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  • Good evening,
    I warn in advance I am French and this is done with google translation!
    I have been on the Fernbus Simulator for a few days and I noticed that during the journeys the bus was not even half full, which is a shame.

    Is there a solution (modification in the files, workshop ...)?

    It is a shame to have an almost empty bus. I also have the neoplan skyliner and therefore a lot more seats but not more passengers inside the bus.

    I was also told that the longer the journey, the more passengers there are, however, no change.Thank you good night !

  • Hi there

    I do not believe there is any way to increase the number of passengers. I run a virtual coach company with a number of pre-created routes and most typically have around 20 passengers in total.


  • Hi Corentin Terite , I have been mentioning this exact issue on TML's forum since Fernbus' release, the last time is in this topic.

    As we mentioned it many many times, we are working on bringing those issues you all mentioned to Fernbus Simulator.

    This is the generic response that we've received regarding this matter ?(

  • Hi

    Yes this has been mentioned by various people for a LONG time.

    The issue is the usual one. TML are concentrating on the new game "The Bus" and not on improving the Fernbus base game which by now should have more passengers who actually walk on and off the bus.


  • Hi there, seems like some people are mixing up different issues again.

    You are right Corentin Terite, the busses won't be at full capacity, but you can get more passengers if you frequent bigger cities. However, this is a thing we know about and which is on our agenda. It is unfortunately not done by "tuning the number up", we have to rebuild some parts in-game and we honestly do not have the time for that right now.

    nigelpet You must have missed update 25 last week, where we further improved FBS besides working on The Bus. Passengers walking on and off the bus is an entirely new topic which has nothing to do with the maximum amount in the busses, I am sure you know that.

    Best regards

  • Hi

    @ Quarney No I did not miss the improvements that have been made to Fernbus...but that is not the point.

    Whilst I appreciate that passengers walking on and off the bus is not the same as number of passengers (which is pretty obvious), it is not an "entirely new topic". I have been commenting on this for years, as have many others in Steam discussions. So hardly an "entirely new topic" and pretty basic to a bus game in my opinion.

    That aside, the number of passengers all round in Fernbus is too low....I think that is what Corentin Terite is saying.

    In our virtual bus company we have a VERY long route which connects all the hubs...all quite major cities....around 2288 kms but still typically 51 passengers in total is the maximum I have seen from a total of 9 stops. If that does not illustrate that the numbers of passengers are too low throughout then I do not know what does !!!

    In reality (which it would be nice if was "simulated" more realistically), a bus company would not run a service that long for the sake of 51 passengers...they would never make any money......basic economics in my view, and it is just my view.


  • As you say Nigelpet the main problem is the very small number of passengers.

    Even with a lot of stops, there are no more people. Because filling a bus with not even 20% of the total capacity, realistic side a company would lose a lot of money.

    I understand that this is a game in development, but the thing that motivates the user the most is already a bus almost full.

  • Hi is a matter of basic economics.

    In case anyone thinks I do not know what I am talking about, I used to run a business before I retired with offices in 7 countries and if level of demand had been comparable to what is being "simulated" in Fernbus, there is now way that would have been possible or profitable.

    I do not think it is too much to ask for a "simulator" to "simulate" the real world (which includes the SEPARATE point of passengers walking on and off the bus) and the issue is priorities, in my personal view.

    Instead of introducing a new mode...."shuttle mode".....I would much rather see the basics like number of passengers being addressed.

    I can only speak for myself, but I would have thought that most players would want to see is as much realism as possible, which the lack of passengers does not give, but that is just me.


  • Of course, everyone wants to see more passengers in the game, but at the same time, you need to consider the time period in which TML-Studios are now located. The BUS release is just around the corner and now we need to make a lot of efforts so that in the end we get a finished and finalized product. With all this, TML-Studios continues to update Fernbus Simulator and does not forget about Tourist Bus Simulator. TML-Studios small studio and developers work to the limit. If now developers are doing something more important than the number of passengers, then let them do it and do not need to put pressure on them.

  • Hi Maximus

    Yes...OK....BUT you miss the point.

    It is not about what TML are doing now but what they could have done since Fernbus first came out and before "The Bus" and possibly TBS were even thought of.

    We continually hear it is a "small studio" which, to me, is even more of a reason to concentrate on finalizing one product at a time but that is not the business model, which I accept.

    However, the main point that you seem to miss is this.....Fernbus has been around I think, 4 years (happy to be corrected on that but let's say 4 years)….what I think we would like is a commitment that once The Bus is released as a "finalised and finished product", instead of creating more things like shuttle mode that TML deal with the basics such as more passengers that walk on and off the bus and maybe, but less urgently in my view, an economy of some sort. Or will we still be asking for those in 2024 after 4 more years?

    I ran a business for many years very successfully and I do not expect you to abandon your current projects now, but is such a commitment to the basics of a "simulation" really too much to ask when time permits you to get to it?


  • Hi nigelpet

    I, like everyone, also really want a lot of passengers, pedestrians, animated passengers and an economic company. I want to note one thing, the “shuttle mode” had to be done urgently because of the Flixbus company, they were opposed to the game having buses and minibuses that are not actually used by the Flixbus company. The shuttle mode was not planned in advance; it had to be put into the game so that we could use all models of buses. It follows that this mode was not done instead of something.

    Yes, the game has been over 4 years old and since the release it has changed a lot in the best direction, but I don’t understand the claim because of the lack of economics, they didn’t plan to introduce it to Fernbus initially, now TML-Studios listens to the players and maybe in the future we We’ll see an economic company in Fernbus, but we will have to be patient. As for pedestrians in cities and passengers, I want to say this, now they are being improved for The BUS and when they are finished, they will be added to Fernbus.

  • Hi

    Ok....but I said I see an economy as less important so I will ignore that bit of the post.

    Still, the point is missed.

    When Fernbus was first released it was supposed to be a simulator......a bus simulator!

    To me, the word "simulator" means it should simulate the real world. Flight simulators simulate flying a plane, train simulators simulate driving a train etc.

    Now, a bus simulator. I know of no bus service in the world where passengers phase on and off buses...they walk on for goodness sake.

    So, Flixbus were not happy about the use of minibuses and other buses…..simple answer to not develop them as a priority before getting passengers to walk on and off the bus ! It is not rocket science !!!

    BUT...that did not happen and we cannot change what has gone before so a constructive comment for the future is this. Complete The Bus and if that leads to improvements in Fernbus then great but I still do not see why it is not possible for developers to say "OK, we hear what you say and will add to our plans for the future that passenger numbers are increased and they walk on and off the bus before adding more features to the game".

    I really do not think that is too much to ask !

    But what do we get over and over again. That they are a small studio and are concentrating on The Bus. Fine! Just acknowledge the request and say whether or not you will do it...if the answer is "no" then it is "no" but at least then we know. Yes, it may take some work but after 4 years I do not see why it cannot be a priority.

    That is my last contribution on the subject. I would like to say that I am hopeful that it will happen relatively soon but after 4 years I am afraid that I am not that optimistic but I do like the concept of Fernbus…..and that is why I have tried to add something for players through a virtual coach company which of course is external to the game and far from perfect but at least I am trying !!!


  • I agree here with nigelpet , I have been with Fernbus from the beginning and it takes a long time to introduce pedestrians and passengers to Fernbus as well as economy mode and this should be a priority as well as AI trains and bus washes and gas station animations. Function manual gear, the best active players waiting for this are in this TML STUDIOS forum, for the new bus sound as well. THE BUS - can wait definitely because we expect Fernbus to finish these important elements, please listen to us.

  • Whenever I see something (anything) that I think could be improved, I think could I do better myself. Not just the idea, but could I physically done it better. Almost every time the answer is no.

    Like the TML staff have said, it is not as simple as changing a single number, otherwise it would have been done a long time ago.

    As for your criticism of the new modes system, they decided to do what they want to THEIR game. TML are fantastic at listening to there players. But they are not super humans. They can only do so much at a time. The small steps (that you see as irrelevant) are building steps to better things to come in the future. You want an economy mode, it's not as simple as flicking a switch and making it work, things need development - that's why they are developers! They have to make changes to build up from. You cannot build a house with the roof first, you have to start with planning it, then the foundations and so on.

    They work their hardest to do what they can, with the resources they have. And I am sure there is many great things coming in the future. Which will make the game better than it is! Some that you want, maybe some that you don't. But it is their game, and they are trying to make it the best for everyone. So be kind.

    So please, look forward to the future! Help TML, give helpful feedback like "Hey! There's a tree in the road here." Not "We have been asking for XXX for four years, instead you are focusing on something pointless". You cannot see where TML are going, they have plans and have to work towards them.

    Stay Safe!


  • ben.m

    I respect your opinion and I agree with some of the fairly obvious things you mentioned, but I believe that everyone should have expectations of certain features in a game, and that the developers should strive to make everyone entirely satisfied with the product.

    Personally, I'm mostly satisfied with Fernbus, because behind all its flaws it's a fantastic game. I would just like for this specific feature to live up to mine, and many other players', expectations. We've been asking for it for years, because it's a fairly obvious request for a bus simulation game. :)

  • Thanks Maximus and ben.m, the sentiment is really appreciated.

    Dynek if we could "make everyone entirely satisfied with the product", we would be happy to do it :) it is unfortunately an impossible task. Everybody has different priorities, including us. Expectations are good and important, but they can't be met all the time. We'll try our best nevertheless.

    nigelpet you do not know the background to our decisions, so please refrain from questioning everything. Calm down please, you are still using this forum for your project while simultaneously trying to put us in a bad light. This is your second warning

    Best regards

    I am closing this thread now

  • Quarney

    Closed the thread.