Your wishes and ideas for "The Bus"

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    For me it doesn't pop up at all, I'm not sure how I managed that but I will edit my post when I find out ^^

    Edit: Actually, for me it only appears when turning on/off the destination display, but not when opening/closing doors. I'm still not sure what option can trigger that.

  • I wish for authentic sounds for buses instead of the switches sound from Fernbus, also I am not sure if UE4 can do this but independent mouse movement, so you can move the viewpoint as you like.

    Another wish is more routes; now we know it has an editor but, maybe seeing as you’re adding the Zoo for the 100 you could connect some of the Metrobus routes which require a Double Decker / Bendy during the day but on the M29 specifically they use the VDL Citea at night. Or, even better the 110 to U Oskar Helene Heim. Possibly as an addon.

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • Shame this cannot be collated as a list, perhaps a list we can vote on so you can see what the community is most excited by.

    I would like to see Cyclists.

    Random interaction with Passengers (morning + afternoon etc..).

    Parked cars pulling out into traffic if space available.

    Disabled Passengers.

    Ability to include Turn around time for routes (5-15mins to recover late journeys).

    Need keybind options for the ticketing machine

    A million more ideas, but I'll save them for later :)

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    hey Sim UK - glad you're enjoying the game, some of what you've proposed is already actually planned, here is the trello roadmap which details more features etc... to come The BUS: Early Access Roadmap.

    Best Regards.

  • I would like to add my 2 cents regarding the Map Tool that is coming (hopefully) on phase 2:

    I played Bus Simulator 18, and was very promising at the beginning since they were creating tools for mods, so people would be able to create their own buses and also maps... But, since everything was tied up with Unreal was very hard to set up the environment and the community simply gave up after a lot of tries. If you take a look now at their workshop, there are like... 4 Maps, and two of them are (unfinished) tests.

    So, the incredible promising new feature that would put BS18 into a new era of lots of realistic maps simply vanished...

    I hope that the developers can analyze where BS18 failed so that the error does not repeat. This is my wish here, something user-friendly, simple, and easy to set up, so the community can create a lot of amazing things.

    (Sorry to mention another game here, but was needed)

  • Hello,

    I have 2 suggestions:

    1 / I would like to have people in wheelchairs so that we can unfold the gangway to accommodate people in wheelchairs.

    2 / the money we earned, it would be nice if we could take gasoline, wash the bus, buy a new bus and repair the bus

    if we can earn the money without spending it, I don't see the point of making money

    unless it is planned at the end of the beta;) my 2 suggestions otherwise I hope that there will be my 2 suggestions in the final the bus

  • I mean, if you look at the old devdiaries between GIl and Fabian, you would know that wheelchairs are going to be a thing. About taking the money and doing something with it, that is part of the economy systems which will also come. Speaking of economy system, the same goes for washing the bus reparing, etc. :)

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    ivan - Christian04 & @hadi are right, such things are already in planning, and please read the trello EA roadmap which can be accessed via the main menu of the bus or here: The Bus: EA Roadmap in future as it could answer a question you have and save time ^^

    Best Regards.

  • hello, I don't know if that will be planned in the future.

    here is my idea

    1 / currently, there are people already on the bus stop, they are getting on the bus.

    It would be nice, we see people running where at the last minute people arrive to take the bus.

    as in reality

    2 / when I watch the videos, apparently the timetables are too long and sometimes we have to wait 10 minutes at each end so it's too long, so we will have to reduce the horror times

    I do not know if it is planned in the future updates otherwise I suggest

  • Hi Guys,
    I don't know if this has been asked before, but


    Can you do something about the sound of the horn?

    The sound now sounds like a horn from a frustrated football fan.


    And it is possible to name the saved game situations yourself in the future

    Leo, The Netherlands

  • Hi!

    The horn sound will maybe be changed if the sounds as a whole while someday be overhauled. I will forward your save game suggestion to our devs.


  • I will forward it to the team. It is true, the Asian market is currently one of our strongest, America on the other hand, not so much. Best regards

  • hello, I haven't got a game yet, because I'm thinking of waiting for the official one;)

    I would like to know if in the official game.

    you can put gasoline, wash the bus each time you use the bus where you cannot.

    the ones I am concerned with in games are driving, fueling, washing buses, etc.

    it will spice up the game;)

    Thank you for your reply