of the brands either because of a known car or bus.