200.000 copies of Fernbus Simulator sold

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  • Yesterday we got a visit from Aerosoft, more precisely from CEO Winfried Diekmann. To our great surprise and joy, he had brought us something special:

    A prize for 200,000 sold copies of the Fernbus Simulator!

    We are proud and thank Aerosoft and of course our community, without whom this milestone would not have been possible :):):)

  • This is a great distinction and I congratulate this project for, of course Aerosoft CEO Winfried Diekmann and Tom CEO TML STUDIOS :):thumbsup::fernbus:

    Congratulations and thanks are due to all employees the TML STUDIOS , the entire community that helps in developing Fernbus coach simulator.

    A few more sentences on my part because I have been with Fernbus since the premiere :fernbus:

    Game development over the years, ideas about the Polish language in which I participated as well as new functions and various repairs, issued additional content prove what we are all writing here for new functions that are worth introducing, including new maps and buses. I have always been beliefs that Fernbus can have a map not only of Europe but also of other continents and that is what I wish TML STUDIOS to make it happen, players set the direction of the game, I know that the studio works actively and we are patiently waiting for new functions and further development.

    Congratulations and I wish you even more sold copies of the game and new players .

  • Wow. This is really good news for all of us, and for those who love Fernbus Simulator :fernbus:<3

    TML-Studios have earned this award at 1000%:!: It's great that updates are still coming out. It is very cool and valuable to all of us :thumbup:

    Fernbus and TBS are, in my opinion, the best bus simulators. I have written about this more than once, and every time I am proud of it :)

    Great, TML-Studios! Continue in the same spirit. We love you very much and express only the most pleasant words of gratitude to you :love:


    Your fan is Denis Varlamov.

  • Congratulations TML!

    You deserve it for your contribution to the continuous development of games, constant contact with the community and for organizing events which shows that you are not just profit-oriented.

    And I'm glad that I could put two bricks in this building (I bought Fernbus for the first time a few years ago and a few months ago for the second time to have a boxed version for collectors and free shipping to Poland when buying additions to OMSI 2 on the aerosoft website :) )

    We are waiting for new news on upcoming productions and personally I hope that maybe one day I will see the game Bus- & Cable-Car-Simulator Remastered / Remake from multiplayer8)

  • This is a testament to all the guys and girls at TML studios for their hard work and dedication to Fernbus in the past, hope you’ve got a party lined up for Fernbus’ 4th Birthday in August :D

    Guten Tag Quarney, mk0, Mathias, Timo and Tom, and all other TML employees you all deserved this accolade!! :love:

    Kind Regards.

  • I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate you TML for your hard work :thumbup::!:

    I'm delighted to be a member of this fantastic community since Fernbus' release, back in 2016. You have created a successful simulator game that has been improved upon a lot since release, and you can see how your hard work had paid off ^^

    It's important to note that you have quite a talented team working on the game, like the map designers, who do such an amazing job with the in-game cities, and the coach models as they look far superior to other simulators imo. There's much more positive things to discuss so those numbers don't come as a surprise! 8)

    Continuously listening to the community will only increase those numbers even higher! :)

  • Very happy to be part of it!
    I discovered Fernbus in last days, and these days are being amazing.
    Thank you guys, and congratulations!

    All sucess you have, all of us will do too.

  • Congratulations to the whole TML Studio's Team. I'm happy that I also belong to one of the 200.000 Fernbus Gamers. :P

    TML did a good job to develop this game and still make it a better game. I hope that there will be a lot of new gamers discover Fernbus Simulator.

    Greetings :thumbup:

  • Today I revisited my old photos and found this photo. I have the best memories associated with this photograph

    Now, in the digital age, everything happens instantly. We download the game from Steam on the day of its release and play right there.

    But how pleasant it is to hold a real disc, a box and a poster that has a specific smell in your hands. No no, I'm not a toxicomaniac =O :D

    Nowadays young people hardly imagine what a cassette is, and in a few years already new youth will forget about what a DVD is.

    Fortunately, there are such gift editions that we can keep for years.

    I was very lucky that at the time when I bought the deluxe edition of Fernbus Simulator, I was just going on a trip to Germany, to Dresden. And it's great that at that moment, more than ever, a discount coupon for a trip in FlixBus buses came in handy. I took full advantage of it, because I wanted to see the nearby cities near Dresden while traveling on FlixBus buses. How then did I remember TML-Studios with kind words. You can't even imagine :love:

    And then, when I returned from the trip, I got behind the wheel of a bus in Fernbus Simulator and I was not letting go of the feeling that was in the real FlixBus.

    This is my story that I wanted to share with you <3 :saint: