Things that could be optional to improve the realism of FBS and TBS

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  • Hi,

    I would like to get feedback from the community on some things that I feel should be in Fernbus/Tourist Bus but are not because of one reason or another.

    I have been speaking to Timo about the Neoplan Skyliner upper deck window screen wiper not wiping away the rain, the reasoning I got was completely acceptable and understandable, that players with lower specced PC systems would have performance degradations with this feature turned on. (Quote from Timo below)

    theres nothing to communicate, since there was no change. The wiper itself always was working/rotating, but there never was an actual wiping effect on that upper deck of the Neoplan Skyliner.

    It surely could be an optional feature, like the mirrors activating with a higher mirror quality setting, but I dont think the effort it would take would be justified.

    I suspect that the community would like for this feature to be in both games, and also other features that are disabled/turned off for performance reasons.

    Performance is of course a priority, so the players (like myself) who have high end PC specs should have the option to turn on or off features (like the Neoplan Skyliner upper deck windscreen wiper removing the rain) to either improve realism/appearances or improve performance.

    I am sure there is a desire for such features and would be widely welcomed into both Fernbus and Tourist Bus.

    The efforts of TML are very much appreciated and we thank you for the time and passion you guys put into developing and improving both Fernbus/Tourist Bus, and the up and coming “The Bus”.

    Kind Regards.

  • I agree here with CuzzystyleTV , long ago I was talking about the windshield and wipers in Neoplan, it is interesting to drive from this camera and have a real view of the windshield and rain. This feature should be introduced for both Fernbus coach simulator and Tourist bus simulator games Timo ,

    we have good computers and we can drive interesting and take interesting photos and videos. Please, enter this function into the game.:thumbup:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • I also agree with you CuzzystyleTV , players expect realism.

    Another thing worth mentioning is increasing the number of passengers. I remember raising this issue a long time ago in Steam Discussions.

    The response I received from TML was that most players are satisfied with the number of passengers. I doubt anyone is satisfied driving with only e.g. 9 passengers in an ultra-long ComfortClass S 519 HD with 63 available seats; That's only ~14% of the capacity! Why is it so 'unusual' to see a full coach? :/ I wonder how this will look in The Bus.

    Another response I received was that more passengers would cause performance issues. In my opinion TML should be tackling performance issues instead of 'running away' from them by decreasing the game's realism. To ensure that we get the right performance/realism balance, a slider could be implemented in the options menu. ;)

    It is important to note that it's worth implementing these features as players will definitely appreciate that :thumbup:

  • Hi

    With regard to number of passengers, I see this a bit like the traffic density.

    If performance is an issue and it is not that you just want to make it easier, you can turn down the amount of traffic in the game....personally I always I have it at 100 but I always have been a bit nuts !!!!

    The passenger option should be the same. If performance is an issue you could turn up passengers and turn down traffic or vice versa.

    There seem to be more passengers in Tourist Bus than Fernbus so it seems not to be an issue there?

    And I would also like to see different passengers including children,,, Fuertoventura is a family holiday island for goodness sake so definitely in TBS and I think in Fernbus too.

    When I raised that issue I was told it would require a "complete rewrite of the mesh" it!

    Saying it is too much work suggests TML are either lazy or incompetent but OMSI2 (a 32 bit game) has a good company simulator and several optional passenger packs as DLC so if TML got their fingers out and did it, they could sell them as DLC....I for one would buy them...and this would help to fund their efforts to improve Fernbus, TBS and the development of The Bus.

    I think the issue I have around things like this with TML is priorities. We, the community, tell them things we would like to see and what do we get? Shuttle mode…..oh great !!! It may be for some but instead of different modes they should improve the base game with different characters that walk on to the bus, etc etc etc


  • Pedestrians and passengers are a priority for TML STUDIOS games you can be sure that they will be in all games when THE BUS game appears, this is a problem but in the end there were many problems and they were solved, the option of pedestrian and passenger traffic sliders is a good idea if had performance be weaker. I think maybe this discussion will contribute to the fact that the director and the whole team will introduce what we want as a priority, the shuttle option is also interesting because it is preparation for the economy mode. I'm not so critical for the studio because I spend a lot of hours with Fernbus and I like the physics and graphics I know that everything we write on the forum will be implemented, after 3 years of the game and I'm from the beginning I see a lot of changes plus. these are not works that do not bring the effect on the contrary, we cannot compare OMSI 2 and other games because it is a completely different game engine and honestly OMSI 2 graphics is not as good as it is not the best SCS game graphics. I'm also waiting for the DX 12 library for TML STUDIOS games and maybe they will decide to use the new UNREAL ENGINE 5 engine. nigelpet

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • I sincerely hope they do not use Unreal % but move to a decent graphic engine that does not constantly crash... I know a number and I mean a considerable number that would have Fernbus and TBS but did not when they saw they run on UE4 which has a reputation for being about as stable as a straw house in a hurricane

  • The engine gives a lot of very interesting options but it is quite heavy for computers, that's right, however, every update contains performance improvements because hardly anyone can know it, but the work is always in this range. This engine gives beautiful real graphics also green areas and trees various water wind effects are interesting. the sound of buses will also change to be much more real in the new sound software.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • The upper windshield should work normally and have something optional in the settings.

    More is not a priority at the moment.

    The issue of passengers and pedestrians on the streets is inevitable.

    The objective of the game is to transport people it does not make sense to limit you for performance reasons. If gaming games have performance issues, ways to lessen this impact need to be studied.

    More is something I can understand at the moment of the game, going through transformations and should keep the performance in the best possible way. The solution is to add an option for the number of passengers in the main menu, just like the vehicle graphics.

    OMSI 2 has these options for both pedestrians and passengers.

    My suggestions for increasing realism:

    1. Bus circulation in the terminals arriving and departing.
    2. Rest stops need to be improved, all are the same should be changed and put other models of stops and gas stations.

    3. Lighting in terminals and rest areas is dark or too resized to the point that everything is white and saturated.

    The lighting at Toulouse Station is terrible.

    I still need to report it in the right place. =O

    4. Repeating passengers is unpleasant.

    Add a greater number of people with different characteristics and program not to repeat during the trip. ?(

    5. Embarkation and disembarkation platforms should be numbered the moment we create destinations. It is boring to always leave the same platform. There was a change in the positioning of platforms between the game modes but it remains somewhat fixed.

    The Munich and Augsburg stations, among others, would have a better use with this dynamic platform system. In Munich it is sad to park in that outdoor area, losing the shine of parking in that outdoor area.


  • Martin 40 Bus

    Oh for the love of god, do me a favour !

    So, let's compare UE4 and Fernbus to decent graphics in ETS2 where when you drive past roadworks, there are moving people drilling in the road etc

    Even the cows in the fields move and Fernbus they stand there like Milton Keynes' concrete cows.

    Answer is simple...move to a better graphics engine that Unreal. You cannot say it gives nice effects when you see what can be achieved in ETS2. The graphics in Fernbus and TBS are nice but nowhere near what ETS2 and other games that do not run on Unreal have,

    Sorry but I will never like Unreal but I do like Fenbus and TBS and that is why I play them but I so wish they would move away from Unreal as soon as is humanly possible


  • Dynek - I was surprised from TML studios response, I wouldn’t say it’s a lack of ambition, there is plenty of ambition, but implementing what the community requests sometimes takes a long time, or not at all, I’m not asking for major redesign of Fernbus, but it’s the little features that make a game that class above the rest, Fernbus has many, so why not complete the set and slowly give the players control over what they would like to see in the game via sliders etc....

    Kind Regards.

  • A famous Japanese YouTuber also mentioned the Skyliner's upper deck wiper.

    He said, "The expression of the raindrops on the windshield is wonderful! The wiper on the upper deck is also moving, right? Let's take a look."

    Then he changes perspective, "Ahaha, the raindrops on the upper deck are rough...(laugh)"

    In the past he mentions other things, "I like Fernbus better than ETS2. However, Fernbus has a big difference between good and bad sides."

    I also agree with him. The representation of the rain falling on the front window is great, but there are a variety of complaints, such as the lack of a situation in which intermittent wiper is used, and the lack of raindrops running backwards when speed is increased.

    But if I say one of the better things on Fernbus than the others, better than others is the feel of the steering controller is amazing. NOT as good as a racing simulator, but probably the best compared to many driving simulators.

  • Hi all

    Given how long Fernbus has been in existence and passengers STILL do not walk onto the bus when they do in TBS, I feel this is such a basic requirement that it should be done before developing new games like The Bus or new Fernbus features like shuttle mode.

    I do not believe it is a lack of ambition, more that priorities are wrong. Get the basics right before doing other stuff.

    Maybe it would take a fair bit of work to do it now rather than when the game was first released but that is TML's problem, not ours.

    I would have thought ALL players would expect such a basic thing as passengers to walk onto the bus as they do in just about every other bus game I know.


  • I would have thought ALL players would expect such a basic thing as passengers to walk onto the bus as they do in just about every other bus game I know.

    I would say that most players expect this feature in the game, but everyone is tired of mentioning this over and over again as we've been waiting for this for years. We're not asking for too much as it's a bus simulation game on a modern game engine afterall yet it's still not here after almost 4 years. ?(

  • The animation of the passengers entering the bus was done during the development phase. The problem that TML removed this feature in the release version.

    I know this because in the first videos a year before the launch, some passenger animations were shown.

    It was a demonstration of the bus arriving at the stop and the passengers entered. I don't know why it has not yet been implemented in Fernbus and the feature is present in the Tourist Bus. :rolleyes:

    Another thing they removed from the game was the passengers walking the streets after arriving at their destination. Currently passengers are stopped at stations. People who arrived at their destination have to walk, some may stay put, maybe they want to take an Uber home or are waiting for someone. ^^:D:D

    But I can't even complain too much because the latest updates are adding good resources, TML's team is working hard on this last year so far. <3:):thumbup:

    More I agree that this is something basic and should never have been absent for so long.

    At the moment I am really waiting for the vehicle sounds to be updated, I want something close to the reality of each vehicle, Fernbus will be celebrating its 4th birthday and these generic sounds are already tired, unacceptable. ;(?(