FUNCTIONAL but hard steering wheel (like not detected)

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  • Hello

    I am happy to play Fernbus Simulator, a great game simulator.

    Since I got my Driving Force GT, I have encountered a problem.

    In fact, when I start the game and the route, my steering wheel works properly, but after a few moments, the steering of my steering wheel becomes difficult.

    I noticed that this problem occurred if I left the driving position (stops) or even before starting my route.

    The steering does work, but it is very "hard", as if the steering wheel has not been detected.

    However, the pedals and buttons on the steering wheel work properly.

    It's just a steering problem that remains functional but becomes very hard after a while in play.

    My pilots are up to date, as is the game.

    I checked the integrity of the game with Steam, and no problems are detected.

    The only solution found for the moment is restarting the game, which allows me to return to a normal direction with the steering wheel.

    I've submited a ticket to support, but if you have any ideas... :)

  • That's weird, isn't it? I'm using a G25 and it works perfectly with the Fernbus Sim.

    I understand that you have issued a ticket to support, so I hope you can resolve it.

    BTW, specifically, what do you mean by "hard"? Is the force-feedback motor heavy?

    Does it work properly in other driving simulators? (e.g. ETS2, ATS, iRaicing, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, etc...)

  • I drove over 1000 hours on Logitech DFGT and it's okay.

    Set Fernbus Sim profile in Logitech Profiler. In "Options / Global Device Settings" enable and adjust the value "Centering Spring Strength Force Fedback" according to your preferences (I have 50%) Check the steering wheel operation after each change of settings in Logitech Profiler.

  • Hello,

    thanks for your reply.

    This problem is the force feedback. It's very hard after a few moments. When i start the game and route, all is ok, but when i leave the bus for check passengers, the feedback is very hard, like my steering wheel is not detected, but still functional.

    I've tried to disable the feedback in game settings, but is very bad for simation game :(