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  • Hey, I’m thinking about picking up some of the Fernbus DLCs during the upcoming steam Summer sale but I’m not sure which ones to get. The base game is fun and all but I feel like after I visit all the cities it will Start to get old fast, it needs more content to give it lasting appeal for me. Which ones would you all suggest?

  • I suggest all map DLCs. My favorite vehicles are Neoplan Skyliner, Scania and VDL. And if you like to listen radio/music then multimedia package might be a good choice.

  • For me, some of the best additions are Austria and Switzerland, as well as France.

    You must decide for yourself, watch the gameplay on Youtube.

    Austria and Switzerland have very beautiful mountains and routes.

    France also has mountains and sights. Of the DLCs among the buses, I personally like the Neoplan Skyliner and the standard MAN. A new DLC will also be released soon. Which bus will it be? You'll find out soon ;)

    :!:To save money, I recommend buying a platinum version, which already includes Setra buses, Neoplan Skyliner buses, a multimedia package and much more) ;)

    I myself once bought it and was satisfied!


  • I would say the France map DLC is the better choice if you are looking forward to the cities, and Austria & Switzerland is the better choice if you are looking forward to the scenery surrounding the motorways. Those mountains look incredible, but you can't say no to Paris ^^ Personally, I prefer the ComfortClass coach DLC, but the choice is yours. 8)