Your wishes and ideas for "The Bus"

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  • Everything that is planned for The Bus is here:

    I think its the best way to keep an eye of everything they are planning to do

  • Hello, I will give you more details about the ones I want to have in the games in the future. So that it is more readable and more clearly explained.

    About the bus:

    1 / I would like us to get gasoline either at a gas station or at the depot.

    2 / I would like that we could wash the bus outside either we wash at the depot or on a car wash. FYI, I know the bus can be cleaned on the inside, but I haven't seen that the bus can be cleaned on the outside.

    About the passengers.

    I've read the ones he's going to have on the official bus. But in my opinion, something is missing.

    1 / Passengers must be able to run to catch the bus at the last few seconds.

    2 / Passengers must show the 1-month, 6-month or 1-year pass.

    which will give a little more realistic.

    For now, I just have that idea that I would like to have in the future

    And if I have any other idea that comes to mind, I will let you know

  • hello watch a video, i have 5 little ideas for png.

    1 / when there is a car accident, it will be good to see 2 png filling out a report.

    2 / I would also like to see 2 or 3 png of young people fighting with each other. on the pavement

    3 / I would like to have a couple in love from time to time to identify them, they would have to hold hands;)

    and from time to time they will embark.

    we will see them either on the sidewalks or on the bus.

    4 / I also think it would be nice to have some pngs that walk their dogs.

    5 / a homeless person will be good

    it would be nice to have that, it will be a little more real and it will of course be a hall in town to always avoid in a fixed place

    of course, I don't ask to have prostitute png

    if you like the idea, do not hesitate to put them one day

    I don't oblige lol

    Personally, I validate his 5 ideas that I had.

    hoping that TML? will also be validated for a future future

  • Why all the "Next alinea's" Ivan. ( a mistake ?)
    It generates a lot of white spaces and makes it inconvenient to read.


    Leo, The Netherlands

  • Why all the "Next alinea's" Ivan. ( a mistake ?)
    It generates a lot of white spaces and makes it inconvenient to read.


    yes, I like to have the sentences separated and not glued.

    come, I copy the text to translation, I also won't remove the white space from you

    after you will say that the sentences are too stuck;)

  • First, my compliments to the developers of The Bus.

    Low priority suggestion for "the roadmap"

    When you drive with rain, the rain drops will remain on the windshield and you have to use the windshield wipers. Realistic.

    But when you drive with snow, the snowflakes do not stay on your windshield and you can drive without using the windshield wipers.

    It would be nice if the snow would accumulate on the windshield.

    At the time, TML released World of Subways 3 (Circle line) and if you had to drive the early shift, the windows were all covered with condensation.
    You then had to turn on the fan to get a view. Was very realistic.
    So TML has the technology.

    Maybe an idea for The Bus?

    Leo, The Netherlands

  • I join your idea, lgvdbroek :thumbup:

    I also miss this from the days of Fernbus Simulator. It would be amazing!

    I am all :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: FOR!

    I also really like when the glass freezes. Here's an example:


    I don't know if it is possible to implement this on the UE engine, but I would very much like to see at least snowflakes on the glass in the future, which are missing.

    And snow flakes of snow do not look as realistic as in another well-known bus simulator of 2011-2013.

  • It also works with raindrops, so why wouldn't it work with snowflakes.

    Ah, you also fly with FS2020 ? 😁

    BTW, Do you like your G29?
    Driving The Bus with a G29 is much more comfortable, isn't it?

    Leo, The Netherlands

  • Ah, you also fly with FS2020 ? 😁

    Yes, I really love flying and I love this flight simulator. I also share my photos in a thread on this forum:

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    Driving The Bus with a G29 is much more comfortable, isn't it?

    I am using a Logitech Driving Force GT wheel.

    The controls are amazing. Do not compare with mouse control.

    I really like the feedback. When the bus hits the hatches, the vibration is transmitted to the steering wheel. There are many hatches in The Bus)))

    In Tourist Bus Simulator, if you turn off the road, shortening the path to Esquinzo town along the secret road, you can drive over a bridge made of wooden beams. And when the bus passes over the bridge, all the vibration is transmitted to the steering wheel. And there is a feeling of complete presence. This is realistic.

    In my opinion, TBS, Fernbus and The Bus are very well done with the steering wheel.

    I once had a Logitech g27. So, the controls are almost no different from the Logitech Driving Force GT.

    In my opinion, the last wheel I bought is even much better, as the feedback is much nicer than in the Logitech g27.

  • Great,
    I have a new suggestion for the Wishlist.

    I used the beam light for the first time on an evening ride.

    But I don't see the point in this.

    When you use the beam light, only the dipped beam becomes brighter.

    But the field of view is not extended.

    When using your beam light, it would be desirable that the field of vision should also be expanded as in reality.

    And where did the rain option go in the weather?

    You can only choose now for sunny or dynamic.
    And if you choose for storm and thunder, you get snow.

    Is this already known to you and is it already on the wish list somewhere ?

    I don't think it's necessary to create a ticket for this.

    Leo, The Netherlands

  • Let's revive this thread! Here are my thoughts:

    1. A larger map of Berlin, I notice the map is quite small.

    2. Express and longer routes bus services.

    3. Hope there are thoughts of a third bus manufacturer coming soon, VDL would be good.

    4. Try not to release fake brands this time, I feel it won't be good for relationship with the actual manufacturer

    5. Customisable license plates (Is that being planned)?

  • I wish there could be more cities in the future! There are lots of interesting cities like Lisbon that would be awesome to explore in 1:1 scale, even if it's a paid DLC. I also think that the community should be able to make freeware buses with not much difficulty. It would increase the longevity of the sim a lot and I think that the community would love it :)

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  • I would like to see the bus preview. For example like you have in Omsi 2. This way you could see what the bus looks like that you're selecting. It will be easier for people who don't know what the bus models look like.