Feedback on the new shuttle mode

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  • With the new Beta Update 25 we have introduced the new shuttle mode into the Fernbus Simulator.

    • How do you like this new game mode?
    • What do you particularly like?
    • What should be improved in your eyes?
    • What do you want or expect from the Shuttle Mode in the future?
    • Do you have any other suggestions regarding the shuttle mode?

    Thank you for your feedback and your help :)

  • The shuttle mode is a great addition to Fernbus. I particularly like this mode as the game distances itself from being just FlixBus exclusive, opening itself to other services, which we can use through repaints in a more realistic way, without all of the FlixBus logos. I really like the way that the location of the bus stops is changed like in Berlin! In my opinion the passengers' voices should not be cutting out when checking their tickets. The addition of new smaller towns should also be expanded accordingly. I would like to see the shuttle mode expanding to new airports. A suggestion which I can make is to add generic announcements such as welcoming the passengers onboard and about the next stop which could be done through scripts e.g. Next stop [Next stop on the route].

  • Would be cool to be able to add a custom audio file in!

    Otherwise, I think it is nice that you can avoid the flixbus logos on the phone when not using a Flixbus coach.

  • The mode is interesting because we have the freedom to choose the vehicle and its painting, the stops and route are changed, the smartphone is cool, you should add lector to the bus with information about stops. :) for this mode it is worth adding an additional special transport function, we take students to school I have been talking about this DLC for a long time Gauggi

    Kadimbey differences were discussed on the forum and here

  • Martin 40 Bus I noticed that there are nice differences. Ticket control screen and phone theme is nice. Maybe it would be nice if the ground blue text was white, but everyone's tastes are different but it is nice to have a change. Blue and white theme as in TBS.

    -I completed the route and what I can do differently in the mode later. When I first read it, I thought I would pick up passengers from the city where I completed the route and return to the starting point, but there is no such thing.:/:/

  • As well as Kadimbey I don't quite understand the difference of these two types of tour yet. Except of a new design of the smartphone app.

    Btw: It would be nice to have a new generation of smartphone in both games.

    I didn't understand what it was like. logically we have to return to the same route after completing the route

    Maybe soon TML presents a promotional video.:/

  • Set up a shuttle route just now.

    A few issues:

    The route planner is broken. My route has all of the arrival times mixed up (as seen in the screenshot). The arrival and departure times are also broken - 2 minute intervals to complete journeys in a few cases!

    The sat nav is broken. It does not correctly find the next stop or route. At my first stop in Frankfurt, I had to load up the map before the Satnav would give me the route.

    The centering of the map is broken. It defaults to a place in the middle of nowhere and you have to zoom out the scroll to find your location.

    Some of these issues might be more widely related to the patch though?

  • Another bit of feedback on the shuttle mode. I set up a new route and while the times are fine, unlike above, the main issue is that I have spawned at the 3rd stop and now have 15 minutes to get the 70km from Koblenz to Rudesheim to start my route!

    edit: I tried driving to Rudesheim and really weird - the time counted down in real time. i.e. I set off at 10.47am and after driving 50km of the distance it was only 10.55am...

    edit 2: once the route started, the time issue resolved. But very strange, both the starting point and how the clock worked!