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  • hello, I know that is not the order of the day at all.

    but while driving, on tourits bus.

    I thought to myself that it is a pity that we cannot play online in order to see other players driving their bus.

    same for fernbus

    it could be nice if one day you think about doing a multiplayer.

    it can give a second of life to the games of fernbus and tourist bus

    after that is just my opinion, i think everyone will be ok for a multi version.

  • hello, I have a little idea.

    I would like my employees to send me a short text to suggest that they would like to go on vacation

    and they offer us a date and that is to say yes or no.

    if it is not, in this case it is we who propose a date later.

    we will go to the dashboard

    pierre is on vacation from 08/15 to 09/01.

    and another idea that joins.

    It would be good to give them a weekend of rest and on the dashboard it would put a rest on 09/15 where a 2 day or 3 day rest

    that will allow to put another employee

    in any case, I would like to have this function of rest, vacancy for the employees.

    and if in the bus we can hire jobs.

    it would be good to do in its 2 games

    tourits bus and the bus.

    hoping that TML is ok to have these functions

  • Hi!

    Thanks for your input, but those suggestions are things that would require a complete overhaul of the current systems so they very likely won't happen due to a lack of time and colleagues.

  • hello, I have 3 little ideas,

    1 / is it possible to have a new employee who will be used just to do the cleaning in the office and in the garage.

    we bring it in on the day we want.

    we will have a gauge to say

    green: clean

    orange: medium

    red: dirty.

    when, it's orange or red, we call the housekeeper.

    I do not know that it does not matter, but just for fun

    2 / about the provisions

    currently it is only used for passengers who make tourist circuits.

    Is it possible to ensure that the provisions are also used for drivers, mechanics and guides.

    it will exhaust the provisions a bit more. it will give a bit of spice in the game

    3 / there this idea is a little far-fetched even if I know that you are not going to do it. it will be having a dog and a cat, we can buy croquetes and milk etc ...

    Me personally, I would like to have that, afterwards it is you who will decide.

    you are going to say that the 3 ideas are good but for you, you are going to say that it does not serve much.

  • hello, I have an idea for the tourist circuit.

    currently, we can bring the passengers to the 2 restaurant places where to take the photos.

    It would be good if we could get them to do other activities for example

    bike, muscle building

    it will vary

    otherwise the poor people will only eat at the restaurant + the drinks on the bus

    they will take 15 kg

    shame that there are no uncovered places for example swimming pool, tennis etc ...

    that would be good if it is possible one day to add other activity apart from eating lol

  • hello, I had a little idea that I would like

    I put you a photo of the drivers that we employed.

    it is to add a line to say the total number of accidents and the total number of radart

    by drivers

    and like that for me, after 20 accidents I could fire him the driver who had more accidents

    hoping you will like this idea and see if you can put it on when updating.

    thank you

  • Hi,

    thanks for having so many ideas for the game.

    Unfortunately, we won't remodel the game at this point, since we are concentrating on The Bus. TBS will receive updates of course but right now we will not add new functions like the ones you suggested (which aren't easy to implement anyway and are more personal preferences to yourself).


  • hello, I saw a video

    he said something that reminded me of my idea that I had, a long time ago;).

    I put my 2 little ideas which would be good in the next update.

    1 / on the fax machine where you have to pick up a mission:

    It would be nice if you could add the number of km between that we have to cover, so that we can choose the mission according to the number of km.

    2 / on the gps: it would be necessary to put the number of km which remains to be done and the number of km between the bus stops.

    like that, we will be exactly the number of km on each mission and the number of km that remains to be done

  • Hello,

    I have a suggestion that would be good. when, we take passengers at night, we see absolutely nothing except put a few stops that you put very powerful lamps to see the street. I thought instead of putting lamps very, very strong in places where there is no light.

    I suggest to do as in the retro photo, put a little light, as if there was day in the rearview mirror. And it would be good to do it on every bus

    I put you a photo, you will see that nothing can be seen lacking in light.

    And a retro photo, so you can see the passengers getting on and off the bus.

    hoping to have that in the next update.

    Why not on fernbus while we're at it;)

  • Hello, a little idea

    it is when an employee takes the bus to make a trip.

    I would like to see it roll

    currently, it looks like employees don't exist in the map.

    I would like, well if it is possible.

    But as I know you, you will tell me that it will not be possible because of a little thing lol

    • Official Post

    Hi ivan,

    I don't understand what you're trying to say? could you please expand a bit?

    Also, please don't mock us, yes I know it's annoying when we say "it's not possible" but that's genuinely because it's not possible, we don't appreciate being mocked!

    Best Regards.

  • hellon Ryan [TML-Online Team]

    I'm not kidding at all it's just I'm a teasing guy, who has ideas, but like every idea, it's not possible.

    hence my last sentence

    I anticipate the answers;)

    But it's not bad I always respect you;).

    so I expand on my question.

    I would like to see in the game

    1 / All the employees we have hired.

    In order to see the employee getting on the bus and then see him driving etc….

    And the mechanic employee, who repairs the buses.

    I want to see the people we hired.

    And when we hire an employee, we will see him return to the office and take the keys to drive the buses and when his journey is finished, we will see him handing the keys back to the office.

    and that's why I told you kindly "But as I know you, you will tell me that it will not be possible because of a little thing lol because it will be necessary to redo the code from a to z to set up this function. "

    2 And a little idea that would be good.

    Given that there are distributors that are not used much in a room,

    I thought we could have a coffee, coca cola, beers, orange juice etc….

    Either we can go to the store to restock to fill the dispenser and the coffeemaker for coffee in order to be in good shape for the trips;)

    Either via the pc we can order and have it delivered or we go to the store to buy.

    And so the boss and employ them can dig and take the food, in order to go a little more often in the store to buy food

    And a little idea that will be nice is to receive an alert or an SMS to say attention, there will be a shortage of food products soon.

    I think my first idea is not possible for x reason.

    But the second idea it may be possible to achieve.

    thank you

    • Official Post

    ivan - please stop with the sarcastic comments, suggesting features is fine, but being sarcastic/mocking when we say "no" is not.

    You may have the luxury of suggesting loads of cool features and expect a response for each one, we just don't have the time to respond to everything, as I mentioned to someone else yesterday, it's effectively spamming us day upon day with loads of things.

    We love suggestions yes, but not consistent bombardment pretty much daily or someone being sarcastic/mocking us when we say "no"

    Consider this a warning please.

  • Hello I am new to this community, I love all TML games. I am a new PC gamer, used to be a console gamer.

    I currently own Fernbus, Tourist Bus and getting The Bus very soon. I know everyone at TML is very busy now working on The Bus. But I do have a few suggestions to TML Studios for Tourist Bus to make even a better game after working on The Bus.

    1.There are too many identical looking passengers and there is no children and teenagers passengers or walking in the cities. I noticed same problem is in The Bus and also Fernbus.

    2. Can you please fix the teleporting of passengers problem in Tourist Bus. I noticed in The Bus in the recent update this issue has been fixed. Can you also please implement this for Tourist Bus and Fernbus.

    3. Like you did in The Bus can you please include more people walking in the streets and doing other activities for both Tourist Bus and Fernbus.

    4. Can you please expand the map to include other islands around Spain like Ibiza, Mallorca, etc. For Tourist Bus.

    5. And also please include Office staff working in the office and also on the grounds to make the game even more immersive for Tourist Bus.

    I think all these improvements would make your games even better and also help increase sales.

    And I think this would also be a great game for TML to do next - A Taxi Simulator game would be a good game with an economy system where the player owns a Taxi business and hires other drivers and have office staff and people working around in the business

  • Hello and welcome!

    1. Many diffrent characters would be could, but will ask more from a players system.

    2. Do they teleport out of the coach, or only from seat to doorstep?

    3. Same as reason #1

    4. Yeah about that, Tourist Bus doesn't really get that much expantions as Fernbus, due to some stuff or idk.

    5. TML would almost need to start up the whole game from scratch

    About that taxi, and hire other drivers -> The Bus will have multiplayer in Phase 2, I don't really see much people play a taxi sim then

  • Thanks for the response. What do you mean by will ask more from player system ?

    For Fernbus they teleport from the outside to inside the bus and than teleport again to their seats. I noticed the issue has been fixed for The Bus in their recent update

    Maybe in the future TML can make a Tourist Bus Sim 2 with a new world and other islands

  • Dear TML Studios,

    After a few hours playing your game i have to congrats first for the really good bus physics, second to the general good feelings of Fuerteventura with its beautiful landscape.

    I'd like to share with you my opinion (and some ideas) that may helps you during your developments.

    Physics is really good as i said first, but the simulations of the air system is missing. It would be nice to introduce that, as well as a better retarder simulation (it can interact with cruise control to mantain the correct speed for example).

    Speaking about the island, i have to say that i would prefer a 1:1 island instead of the current one. That's because of the many different landscape and scenery present on the island. For istance, there are more highways on the real island like more high speed streets in cities compared to the game. That would help a lot the feeling of travel, and it can offer a more relaxing driving (of course i like the hard driving on the little street, that's the core). The ingame cities are too small and poor for my opinion, like also beaches. You can exploit Unreal Engine more than this.

    I'd like to have more interaction with town, markets, hotels, beaches etc (like "hey, after a long drive i.ll stop drink something" entering in a bar and drink it).

    The sightseeing tour part is a bit poor as well. Passengers doesn't interact with you, with your driving mode, with the bus and with enviroment (it could be nice if they can do). The tour guide seems a bit useless ("welcome to ajuy" and stop. Or "this is the X bar where you can drink something" :lol:). A better work on this mode would be nice, because i consider it like a possible game core.

    Do not misunderstand me, i really like the game. I see a lot of potential.

    Thank You