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  • I have long wanted to create a similar theme specifically for Tourist Bus Simulator. There is a similar theme for Fernbus Simulator

    I suggest writing and discussing in this topic my ideas regarding only Tourist Bus Simulator:/, which will help developers to make it even better :thumbup::)

  • My main wish at Tourist Bus Simulator is the new island. I really want to go to a tropical, green island and there also build a transportable empire. I want a green island, with jungle and waterfalls.

  • Maximus, I am sure that many players support you in this desire. Anyway, I first! :thumbup:

    I would also really like to go to such an island :love:

    A new island as a paid DLC would change the way most players think of TBS as a desert driving simulator with no greenery.

    For all the time since the release of FBS, excellent DLCs have been issued for him and continue to be produced. But for TBS, unfortunately, since the release, not a single DLC with a new map has been issued. Although I would really like to.

    As Quarney previously told us, TML-Studios is currently not planning to develop a new map for TBS. Yes, and I think that there is not enough time for TML-Studios to work simultaneously on several projects simultaneously. Purely physically, they cannot do DLC for FBS, TBS, and simultaneously work on The Bus.

    I understand this very well, and I think that in the future someday a new DLC will nevertheless appear as a real island for TBS ;):):thumbup:

  • It would be nice to have a competition for Buggy. They could take place in certain specific months and days. As locations, you can use both a separate area for competitions, and the entire island completely.

    You can do competitions for a while, competitions with opponents, well, or something else. There may not necessarily be competitions, the main thing is to use the Buggy car in some way. This will be the hallmark of this simulator!

  • Also Mallorca wouldn't be a bad location.A freeware map of Mallorca would be awesome :thumbup:;)

    I think TBS will sell more with a map of Mallorca.

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]

  • Quote

    sergio19961 на форуме лучше писать на английском или немецком языках!

    Чтобы сдать назад, нужно в автобусе переключить передачу на заднюю (R) и нажать "газ". Тогда автобус поедет назад. Надо смотреть настройки клавиатуры. У меня это "Page Down".

    The forum is better to write in English or German!

    To turn back, you need to switch the gear to the rear (R) on the bus and press "gas". Then the bus will go back. You need to watch the keyboard settings. I have this "Page Down".

  • Dear Captains,

    Hereto my ideas. These ideas will make more confortable the simulation.

    I have simple 2 ideas. If you can add on next version, I think all the users will be happy.

    1. SETTINGS / GAME SETTINGS / 100KMH Overspeed Tachometer Alarm


    When user activate this function, tachometer warns driver if speed is over 100kmh

    How it works?

    If Activated and If Speed is Over 100 = Buzzer Alarm On

    If Deactivated... No Alarm

    2. SETTINGS / GAME SETTINGS / Smart Cruise Control


    When user activate this function, cruise control set the speed 2 kmh less than limit speed of the road.

    How it works?

    If Function Activated and If Cruise Control is On, Set the Cruise Speed= Limit Speed-2kmh.

    If Function Deactivated and If Cruise Control is On, Set the Cruise Speed= Actual Speed (Present Speed).

  • Dear Captains,

    I would like to share my thoughts with you.

    I really can not understand why the buses on the road stuck behind of the trucks while other cars and vans are changing their lane.

    If any bus od AI traffic drives about 100kmh if there is no any AI traffic front. But if any traffic in front of the buses, they reduce their speed and follow in front of traffic instead of change lane and pass the slow traffic. Rarely seems. Less than 5 times I saw this (I'm in Top100).

    1. There should be more buses on the traffic. Why do we drive alone???

    2. There should be buses which depart from same place and at the same time with us and go to same destination. We can drive together.

    3. There should be labels for every buses on the roads which define the bus. (Depart City/Destination City enough).

    I know that these features are not easy. But this is a simulation as I said.

  • Hi karadumanaltan,

    thanks for your input! We are currently working on the AI, we are not satisfied with it as well. We are working on it refering to The Bus, and FBS as well as TBS will benefit from it. Concerning your other suggestions, some things often appear easier to implement as they are in reality and as I said, we are very busy with The Bus right now. It is a simulation, yes, but it is also a game and we have to balance things out often.


  • New islands DLC would be great, but the current moment is not good. :/

    I prefer improving features, performance and the modding tool (which I will quote below).

    In terms of vegetation, the current map has nothing to do, the place is arid.

    Noting that TML has improved some areas regarding vegetation, they are better.

    I have some good ideas and I believe it is a good way.

    Tourist Bus is a game with the potential to have the administrative part. Some things need to be improved in the management and customization of offices.

    Putting the company name on a sign on the company's delivery would be a start.

    Vehicle personalization is essential. Examples: wheels, upholstery, flooring, lighting, among others.

    Bus resale locations would be interesting and an online website for ordering vehicles with the necessary modifications (having a visual preview of how the vehicle would look).

    I believe that in the future with the modding tool the game will be the best basis for the development of maps.

    Making a separate map on another continent will be a good option.

    When I have the modding tool available I hope it gets to the Tourist Bus because it will be my focus on creating maps. :love:<3:saint:
    The game is a good laboratory to implement news. :)

  • hello, just a little suggestion for the command settings for each vehicle

    whether for fernbus and bus tourits

    it would be necessary to remake a system sharper and more readable and very clean

    right now it's done well but it's poorly done and poorly organized

    there, we do not understand much how to configure commifault the keys on the steering wheel etc

    if you wish, I can help you to make a table well done and understandable and clear

    someone should be able to explain the commands to me a bit and then I will make you a better organized table for fernbus and bus tourit games

    hoping that you will improve the order configuration