Update 25 - Officially Released

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  • Update 25 has been officially released!

    In this update, we have primarily dealt with technical innovations. Thanks to the support of Tobii Gaming, we were able to implement the Eye Tracker with which our players, if they have the hardware, can experience the unique Tobii Eye Tracking.

    Furthermore, it was possible for us, in cooperation with Fanatec, to optimize our Fernbus Simulator with the appropriate hardware, the input of the devices now works correctly.

    We would like to thank both companies for the uncomplicated and great cooperation!

    With this update we also turned to telemetry and added a first BETA output and input, which we will continue to deal with in the coming updates.

    A completely new feature in our game is the shuttle mode, in which you can drive our mini and midi buses.

    Last but not least, we have of course corrected a lot of bugs in the map and the buses. You can read all about it in our full changelog:

    Changelog 1.25.32292

    • Fixed Fanatec device inputs
    • Added support for Tobii Eye Tracker
    • Tobii Eyetracker maximum head movement is now adjustable in the options menu
    • (BETA) Added telemetry output and input option for modding
    • A new shuttle mode with new bus stops has been added
    • Shuttle mode: Added alternative design for player characters
    • Minibuses are now only available in “Free travel” and “Shuttle” mode
    • Fixed the off-road warning on the highway near Flensburg, Germany
    • The "Back" button in the news window has been fixed
    • Rest area markings on the world map are now visible again
    • Fixed graphical errors
    • Fixed incorrect collision of a sign board
    • MAN Lion’s Coach C: Interior mirror corrected
    • Corrected the position of a parked NPC bus in Bielefeld
    • Freeplay: Bus Stop symbols are now displayed on the world map
    • Travel time of routes is now calculated correctly if the travel time exceeds 24h
    • Repaints from parked buses are now loaded correctly again
    • Size of the speed limit icon in the navigation display has been increased
    • Size of the speed limit icon in the HUD mini map has been increased
    • Current speed displayed in the HUD mini map will turn red when speeding
    • Fixed various level art bugs
    • Some crashes have been fixed
    • The water spray of vehicles on drying roads after rain has been fixed
    • A bug in the distance calculation of the navigation has been fixed
    • Localizations updated

    DLC Luxembourg

    • The name of the city can no longer be found twice in the list of the route editor
    • Fixed graphical errors

    DLC France

    • Traffic light circuit corrected
    • Artefacts corrected by distance field
    • AI vehicles no longer drive to the Quai de Bercy stop in Paris
    • Corrected missing advertising at city bus stops
    • New motorway routes added at Nantes
    • Fixed graphical errors

    DLC Switzerland + Austria

    • Street lighting in Innsbruck corrected
    • Bus stop icon in Geneva is now shown on the map
    • Incorrect collision in a tunnel in Zurich corrected
    • Fixed graphical errors

    DLC soccer team bus

    • Polish localization added (not yet 100% complete)

    DLC MAN Lion’s Intercity

    • Corrected the rear door mirror
    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen
    • Sun protection sound effect added

    DLC Neoplan Skyliner

    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen
    • Corrected the position of a display

    DLC Scania Touring

    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen
    • Added Scania logo on mud flaps and “Scania Touring” logo on body sides
    • Missing speed limit added to dashboard navigation display

    DLC Comfort Class

    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen

    DLC BB40

    • Corrected the brightness of the navigation screen
  • Quarney

    Approved the thread.

  • It is unrealistic for tree leaves to physically appear inside their bus. It would be very realistic to have a friction effect.:/

    The fact that the trees are located intensely on the roadside makes me feel like I am in touch with nature. This makes me happy but there is a performance drop up to 15 fps, which means that while playing at 38 fps under normal conditions, performance drops up to 23 fps. Optimization is required in this regard.

    Proposal: If the next vehicles accelerate when we press the horn, we will avoid the need to make sudden slowdowns in traffic.

  • Hi!

    Cuzzy yes, we couldn't use it unfortunately, this happens sometimes. All your reports are safe and/ or already in the works and will be fixed in the next update, which won't be far in the future

    Kadimbey it's forwarded, thanks!

  • Fernbus 1.25.32292


    - Flowers on the road on a street in Sinsheim (Screenshots 1/2)


    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    One more thing...

    Quarney this is for you and everyone at TML studios, you thoroughly deserve this, keep up the awesome work <3

    Kind Regards.

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    • Why aren't there ticket sales in shuttle mode? I'd like to see ticket sales in shuttle mode as well.

    • And here is a video of the W906 lighting problem. This midi-bus has a lighting problem as long as it is facing the front.
      As long as I am facing the front, I will be attacked by darkness.
      This is a video using TrackIR, but I had to keep facing down to avoid the problem. However, I finally changed the viewpoint setting.

    • By the way, it would be nice if the viewpoint settings were saved for each vehicle.
  • Hi, thanks for your reports!

    Cuzzy thanks a lot for your Steam review, we really appreciate it!!

    PigeonBB there are no ticket sales in shuttle mode because this mode is not associated with Flixbus in any way which unfortunately includes ticket sales. But we reserve the right to maybe add it in the future.

    Best regards!


    -The marked area also needs to be illuminated by the headlights. There is a disproportionate lighting system.

    -In addition, some sounds of the DLC SCANIA bus are still missing. I've been reporting this for months.

    I saw a flying factory.

    the car and the signboard are inside each other.

    faulty bus coverings.

    I do not see any buses that enter and exit the terminals other than us. This is unreal. The terminals must have a very busy bus traffic. Except for the Man Lions Coach bus, we do not see any buses in park or traffic. You need to model buses and minibuses to see them in traffic.

  • Once again I report the same mistakes and they are still city Hamburg

    the intersection lights signaling disappear.

    street lamps and signs disappear.

    driving all the time 2 minutes disappear all the time signs road signs on the route please fix it all.

    tail light red minibus not displaying correctly on the roof red

    the intersection lights signaling disappear.

    street lamps and signs disappear.

    driving all the time 2 minutes disappear all the time signs road signs on the route please fix it all.