Question about soundtrack of Double Bass.FM

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  • Hello, I used to play in City Bus Simulator New-York 2010. It was my childhood... nice game and lots of nostalgy! I also like radio in this games, very fantastic songs, i love it. But I have some problems, nowadays i haven't this game, but i still see walkthroughes in YouTube and enjoy Double Bass.FM, but I can't identify all names of my favourite songs. I have special brochure:…wYork_en.pdf?t=1567153126 , with the game description and with soundtracks names. I have already identified some favourite soundtracks, like "Gib mal Gas", "Asylrecht" etc. But some of soundtracks are absolutely unknown and the information and contact details of the authors are already outdated... For example, in this video: (timecode is 2:05-5:06) you can listen one of the radiohits. I can't identify it and can't find version for listening (not in game). Please, help me with name and singers identifying of the song from video and give me advice where I can find it for listening?

    P.S I try to find out about it approximately three days, I can no longer be a detective... ;(

  • Sorry, but I still can't find any information for some songs, including song from video. For example, there are no information about band "Flann" and soundtrack "tanzen und feiern" it is a real problem... It means that not all sondtrackes are saved in official site of the Double Bass FM.

    If anyone have possibilities to identify the song from YouTube video, please write the name and the author of the song.

  • Unfortunately, the melody is very hard to hear and difficult to recognize :rolleyes:

  • Sooo, I just asked the boss himself. He searched and searched and actually found the track from the YT clip:

    Artist: Watzmann / Song: chaos-theorie / Record: Sucher

    Tom FTW!

    Hope this helps :)