reward us

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  • Hello,

    I allow myself to create a topic for the whole team

    I know you are going to fix the traffic bugs in the fernbus games and the fernbus foot and the tourits bus

    I do not know if it is scheduled on what date.

    but while waiting on the 3 games I mentioned, we pay for repairs, accidents etc ... while it is a traffic bug

    in my opinion everyone would be ok

    as soon as you have fixed the small traffic bug and they will no longer cause an accident for x reason.

    you should give us a reward in the 3 games

    give us xp in fernbus

    and bus tourits give us a little money for those who will be spending money for repairs to the traffic bug

    and ditto for the dlc of football

    because currently, it does not make me want to play if every 5 minutes a car or other it gets me inside, it costs an accident

    and then it’s up to me to put some money in to repair the repairs

    hoping that you will repair this bug very quickly

    and that after fixing the bug, I hope that the whole team will give us a big gift to be rewarded for all its bug

    thank you,

  • Hi! Are you aware, you can dial down the AI traffic? It is quite simple, just go to the game options. We are currently working on the AI, until then, maybe try this option.