Your wishes and ideas Tourist Bus Simulator

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  • Guys! I agree with you 100,500 percent :thumbup:

    I really, really liked judemayes77 idea of a winter map, as I myself really love winter and snow. I think the landscapes would look incredibly beautiful. And it would be great, as tala86 wrote, to see other bus drivers.

    Perhaps someday, in a few years, our dreams will come true ;)

    Like that dream that will come true very soon. Only 3 months left 8o

    is this dream THE BUS?

  • Maybe a far fetcht feature, but I'd love trailers to carry extra baggage.
    Like this or this.
    And it could function like picking up a full bus on the airport and bringing them across the map to all the hotels and having a trailer to carry the extra baggage.

    this could also work with ski boxes, although not as cool as trailers ;)

    good one,or to carry bicycles.

  • yeet-_-

    The Irizar is a very nice coach indeed, the brand has already been suggested several times on the forum so let's hope we'll see it one day in the games. We'll probably then also see these great Tui repaints on those buses in game :)

    I 100% agree with this, they're super comfortable to ride on and are really missed in the game. I wish 3rd party developers could make busses, that would give us busses for days.

  • As mentioned: a green tropical island would be so great, definetly my nr. 1 wish

    Other wishes I have in no particular order:

    - Repaintable and washable Land Rover..or Ventura cruiser I think it was called

    - Customisable bus interiours, e.g seats and maybe different equipment packs you can buy that will give you extra eyecandy and features.

    - "Detachable" camera that will let you use your mouse to click buttons from your seat without having to use the camera function with the 0 key ( like you see in Omsi )

    - Buses in traffic: I understand that coaches and large buses is very difficult, maybe impossible as AI on those roads, so my wish is for mini buses, which should be doable since they are no longer than the already implemented trucks, in other words the BB40 and Sprinter as AI.

    - Offline music player maybe as a dlc so that you can play music in the bus without streaming, this would be great for people like me that has vendor restrictions, I prefer using Steam in offline mode when I play.

    - More passenger variety, though I love how the game has evolved I find the passengers a bit imersive breaking when you get 4 pairs of triplets entering your bus, and also children, it seems no one brings their kids to Fuerteventura..

  • I would make this post on the Fernbus but I didn't found the Wishes and Ideas thread there, so I'm doing it here because both games could benefit a lot from this.

    Simple: GPS Waypoints...

    Click anywhere on the map and you can trace a rote to that point or a detour from your current route...

    Both games really miss this feature.

  • Hello,

    we would have to re-do some roads.

    because, there are roads where you have to drive at 1 km, because you put slopes and 1 second after you put a slope

    So obviously, it wreaks havoc on the bus.

    they would have to be redone.

    I can't tell you where, there are so many badly done roads.

    unless you have done expressly so that we can spend the money.

    please redo all the roads

  • We won't redo all the routes in TBS.

    It would really help if you could provide a screenshot and a screenshot of the map. And please remember: The difficult roads are kind of the fun in TBS. If you don't like it, maybe use another vehicle, f.ex. the BB40.

  • Hello,

    we currently have

    1 / missions that we have to do there and back.

    2 / you can do tourist circuits.

    But, there is a little thing that I would like.

    in my opinion it does not exist.

    for example, 1 group of people will offer an excursion from 08/01/2021 at 9 a.m. to 08/10/2021 at 4 p.m.

    you will have to pick them up at their hotel and of course before their meeting which is on 08/01/2021 at 9 a.m. (we will leave a bit to arrive at 9 a.m.)

    then we will leave them for the duration of their stay.

    and then you will have to look for them on 08/10/2021 at 4 p.m.

    (we will leave sooner rather than arrive at 4 p.m.)

    hoping, that this idea will be liked by the members and TML

    I hope I was specific about my idea.

  • Hello Quarney

    Here are 2 shots.

    Buses allow you to travel 1 km to avoid damage to the bus.

    There are 3 types of road with a slope followed by a hill that I was able to meet

    I don't know if you can change this stretch of road.

    If you can do it tell me I'll send you the other routes it affects once I'm back on the roads

    If you don't want to touch it isn't a big deal, just be careful

  • I don't think the roads should be changed for the time being, because such roads are also special.

  • In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

    I don't think the roads should be changed for the time being, because such roads are also special.

    It's not that serious,

    there I tried to drive at 0 km in order to go slowly, but, it still does 1% damage on the bus.

    thank you