Let's talk about The Bus

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  • Hey everyone,

    I just noticed that there is no English main thread for The Bus. So let's start one! As you know, we are currently concentrating our main man- and women-power on The Bus and you will see and hear lots of news by the end of August. Until then, let's speculate :)

  • It looks nice, let the lighting be correct because currently in the tourist bus simulator it should be improved, as in the fernbus coach simulator:)

    What about functions, manual gear, pedestrians and passengers, new bus sound and a map of Belgium and the Netherlands expand the topic Quarney

    It will be a nice simulator too, but manual gear and pedestrians are missing all the time.

  • Wow. Nice to hear from you, Quarney. I'm ready ;)

    Will there be any FAQ questions that forum members can ask developers? :/

    For example, I'm interested in a question about routes. Will there be a route in the game that will allow you to travel a little outside the city? Something like Berlin - Falkensee?

  • This thread is about The Bus, the Netherlands and Belgium are future parts of a different game. And please, you already posed all of these questions several times already and they have been answered several times. Regards

  • DenisVarlamov88

    this thread is mostly a pendant to the german one, where you can speculate and write down your wishes and ideas. At the moment, we can't give out specific information about gameplay etc., but it might be a good opportunity to collect the most burning questions for Games Com :)

  • I have already shown the errors of this lighting that is in both games and it is better to adjust it for Fernbus and Tourist bus simulator, how to spend THE BUS with such an obvious disadvantage, it has nothing to do with the reality of the time of the day sun, buildings are never illuminated as much as the night view additionally you can see that the street lamps are shining, the water looks nice, but the passages between the streets and buildings seem too dark, what is revealed in the current games here, everything should be refined, this is the most constructive criticism, because I want THE BUS to be refined, you did not answer exactly for us also about maps for fernbus when they will be the same as passengers and the new sound of buses, nobody knows that.

    None of the players and forum members knows when you will introduce what I am talking about, including manual gear, it would be good for you to tell us when these functions can be, because waiting a few years for something that I remember has been said for 2 years is unpleasant Quarney

  • I'm not asking you to tell me all the secrets of the gameplay, Quarney ;) The fact is that this information was provided on the forum earlier that 4 routes will be available :)

    Presenting: The BUS

    I do not live in Germany and therefore I do not know if these routes go outside the city. I really like this route in the video. Unfortunately the video quality is not very good, but the route itself is amazing.

    Perhaps someone from the forum participants who lives in Berlin will answer my question. Do these routes go out of town?

    :fbs-sign-250: Line TXL: Flughafen Tegel - S + U Alexanderplatz / Gontardstr.

    :fbs-sign-250: Line 100: Hertzallee (S + U Zoologischer Garten) - S + U Alexanderplatz / Gontardstr.

    :fbs-sign-250: Line 200: Hertzallee (S + U Zoologischer Garten) - Michelangelostr.

    :fbs-sign-250: Line 245: Hertzallee (S + U Zoologischer Garten) - Robert-Koch-Platz

    Thank you in advance!

  • but it might be a good opportunity to collect the most burning questions for Games Com

    I have a few questions regarding Gamescom 2020.

    Many users do not speak German and partly English perfectly.

    Will a video with subtitles be published during the exhibition or at the end of the live broadcast, where TML-Studios employees will talk about this or that news?

    Like on Youtube. When the live broadcast is completed, the user can select their language in the subtitles and watch a video with an approximate translation.

    The fact is that, as I wrote earlier, not all users will be able to understand what the video is about. And especially if the answers to their questions are told in this video. Will there be any posting on the FAQ forum at the end of the exhibition?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  • No they are all Citylines. Berlin is huge. Even the line ur Video showed is still "in" the City. If u want to check out all the line courses of Berlin go visit this site:


    and click on "download starten" behind "Busliniennetz.

    The part that is all grey and goes all around is "Brandenburg" and not longer Berlin.

  • I think all those questions you asked will be answered during GamesCom :)

    As far as I know, it will go something like this: We are presenting along with other developers who are published by Aerosoft, everyone will get their own slot. Additionally, several Let's Player and You Tuber will have appointments with a colleague of ours. The interviews will be either in English or German, but the interviewers are probably from around the world and will make sure their subscriber will understand the content.

    After GamesCom, we will very likely put our material up on our Social Media channels. We won't provide subtitles for every language, but you can adjust You Tube accordingly :)

    Right now, we are working very hard to get everything in order, so everybody can have a great experience during GamesCom and the showing of The Bus.

    Best regards

  • Thanks Quarney for the answer! :thumbup:

    I don’t know about you guys, but with pleasure I have already rolled along the route that will be in the simulator - TXL line

    I have a few questions for Gamescom, which will take place online from August 27, 2020 :)

    :fbs-sign-250: 1. Will the previously purchased bus DLCs work in The Bus simulator?

    Will all previously purchased DLCs work, or only those that are suitable for urban type (W906, MAN Lion's Intercity)?

    :fbs-sign-250: 2. Tell us a little more about multiplayer. How will it work in the simulator? Will it be a common company in which all players together must earn money and raise one company, or will the company only belong to the player, and in multiplayer we will be able to intersect with each other?

    :fbs-sign-250: 3. Will there be any other tasks in the simulator besides the main activity of driving a bus?

    I mean buying houses, searching for items, participating in quests?

    :fbs-sign-250: 4. Tell us a little about the passengers. Will disabled passengers (handicapped) use a wheelchair?

    :fbs-sign-250: 5. Will passenger traffic depend on the time of day?

    Vielen Dank ;):thumbsup:

  • have option to get more videos? about the game in addition to the others videos. Quarney

  • Goblins As Quarney wrote earlier, the Gamescom exhibition will show a video and interviews with developers.

    If you suddenly fail to look at the exhibition, then you can watch this video later. Those. a video about the simulator will definitely be!

    I managed to ride another route number 245. In this regard, there is one more question :)

    :?: In the real city of Berlin, there are many, many cyclists and pedestrians who cross the road in a designated place.

    Will they be implemented in the simulator? In my opinion, pedestrians who cross the road must be present in the simulator.

    :fbs-stop-sign: Cyclists :fbs-stop-sign:

    :fbs-stop-sign: Pedestrians :fbs-stop-sign: